Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Questions everything from Prostitution/Slavery/speed limits

A short while ago I was off line for it must have been close to a month due to computer issues. During that time, thoughts would hit me for something I wanted to write about. I left myself short notes. Well obviously the notes were too short as now I just can’t seem to remember what my “great”thought was. I say “great” thought with a big LOL. Here are some of those points which I have  today expanded on a little but I am sure not to the extent as was my “great” thought. Maybe we can get a little dialogue going that will spark my memory. Here we go in no particular order, other than the order in which I pick up the notes.

1. Why is there a statute of limitations on some serious crimes? I am not a lawyer but I believe murder is the only crime with no time limit on possible punishment. That means I can LEGALLY get away with anything short of murder as long as I am not caught within a specific time period. Why?

2. I read in the paper, trafficking in human beings, the sale of human beings, SLAVERY is TODAY a multibillion dollar business around the world!!! This I thought can’t be true not today. I googled it. Out right slavery or various forms of indentured servants are around the world, TODAY. Why are we allowing this to happen?

3. It does seem at least to me, that as a society we seem to have a need to label people, once labeled we tend to see them and react to them in a different light. One example is a doctor labels you as dying and suddenly everyone sees you in that different light and treats you differently. That is not what prompted my thought. Here in Winnipeg over the past while 3 young women have been murdered. Terrible to say the least. I am not refering to these cases. It seems that if at anytime a woman is murdered or assaulted or anything else. If she was involved in the sex trade that is one of the very first things mentioned and even highlighted. Any murder is terrible. If indeed she happened to be involved in the sex trade so what when it comes to a crime committed against her. A person is a person. I may not have chosen the life style of any other but that life styly does not make them any less valuable as a person. The term prostitute or sex trade worker carried such a negative connotation to it. If in fact someone is murdered why is we seem to have the need to add further pain, or insult to the injury by even mentioning, never mind stressing the life style. Why?

4. Here in the city of Winnipeg there has of late been must ado about speeding tickets being handed out to people speeding past or through sites where road repairs are being done. This endangering the workers. I say fair enough, there is no where you can be going that it is worth endangering the life of another, just to get you there a minute or two sooner. Now if the construction is on the highway reduced speed limit signs are posted. Now if it is on a city street there are no reduced speed limit signs. Common sense tells you to still slow down but to what speed? I phoned the city, the city police and the traffic division of the city police. Use common sense was the only answer I got. Huh, what is my common sense is different than that of the police man handing out tickets. Maybe the speed limit thing only applies on the highway but if so, Why?

2 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Questions everything from Prostitution/Slavery/speed limits

  1. Jo Hart says:

    Good questions Bill, I agree with all of them. Sometimes I send myself insane asking these sorts of questions. Not to mention it just plain out some time gives you the poops. I especially agree about the prostitution. Why even bring it up, it’s like there printing, “Well she deserved it”. I read a fantastic book, can’t remember the name of it, but it was about a prostitute that was murdered. Learning her circumstances, makes you look at her as a human being that unfortunately was doing the best she could with the bad hand she was dealt. I’ve been repeating to myself lately, Don’t judge others so quickly unless you walk in there shoes, if you don’t like it learn from it, but keep your opinions to yourself. I find I’m becoming very quick to judge people lately, so I’ve been repeating this over and over to myself, as I certainly do not wish to be a judgmental person.

  2. Mel says:

    Ohhhhhh…..questions to ponder…..


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