Dying Man’s Daily Journal – God’s gift of Life

I recently received a message that contained an interesting and hard to answer question.

“Often you write about living life and not enduring it. On the surface that sounds pretty straight forward. When I sit down and really try to apply that to my life, am I living or enduring, I don’t know. I know my life is not perfect. So some parts of it at least I must be enduring. Everyday that I go through life am I not living it?”

Very good question and hard to answer because the answer is a very individual and personal thing and will vary from person to person. I can only give you, how I see it. Remember, I am not a doctor or anything else. I am just a guy sitting at his computer sharing my thoughts.

I believe life to be a gift from God. I go to bed every night knowing full well I may not wake up tomorrow morning. As I lie there I say a short prayer thanking God for the gift of the day He has just given me. I do not pray asking to be given a gift of tomorrow, I pray that His will be done. Obviously, His will is that I still be here as here I am typing away, inspite of all that has happened.

In that regard I am no different than anyone else. No One and I mean NO ONE isd guaranteed a tomorrow. We all just take it for granted that tomorrow will indeed come as will many more tomorrows. When you do realize you may indeed not have a tomorrow, it makes you more appreciative of every single day you do have. You come to appreciate every day for what it really is, a gift from God.

An attitude of gratitude, I have this day, I appreciate that and I am going to make the most of it. When we give gifts, we give them with the idea the person we give them to will enjoy it, benefit from it and/or both. I believe in a loving God, a God that is all knowing and all powerful. Could a gift from such a God be anything but full of wonderful potential. So often we are all caught up scrambling on the frantic paced tread mill of life, we think we don’t have time to see or apprciate the wonders around us. That is so WRONG. A change of mind set, a change of thinking is really all that is required.

It is like getting a gift on your birthday. You open it up. You think: “I don’t know what this is” and you throw it away. You never checked it out so you have no idea what potential that gift may have had. You have no idea how much it may have impacted on and improved your life, you just threw it away. How many days of your life are you just throwing away?

As I see it the largest part of living life is how you see it in your head. Have a grumpy coworker making your life miserable well obviously he/she has chosen not to appreciate their gift from God today, but does that mean because they aren’t, they can deprive you of your appreciation of your day.

Living life is not getting caught up in individual little circumstances. Allowing things of the moment spoil your day. Anything can only spoil your day or detract from God’s gift of today for you, if you let it. We live in our minds, our minds are us. Mind set is everything.

I image many will read this and just pass it off saying, “yeah, that is all fine to say but if you knew what was going on in my life, you would realize it isn’t that simple.” To try and put it in perspective, I could reply: “I am dying, want to trade places”?

6 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – God’s gift of Life

  1. elleica says:

    Thank you for that post.

    It has somehow inspired me to re-consider how I live my life. Daily I go to work – a work that I find boring and repetitive. I complain day in day out that I am not living my life to the full. God said I will give you life, that you may live it to the fullest (I think this is in the Bible but I forgot where) and yet I ask him, why am I stuck in a place? Is this where he wants me to be?

    Yet in the current financial crisis the world is facing, I know I should be grateful that I do not belong to the jobless; that right after college/university I manage to land a job and could somehow live a bit independently and contribute something to my family to ease our financial burdens.

    Your post has made me think of the small things life has to offer me. Yes we are not sure that there is a tomorrow that will come. I pre-occupy my spare time thinking of what I want to do in the future, never pausing to appreciate what I have in the present.

    Again, thank you for this post and I was glad I encountered your blog. It has got me thinking. πŸ˜‰

    Hi elleica. Appreciating what we have in the present is really what life is all about. Yesterday but a memory, tomorrow but a dream all we really have is the present. Hope to hear from you again.

  2. Cat says:

    The answer for me is to endure the bad things that cannot be changed (in my case, things like living with rheumatoid arthritis and losing my brother to meningitis), while still living my life to the fullest. Things we cannot change must be endured, but that doesn’t mean we have to focus our entire existence on those negative things and allow them to keep us down in the mire.

    I do allow myself the occasional moment to wallow in self-pity and cry about how much I miss my brother or how tired I am of being in so much pain all the time, but then I do my best to shake it off and get on with enjoying the rest of my life as much as I can. I may have some difficult things to deal with, but I have SO many blessings, as well, and it is always helpful to count them and be thankful for them.

    Hi Cat, I I agree we need our time to occasionally wallow. Been there, done that and still do at times. As you say we must pick ourselves up and carry on. Particularly when we are wallowing we just can’t see the blessings we do have. I count mine regularly so as not to ever forget one or start to take it for granted.

  3. Mel says:

    Living life is not getting caught up in individual little circumstances.

    I get to ask myself ‘how much airtime do I really want to give this’. Thankfully, I have a wise person in my life who knows how much I like to kvetch and complain. I get three turns at it (which gives me the opportunity to ‘honour’ my feelings) and then I get to move on.

    It was a gorgeous sunrise. The birds are singing like mad, the flowers are in full bloom–and there was a hummingbird on the feeder this morning.

    Not a bad start, eh? πŸ™‚

    Hi Mel, very good point about the air time and I did pick up on that point in you email, thank you.
    I hope you have a wonderful day, you are off to a good start.

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  5. babychaos says:

    Amen to that.



    Nice to hear from you BC

  6. Jo Hart says:

    Asking for a prayer request please….
    My cousin’s mother-in-law yesterday was helping her husband cut back a tree on there farm. Unfortunately it all went horribly wrong and she ended up being scalped by the tree and looks like becoming a quaderplegic. She is only 58. So for my cousin Tim and his beautiful wife Wendy could I please ask for many prayers be sent to Wendy’s mum Jenny. Thanks heaps all of you…. Much love xx

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