Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Just my day

A while back I was a little agressive in biting into a peach. In a match of peach stone vs tooth, the tooth got the worst of it. Or, at least I chipped out a filling. Got it fixed and am getting the whole works, just cleaning etc.. Rhonda the dental hygenist was just excellent and the hour flew by in seemingly minutes. Have a couple of mort appointments to replace a couple of fillings from 20 or more years ago. They call it painless dentistry, well let me tell you about the painless dentistry, it actually is painless, huh.

I am kind of excited. I got may passport in the mail today. I have never had one before, I guess that is what makes it exciting. Not sure when or even if I will ever use it but I have it. Actually, Vi was getting hers. She and Lynda, my sister-in-law often travel to the US. She was getting hers, so what the heck.

Have more to say but I have a very loud ringing noise in my head making it hard to concentrate. Hey, to day I even have a reason for it that is not medical. Changing the alarm system in the house today. A very nice man, Wayne is installing it. Doing it though thern almost constant loud ringing as he goes from one door ot window to the next.

Go out side and relax

3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Just my day

  1. Jo Hart says:

    Don’t talk to me bout Dentists, I’ve just nearly paid a years salary for the man for all 4 of us, and still work to be done…… Hmmm 😦

    Hi Jo, I Know it can be terribly expensive. I am so lucky to have dental insurance.

  2. Mel says:

    Oh, but aren’t the peaches lovely this time of year?!


    Dentists and alarms going off all around you. *laughing*
    Sounds like a red letter kinda day.
    AND you got your passport!!


    Mel, the peaches are great. Well except for that hard stone in the center.

  3. Megan S says:

    Hi, I was just wondering what religion you are affiliated with…I think you are a Christian..but which christian religion to you identify to..sorry to pry I just think it would be interesting to know

    Hi Megan, welcome to the blog. It is nice to hear from you., You are right in that I do consider myself to be a Christian although I do not attend any particular Church.
    Over the years I have developed what I consider to be my own personal relationship with God. I have never found any particular Church that I totally agree with.
    Hope to hear from you again

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