Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Prayer helping a cat

Finally accomplished a task we have been talking  about doing for it must be close to a year. Applied for our passports. Now I can’t acctually imagine when I might be using mine but Vi will need her’s. Her and my sister-in-law Lynda often go to the US on shopping trips. Very simple process if you have your paperwork all filled in and will have them in about 2 weeks.

Have been having something very strange happening here over the past few days. Well it is strange to me anyway. It all revolves around a cat. Now I have never been a great fancier of cats. It is not that I don’t like them,  I suppose it is I am more like indifferent to them and  really wouldn’t want one as a pet. For some reason cats and dogs  seem to like me.

It is now 5 days ago that I was sitting out on the front step. I see a cat trotting down the public sidewalk coming in my direction. I really thing nothing of it until it turns up the sidewalk to the house. With seemingly no hesitation it comes fight up to me, starts rubbing him self again my leg and purring. I scratch his ears and talk to him a little really not thinking to much of it. A few minutes later I go back into the house, thinking that is that. The cat apparently didn’t seem to think that was that. It didn’t go away. It is now day 5 and it is still here. It is like the cat has adopted us????

Now I know enough to know when a stray cat shows up, don’t feed it or it will never go away. Well I held out for 3 days. Now during that time I chased it away the neighbors chased it away. within mere minutes it was always back at the house. It is obviously a house cat and is very friendly. If either Vi or I go outside, it just appears from somewhere and follows us around. Rubbing against you leg, purring away and then will just lay down at your feet. After chasing him away a bunch of times you reach the point where you don’t even try any more. Which is hard as he is such a friendly loving cat.

Now comes what is to me the really strange part. The cat has become like a stalker even when we are in the house. I am at the computer which is in a room in the basement of the house. There is no window in this room but in the adjoining room to which the door is open, there is a window, which I can see from where I am sitting. The cat is looking in and meowing at me. If I am in the kitchen the cat jumps up on the outside window ledge and looks in from there. In the bedroom there is now outside ledge but can hear him meowing right out side. I know cats can jump but I didn’t realize how high. The kitchen window ledge has to be at least 7 if not 8 feet up and he seemingly gets up and down with ease.

Hey, I like to consider myself a big tough guy (lol) but at the end of day 3 I could see this cat trying to lick water from the end of the garden hose. Ah, geesh. It was hot and it was obviously thirsty. I gave it a bowl of milk, couldn’t just watch it anymore knowing it was thirsty and that i could so easily remedy that. OK, then I fed it as I did yesterday. As I said I am not a cat guy but if there ever was a cat that could change my mind on this this is the one. Can’t have a cat as Vi’s granddaughter is terribly allegic to them.

Oh, in this time I have phone all the animal shelters and everywhere I can think of looking for anyone that has reported a missing cat, no one. No tattoo, no collar, nothing.

Two more things happened. Early last evening I was in my place out on the step and sure enough within a minute or so here comes the cat. I scratch his ears of a minute or two and it then retreats to a corner where it is shaded and cooler. I suppose it must have been about 5 minutes that I sat there talking to the cat. I was saying things like: “you have to go home.” “You can’t stay here”, “will try to find you a home” things like that. Through it all the cat never moved from his spot in the shade. It occurred to me, I should pray about this. I said a very short prayer asking for help in either finding the owners of this cat or a good home for it. It was very short and when I was done I told the cat, I said a prayer for you. While it had ignored the rest of my conversation as soon as I said that, it immediately got up and  came over rubbing up against my legs. It almost seemed like he understood.

Back in the house I go and back to the kitchen window ledge goes the cat. A short while later I hear our good neighbor Elsie taking to the cat, up on the window ledge. I go out to say hello to Elsie, cat stays on the window ledge. Minutes later a young couple come walking down the sidewalk. As i have been doing with everyone. I ask them if they know of anyone missing a cat. No they don’t but they come over to look at the cat perched high up on the window ledage. Turns out they are cat lovers, already having 2. If he is still here tonight they are going to pick him up and give him a good home.

A prayer answered very quickly

6 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Prayer helping a cat

  1. Joerg Henninger says:

    Hi, just stumbled over your blog as i was looking for more information about terminal illnesses and people dealing with it.
    But my point is here right to YOUR cat blog. Even if your are not a cat guy (I am! and also dogs), it´s not the question if you like them – aparently they like you! Cats adopt us, not the other way around.
    But with you it seems something special in this story: the cat adopted you because it felt you needed some affection (and to give some back). Dind´t you? And how did you feel about? I guess it was not that bad…
    Ok, allergies are an argument (my wife also is allergic to cats and any animal hair, but she knows to handle it), but staying the cat outside wouldn´t make a difference. But your prayer was the right action – and brought (hopefully?) the solution. May be the cat will still see you once a while and you don´t have to worry about responsibilities (isn´t it this point?).
    on the page http://www.justtopnotch.com I read about the therapeutic effect of having an animal, especiallly in cases like yours. Wouldn´t it be a try?

  2. zanne says:

    yup. you’ve been adopted all right. the cat might go to a new home, but you belong to him. nothing you can do about it. have a happy and warm ( pant pant) day.

  3. shirley says:

    Hi Cuz! What a great story! I love happy endings! Seems none of our clan are cat lovers but that one sure picked a great place to camp! Just returned from European tour with Jillian and her band and then a few days in Spokane (the shopping was great Vi and Linda) – lots of sales of course. Trying to get caught up on laundry and such. Seems most of the family is away in Ontario for the wedding so it seems quiet here. Will read some older posts and see what else has been happening with you and will write again. Just wanted to say hi to you two.

  4. babychaos says:

    Great story and you did the right thing and I think your halo will be glowing for finding the cat a home…!

    I love cats and we got our first cat that way… I think maybe it’s what they do.



  5. Mel says:

    Oh geeze….I am NOT a cat lover (I’ve been told they’re too much LIKE me to have me likin’ ’em…LOL…not sure that was a compliment, actually).

    I am a sucker for animals who are ‘suffering’.
    Apparently they know this. LOL

    You did right things and you know it. And maybe folks are right, Bill. Maybe it’s about an outdoors cat. Maybe it’s about you, the front steps and the kitty? *laughing*

    Easy for me to say. Ain’t me OR my front step…..*laughing laughing laughing*

  6. Cat says:

    That is so wonderful! Did the couple come back and pick up the cat? Bless you for helping that kitty and finding a home for him. Cats are wonderful creatures. I have 11 — yes, eleven — cats, all of whom were strays I took in. Well, really I took in only five of them knowingly, but two were pregnant unbeknownst to me at the time. One was abandoned by his mother right after he was born and I had to bottle-feed him. Another one I adopted after she was hit by a car and managed to drag herself onto my front porch. She had to have one of her hind legs amputated, but is a sweet, happy, healthy kitty now. I also have a dog I adopted from the animal shelter. I don’t recommend having 11 cats as it is an awful lot of work taking care of so many and cleaning up after them. I wouldn’t do anything differently if I had to do it all over again, though. Like Mel, I am a total sucker for an animal in need and have never been able to turn my back on one.

    Anyway, that kitty picked the right person to “adopt.” He must have sensed that you have a good heart and would take care of him.

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