Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Gone for a few days

Stopped over at my brother Eric’s to check out the new garage he has just had built, very nice.

Taking advantage of being here to get on his computer. Having a problem with my own. Key board had died.

I won’t usually mention any particular companies or products that I use but have to say a big hello and thank you to Paul. Paul is a service tech with logitech computers. I called about the key board and he very patiently led me through a series of things that I could do to get it going again. May lack of computer skills is likely well known by now. Paul has the patience on an Angel and stuck  with me. Nothing we did could get it working again so a new one is one the way, for which I am very grateful. Thank you Paul.

Hope it gets here soon. I am not able to access anything on the computer, obviously withour a key board. I can still get in a read messages just can’t type anything. This also includes my email. I hope to be back up and running within a few days.

Blessings to all


6 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Gone for a few days

  1. Mel says:

    Well, thanks to Paul for being such a patient soul and working so hard to get you back up and running. Pfooey that it didn’t work. LOL

    And thank Eric for letting you catch us up on what’s what. NOT that I’d worry…… *laughing*
    Okay, okay–I’ve been known to fret a bit when there’s ‘radio silence’.

    ((((( Bill ))))))

    Oh, I get grumbly when the ‘puter acts up and interferes with ‘my routine’. LOL

  2. Sarah Jordan says:

    time to say goodbye has come. Thank you. May God take you all as gently as he is taking me. Thank you and goodbye…I’m all right…I’m not afraid…I go with anticipation and a sense of adventure that I did not expect. We will all be all right…I know it now. Thank you. I love you all.

    Sarah my friend, this is a message I had hoped and prayed I would not be reading for a long time. My computer keyboard is still down but I can read messages. On reading yours it sent me on the run to my brothers home to access his computer.
    I pray that you have found peace within yourself for what is about to come. I know that it may not physically feel like it at this moment, but I also know you are surrounded by Heavenly Angels, there to guide you home.
    We have not know each other for that long and only here through the blog but I have come to consider you a friend and truly will miss you.
    You have become a much loved member of this our little blogging community and will indeed be missed by many. You have made a valued and treasured contibution to the blog and our lives. I thank you.
    Only our Heavenly Father knows exactly when each of us will be called home.Until that moment comes I pray you find peace and contentment within your self and are pain free.
    Please know that prayers are being said for you from all over the world, so many care about you.
    if you are able at any time to leave us any further messages, it will be so appreciated. Irregardless, know many carry you in their hearts.
    Be at peace my friend.
    You are in my heart thoughts and prayers.

    • Planetcity1 says:

      It seems as if we’ve hardly gotten a chance to know you, and already we’re having to say good-bye…

      It’s good, though, knowing that you are at peace while moving on to the next segment of this human adventure.

      Calling all angels, indeed.

      Goodbye, Sarah. I, for one, will miss your posts…


    • Mel says:

      In the arms of the angel, dearone…she’ll carry you home–wrapped in love.

      ((((((((( Sarah )))))))))))

      Anticipation, and with a sense of adventure…I know you’ll be alright.

      And I celebrate that you know that now.

  3. Irene says:

    Dear Sarah,
    Go in peace. Go in love. (((((Sarah))))))
    Calling all angels…

  4. Mel says:

    ((((((((((( Bill )))))))))))))

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