Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Avalanche of goodness

Feeling good today. The inhaler seems to be improving the chest/lung infection or at least breathing is easier.

I am not really sure where I got this from, something I read, saw on TV, I don’t know.

One thought has sort of stuck in my mind: “Do you think any individual snow flake would consider itself responsible for an avalanche.”

Depending on where you live, some may not understand or appreciate the potenial severity of an avalanche. It is one of, it not the most dangerous natural occurance that can happen in a snowy mountainous area. Tons and tons,maybe hundreds of tons of snow can build up high atop some mountains. As the weight of this snow increases something will trigger an avalanche (cause the snow to slide down the mountain), possibly just its own tremendous weight together with gravity. Depending on the size many will sweep away people, trees and even buildings. It’s power in its downward slide is tremendous, nothing can stand in its way.

So again, would an individual snow flake consider itself repsonsible for such devistation? Let’s use our imaginations and assume a snow flake could think such thoughts. I think it would be safe to say no individual snow flake would ever consider itself responsible for the avalanche or any of the destruction the avalanche may have done. “I am just one tiny snow flake what could I have done? I weigh virtually nothing, by myself what could I possibly have done?”

In thinking that, that individual snow flake would be WRONG. Simply put, an avalance is just a huge pile of snow that slides down a mountain with unbelievably awesome destructive power. What is that pile of snow made of? Individual snow flakes. Every single little snow flake contrubutes its part to the avalanche. Each is just as individually responsible as the next, it contributed its part as small as it may have been.

This got me thinking of how this is actually a good comparable to our lives. I see myself as that individual little snow flake. In the overall scheme of things in this big world, I as an individual could consider myself to be as insignifcant as that little snow flake. In this big world of ours I as an individual am so small (OK not literally) and insignificant there is really nothing I can do that would contribute to anything. Here my thinking would be just as wrong as was that of the little snow flake.

That little snow flake became a part of something much bigger than itself, just as I am a part of something much bigger than myself. I am a part of a family, a community, a country, I am a part of the human race.

To me any contribution I make may seem small and insignificant, especially when we take it to the level of being a part of the human race. Any part I play in that, is a contribution. Am I doing my small part towards building an avalanche of goodness and love that one day will flow over the world.I can at least try to improve the quality of my contribution, no matter how small it may seem to me.

2 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Avalanche of goodness

  1. Molly says:

    It is like Mother Theresa said….”Do little things with GREAT Love.” Yes, you’re doing your part for sure.

  2. Mel says:

    k…..I’ll go into the day looking for that ‘one small thing’ I can do to make someone elses’ life easier.

    k….ready, set…….GO!

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