Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Spiritual Health

Happy to report, our friend Grant had his pacemaker successfully installed the day before yesterday. He was discharged from the hospital yesterday and today is making the 6 or 7 hour drive home to The Pas where they live. Many thanks are said for the prayers that assisted him through this journey.

Asking please for continued prayers for Vi and her wrist, which she broke several months ago. It is noticably crooked and causing considerable pain. Saw the doctor yesterday. He says it was a very complicated break and to wait another 2 months to see how it continues to heal. Considering the only other option is surgery which he states isn’t always that successful, we are not sure if it was good news or not.

I recently heard a comment that made me sit up and pay attention. There was a day not all that long ago, that hear this sort of comment would have had me jumping to my feet, hackles up to argue this point.

What did I hear. “Religion is nothing more than a crutch the weak lean on in time of need and they only turn to it in time of need. In the times when they are too weak to deal with life on their own.”

Hmm, what to say about that. Well everyone is entitled to their own opinion even if it is different than my own. This is where that pesky free will thing comes into play. I disagree with your thought but respect you right to have it. Free will is indeed a gift from God and you are using yours in a different way than am I. There are many different pathes on this that I call the highway of life. Your path is slightly different than my own, but ultimately all pathes end up at the same destination.

I heard another saying that I thought was kind of cute: “don’t take life so seriously, none of us are going to get out of it alive”. Now isn’t that the truth. The differences in our individual life pathes can be tremendous but they still all lead to the same destination, the same fate, we are all going to eventually die. The greatest divide between people seems to be in beliefs as to what happens after death and how we should be living our lives in preperation for that.

There must be something like 6 1/2 billion people in this world. that means there are 6 1/2 billion different pathes being taken. There is no doubt with the great religions of the world many, many of the pathes will closely parallel each other and may seem to mirror each other. But, with the gift of free will, no two will ever be EXACTLY the same.

Free Will is a gift from God, given to each of us individually. Do I ever have the right to impose my will on others over that of God’s? No, I don’t. Now let’s be realistic and you know what I mean. This obviouly doesn’t include many things, criminal activity etc..

This may sound selfish but it is not. You must focus on your own path, your own growth and development as a person. You can’t help another unless you are healthy enough to do so. This doesn’t mean we are going to cut our selves off from others or the world. Of course we will still be there for others, our families even strangers, to lend a helping hand in anyway we can. It is just while doing this we can’t loose sight of or focus on our own development as spiritual beings.

As we grow an amazing thing happens. The more we grow spritually and emtionally the healthier we become. The healthier we become the more we can in fact help those around us. It is a double blessing.

Seem to have gotten off topic with the crutch thing. Too tired to tackle that now, will maybe try tomorrow.

5 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Spiritual Health

  1. Molly says:

    Really great post, Bill. I too believe that there are as many paths to the top of the mountain as there are people on the planet. And what works for one is not a recipe for all. So here’s to all who are at least walking the path!

  2. Mel says:

    *looking at the soapbox*

    Nahhhhhhhhhhhh. 🙂

    The good news–I don’t feel a need to defend my relationship with my Creator. And how I entered into the relationship, well….that’s about my experience. We can argue opinions all we like, but arguing a persons experience is a whole different story, eh?

    Free will is an awesome thing (today). Now, ask me tomorrow and I might sing a different tune. *laughing*

    (((((((((( Bill )))))))))

    Love ya, man! And I love that we each get to be where we are in our own journeys.

  3. Jo Hart says:

    Great message today Bill. I so agree with that on so many levels, each is an individual experience, individual belief, individual relationship. As long as we each have peace within ourselves then that is what counts.

    Quick message for Mel – I can’t leave a message on your blog – don’t know why – something maybe to do with being completely computer illeterate 🙂
    Have started reading your blog, I’m up to 2007 and still going. You my love are one very amazing woman…. Maybe by the time I get to 2009 I may work out how to leave a message 🙂

    Thanks Bill ….

    • planetcity1 says:

      To leave a message on Mel’s blog, click on comments, which is located right after the time at the end of a post. Type in your comment under Leave Your Comment. Then, type in the word verification, the word you see in large green type, and then click to put a dot in the circle designated as name/url. Type in your screen name (Jo Hart), then click on Publish Your Comment. It will take a bit, but a yellow band will appear at the very top of the comments box that will indicate that you comment has been saved.

      I recommend jumping into the newer posts, or “bug” (Mel’s grand-daughter) will be an old woman before you’re ever up-to-date..lol…

  4. Mel says:

    *laughing at Jo* You silly woman–only a mere 1400 to go. LOL You’re welcome to skip the rest and call it good. 😉

    ((((((((((( Bill )))))))))))))

    Hoping all is well in your world…..

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