Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Just thoughts

Back on the computer. It isn’t running totally smoothly but better. A friend will be giving it the real fix in a day or two.

Visiting a doctors office can seem to generally have one of two outcomes. Usually, you go with a medical problem, he/she diagosis it, gives you medication and you leave cheered up. When I say cheered up, I mean that even though you may still not be feeling well, you do feel somewhat contented knowing the medication and a little bit of time will cure what ever you have. You will be back to “normal”.

Other times you leave the doctor’s office feeling “cheered right down”. That is what happened to me yesterday. I just need a little time to mull it over in my mind and I am sure I will be writing about it eventually.

I have been spending more time outdoors, just watching the wonders of nature unfold before me. It seems to me our Manitoba spring is unusually late and cool. The trees are coming out in leaf, flowers are growing, birds are back. There really is so much to see and appreciate if you take the time to look at it and appreciate the beauty it contains. It is so beautiful, so amazing and to think it has been right here in from to me for all of these years and I have never seen or appreciated it. That is sad and is my loss.

We are surrounded by, our lives are filled with so many wonders all of which we just take for granted and never give a thought to. Nature is a huge one, but so much even beyond that.

I am appreciating so much in my world. Now that I appreciate my family if a given, they are all so wonderful, I am a lucky man. My family is truly what I am most appreciative of, but for this post I am talking of I suppose the more physical items. All of which we could live without, no question. I suppose what it is I am in awe of is the original idea that lead to the invention of so many items that we today just take for granted.

But a couple of examples to illustrate what I am trying to say. Let’s just take the telephone for one. Now I am talking way back at its very beginnings. How would you even come up with the idea or concept of running a wire for hundreds/thousands of miles, run a wee bit of electricity through it and expect that someone so far away would hear your voice.

Another one would be television. Back in the day, individual antennas attached to homes picked up the signal, that was then seen on the TV. I am in awe of the brain power the inventive genious of those that have invented, created and given us so much.

I am really running with this origins idea today. I am thinking of the very origins of our language or languages in general. Now I know a lot of our English language has words that originate from other languages. That is fine but I am thinking more of how sometime way back someone came up with the original word. I mean every word had to start somewhere. Hey, who knows maybe it was a cave man or someone sitting around a fire on night. He may have said, “hey this wet stuff we drink, we should give it a name, let’s call it water.”

There really is so much in our lives that is just fascinating if we just take the time to think of it and appeciate it or maybe what went into getting it to us.

Hope to be responding to so many wonderful comment this afternoon.


4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Just thoughts

  1. planetcity1 says:

    I too was thinking about the origins of things recently:

    I’m one of those folks who is always signing environmental petitions online
    because I want the following generations to be able also to see all these
    wonder-filled things.

    Sorry you got cheered right down at the doc’s office, Bill, but I’m glad
    you’re enjoying your time outdoors.

  2. Jo Hart says:

    Hey Bill, I’m hoping your cheered down won’t last long for you, and I hope you can find the strength you need to cheer up. Always know that we are all here for you if ever you need a bit of cheering up. As much as we can anyway.
    Getting to your post today, I know what you mean about appreciating what we have out there. I’ve been doing similar with the ocean. We live 1 street away from the beach, and every morning I take the time to just look in admiration about how beautiful it is. I’m not sure If I’ve taken such a different look to it, because we lost Jason at sea, but there’s something that I am just drawn to at the moment. Australia has started advertising the winter olympics which is over your way at Vancouver, it looks just magical your country. I just can’t imagine living amoungst all that snow. My kids are dying to see the snow, and we have promised them one year we will take them on a holiday to see it. Again it’s one of those things that you intend to do, but life gets in the way, not to mention financial get in the way too. I’m not sure if Vancouver is near you at all, but it definately looks beautiful. We are in our winter here at the moment, and I live in Queensland which is north so our winter is pretty tame, but we have the jumpers out, flannelette sheets and pj’s and the heating blearing. To me it’s bloody freezing and we are only down to 14 degrees of a night !!!! Don’t quite know how I would cope when you mention temps of -54. I can’t get my head around that one !!!

  3. Mel says:

    Every place, every thing–has its own magic. Even in those things I see as ‘bad’ or ‘ucky’….

    I know what I want to hear when I show up at the physician’s. I know I set myself up when I do that–which I admit, I still can and will do.
    I convince myself I know what’s ‘best’ for Mel.
    I know what’s ‘good’ and what’s ‘bad’.

    Truthfully–I know what I still have some degree of ‘fear’ about. And the unknown can still produce fear…
    My answer to fear is probably very ‘human’.
    I get fearful.
    I get mad (cuz I don’t like being fearful).
    I retreat.
    I try to make it ‘workable’ for me.
    I then try to minimize the ‘damage’ it will do to others that I care about. If I can do that, it makes it more workable for me.

    True for me.

    It’s okay to be where your feet are, Bill.
    And when you’re ready–you’ll put it in black and white.
    It’s okay to not be ready at this given moment in time, yaknow?
    Do what you need to do for you.

    Just…..please, don’t forget that you’re loved and being prayed for.

  4. Kim says:

    Dear Bill, I found your site through your brother Robin. We became friends on line and I was surching for a photo of him. I found the photo, thank you but I found so much more, by reading your blog I realize there was a time years ago when I lost my best friend to cancer. I was with her at the end but there was no place like your blog to see and feel the inspiration you send out to so many. She would have been a daily reader as I an now. You have a very special gift and you help so many with your words.

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