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What is below is a posting I wrote on May 5th.. In this old addled brain of mine, I thought I had published it, instead I had just saved it. It isn’t until this morning, when I went back to make a reference to it that I discovered it in the saved draft section. I have a bunch of draft postings saved, I will have to maybe go back through them to find anything else I have finished but not published.

My post from May 5th.

I read an article in todays newspaper. It was inspiring, heart warming and very thought provoking all at the same time. I come here to the blog and reading the comments I see, my dear blogging friend Irene read the same story and has had the same reaction to it that I did.

It is the story of a homeless man. A man that has apparently struggled with alcohol for years. This is an article in today’s Winnipeg Free Press, written by May Agnes Welch. I am taking the liberty of quoting parts of the article:

“A homeless man is being hailed as a hero after diving into the frigid fasting moving Red River go rescue a teenage boy over the weekend.”

The story outlines the heroic actions of a local man, Faron Hall. Mr Hall witnessed a teenage boy falling from a local bridge into the fridgid waters of the Red River. Now when I say fridgid, I do mean frigid as only weeks before the river had been ice covered. Now not only was the water COLD the current was very fast moving with the flooding that was happening at the time. There is no question Mr. Hall was putting his own life on the line in an attempt to save another human being. He swam out about 15 metres and was able to drag the fighting teen to shore. There is no doubt a life was saved, Mr Hall is a genuine hero. His selfless act of courage is admired by all.

Ok, who is Mr. Hall and why would the final paragraph of the newspaper article include the line:  “This is a man that most people would avoid at all costs.”

Why would so many try to avoid Mr. Hall. He is a homeless man living on the streets and is even described as “kind of scary looking”. Put those 2 images together and I think we have just come up with the description of someone most of us would at least try to avoid. Or, at least I am kind of embarrassed to admit it but I know I would.

It is sad reading parts of the story that chronicles Mr. Hall’s ongoing battle with alcohol. Being homeless, living on the streets is tough anywhere. But, I somehow have to think that living in a City like here in Winnipeg has to add a bit of an extra burden, that being just because of our weather. I read Mr. Hall has actually been living under a bridge for about 7 years. Now think about this. He states his record for being outdoors under the bridge is for at a temperature of -51 with the wind chill. Now are Canadians a hearty lot or what?

Mr. Hall, I have to thank you. You have opened my eyes. You are a true hero and Earth Angel. Never again will I be able to look at a “street person” or really any person in quite the same way.

The newspaper best desribes his actions with: “he just  had both the courage and the humanity to not even think about it and just plunged himself into the water to save a life”. Inside I am sure we all like to think we would react in the same way, given that situation, but really would we? How many of us would have that courage?


4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Heros/Earth Angels

  1. Irene says:

    Dear Bill,
    Thanks for reminding us all about Mr. Hall. You’re right, I probably wouldn’t have taken a chance at jumping in to save the young gentleman. Yes, I most likely would have called 911 but…jump in??? I doubt it!! George Elliot said it best, I think: Any coward can fight a battle when he’s sure of winning, but give me the man who has pluck to fight when he’s sure of losing.
    Thanks Mr. Hall for reminding us all about what it means to be human and to rightfully give dignity to all–whether they deserve it or not. It’s not something that needs to be earned.
    Hope all is well with you, Wiseman.

  2. Jo Hart says:

    “The trouble with a good many of us is that we come to a conclusion before we arrive at the end” – F.J Mills.
    I too Bill am sad to say, I would have judged quicker and thought later. It is embarrasing that it takes a heroic action like this, to make us see that these people have battles just like the rest of us, only in a different fashion. At the end of the day they are still human with quality feelings like us all.
    Mr Hall, be proud of your actions, and know that you’ve made me sit up and think about my judgement of others.

  3. Mel says:

    There, but for the grace of G-d, go I.


    Though I’d like to think I’da dove in, I guess I don’t truly know until I’m given those same circumstances.
    Here’s a man who could have been bitter enough about his circumstances to justified staying on shore–who didn’t.

    I want to be that selfless……..

  4. ceeque says:

    Bless that bloke!

    Hi Charles, it is so nice to hear from you, it has been a while and you are missed. I agree with your comment, bless him indeed.

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