Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Pulling together to fight flooding

Took a few days off to catch up on my rest. A heart attack really can suck the energy right out of you, maybe a little more because it was #5, I am not sure. I am trying to take it easy as the doctors told me to gradually work up to my previous activity level over a 6 week period. Finding that hard to do. When you really didn’t do much before, how do you work back up to doing very little. Maybe, even with that I over did it as this past week I have been exceptionally tired. Feel fine just worn out.

While I haven’t been writing I have been coming down daily to read the wonderful comments left for me. The kindness and support people show for others in need is amazing.

Our newspapers are full of stories of such kindness this past few days. It sort of makes my heart feel good with every such story I read. The stories tell of thousands of people rushing to the aide of others, mostly strangers in need.

Mother Nature seems to be really putting many to the test this year, as in years gone by. I ask for prayers for all. I am particularly thinking of all of the good people living along the mighty Red River. Both those living in Canada and the US. The spring thaw along with recent rain has caused the Red River to rise. I read in the paper it crested at over 40 feet in Fargo. Thousands are involved building dikes often out of sand bags. Good old manual labor is needed to both fill the sand bags and then carry them to build the dike. This is an ongoing heroic effort happening as I am writting this. So very many are in danger of loosing everything. We are talking not just isolated buildings but entire communities, cities.

So often I have heard the saying “the worst of times brings out the best in people.” We someone that needs help and it seems to be just built into our nature to want to help. I have said many times the world is just full of wonderfully kind, caring people. It is true, I am seeing it and reading about it all around me.

There are countless stories of people frantically trying to build a dike in an effort to save their home. Knowing it is vitually a lossing battle knowing they can’t build it high enough alone. Suddenly, seemingly out of no where a bus load of strangers drives up and out they all come to build the dike. I read of a class of senior high school students on a school outing of some sort. Doing that exact thing. Traveling on a bus, but on seeing where help was needed the outing was changed, to stop and provided needed help. I read of people travelling in from other communities. Their own communities are not in danger of flooding but they have come to help. I saw on TV how thousands have showed up at a stadium of some sort in Fargo North Dakota. Volunteers all there to do the grueling task of filling sand bags. It is happening eveywhere around me. There is just no denying it, people are wonderful. I salute each and everyone of you wonderful people, be you on the Canadian or US side of the border.

I think it is obvious people are willing to help each other.  In times such as this when facing a potential disaster, thousands show up to do the back breaking work or filling, carrying and piling sandbags. May God bless each and every one of them.

5 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Pulling together to fight flooding

  1. size 10 says:

    Love, compassion, and understanding is free and we (as in the masses) forget sometimes because each of us gets wrapped up all the noise of our respective lives. And then something reminds us of the simple things.. Keep writing!

    Hello and welcome size 10. You are so correct about how we can so easily get wrapped up in our own lives that we can loose perspective of sight of what is happening around us.
    Thank you for the visit and I do hope to hear from you again.

  2. Sage's mommy says:

    I remember so well the flood of ’97 when a group of friends and I spent our evenings listening to the radio where they would keep announcing addresses that needed help building dykes. We would head to the nearest address join all of the others there in building a wall of sandbags around the house, then jump in the car to listen for the next address needing help. We would literally do this for hours! While I’m too far away this year to help, my thoughts are with those that are helping, remembering so well that feeling of community!

    Hello Sage’s Mommy. Billie this is but one example of why I am proud to be able to call you my daughter. Do me a favor please and give Princess Sage and Princess Emery each 4 big kisses from grandpa.
    Love you

  3. babychaos says:

    Very true… Dunkirk spirit, it’s called over here. I hope you are recovering well and that Vi is settling into her plaster cast! Lots of love from the UK!



    Hi BC, it is always nice to hear from you. You have been with me since virtually the beginning of the blog and I thank you.

  4. Mel says:

    This year, we’ve sent bus loads of people to help our neighbours in North Dakota. Last year–it was us. Frankly, we’re still feeling the devastation…there are parts of town where I just cannot journey cuz it hurts my heart too much.

    ((((((((( Bill )))))))))

    Rest is good. I’m glad to hear you’re finding it. I just like to know that’s the source of the quiet–but I’m kinda nosy like that. LOL (I’ll cease worrying now!)

    Yaknow…..I like what size 10 said — “love compassion and understanding is free”. That being said, why I can be so stingey about doling it out sometimes…..is probably something I need to take a good look at, eh?


    Hi Mel, I do appreciate the concern but I am fine, just get lazy some days. I don’t want to cause worry for my dear friends so I will try to write even a short update if I am resting. Just to let everyone know, that is a point for me to remember and I thank you for bringing it to my attention.
    My prayers go out to you and all still recovering from past floods and to all of those fighting to prevent it this year.

  5. Juanita says:

    You are always in my prayers. So are all people that help others, just out of kindness.

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