Dying Man’s Daily Journal – God’s Time

I have been doing a lot of I suppose serious thinking lately. Occasionally, I need a reminder that things happen in “God’s time, not my time”. Now, if we look at my time, I will be posting away here still in another 20 years or so. I realize and accept that “God’s time frame” for me may well not coincide with my own. Every day I pray for God’s will to be done in my life. Now praying for that, I should just accept what comes as being His will. That is where everything gets confusing for me, His will and my free will. My free will is that I will be hanging around here for a long time yet. It is almost strange, I have no doubt in my mind about the wonders that await me on the other side. But, still I kind of like it here and until He steps in accerting his will for me in a strong way, I will be staying. If it comes to a “battle of wills” I am pretty sure I will come out on the short end of that deal and as it should be.

I am not sure if all that read the blog are aware I have set up separate pages here on the site, each for a specific reason. Each of these pages can be accessed by going to the top of any post. Across the top you will see a row of names. I think it starts with the “about” page. Click on any of those names and it will take you to the separate or different page.

I added a new one, started a new page, “Helping our families”. Please click on it, check it out and leave me your thoughts. My thoughts are, if you know your family is facing an extremely challenging event in the future, wouldn’t you want to do what you can to help with it. I am sure all of us would want to do that. Belief me I know it is so very easy to become totally self focused, forgetting all that others are going through. Sort or like, I am the one that is dying, so therefore I must be the one suffering the most, WRONG.

I know you can’t take the pain away, nor should you as there is a healthy grieving process that makes us human. I am asking is there anything we can do to help with the healing or possibly even ease the burden or pain. Please give me your thoughts.


One Response to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – God’s Time

  1. pttyann says:

    I took care of my Mom bedridden with Alzhimers for 3yrs. and while it was very painful there were many times I had to laugh & laugh,so there is room for Humor and it really helps.I would tell Momma to throw me some stars down here when she got home,we had plenty bad days but the good ones out weigh the bad,so you all have fun & do some laughing and talk about Heaven.That’s what helped me,I hope this will help you & your family.I truly enjoyed your post and I am sure your writing will help and encourage a lot of people.Keep up the good work and may God give you all more joy & reasons to Celebrate and laugh.
    Love in Christ Pat
    Numbers 6:24~26

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