Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Just complaining about the weather

How many people do you know that would rather have the temperature be at about -10 or -15 as opposed to say +3. Well I think you would find that most people in my part of Canada, here in Southern Manitoba would be saying that right about now.

We have had an unusual warm spell hit us, bring with it a lot of rain. Now hey that should sound pretty good, you would think. Wrong, If you are living here in Winnipeg. With all the snow we have on the groung, on the streets and everywhere, this rain is turning it into packed ice. There are vehicles in the ditch just everywhere. It was on the news the auto insurance is expecting there will be in the area of 2,000 accidents today alone and tomorrow is expected to be worse.

The ice is so bad walking is very difficult and dangerous. Was at a gas station took a bit of a slip. Luckily I used my head to break my fall. Yup, landed on my head, didn’t see stars like you see on cartoons but I did see bright lights for a second or two. Have a wicked head ache and will try to post more later.

You know you are a Manitiba driver when you can occasionally hit a rut in the ice on the road and have it throw your vehicle sideways. Suddenly you find yourself sliding sideways down the center of the road and there is not to much you can do about it. That was this morning.

Now maybe all will understand why we would prefer -15 to +3 at this time of the year.


5 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Just complaining about the weather

  1. garry howdle says:

    Hi Bill.
    Just spent an hour typing up an update of the family for you…then hit one little button and poof!!..it was gone. Therefore I am committed to phone you with in the week and catch up personally.
    I read what you said about the weather in Southern Manitoba. Sorry about your fall and I hope the effects were short-lived and minor.
    Look for tomorrow. It could be +3 and sunny. The ice could be a memory and it may be the nicest day of the year. Ahhh!!Balmy +3. On the other hand, it could be
    -15 and we will be wishing for that balmy +3. That’s the fun of kicking off the covers tomorrow morning. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I am just glad to be part of it. We share a great huge massive positive…when we open our eyes,usually the first thing we see is the woman we love. That alone makes the day worth starting. And with a little good fortune, its the same woman we lay down with to end our day. All that such in the day between the getting up and laying down…so much nonsense. Just God showing us what He can do.
    You are right about Winnipeg weather…crazy stuff. Kind of reminds me of the Jets..there was some ice, some crashing about, alot of swearing and then it was all gone.
    No matter how bad the weather is, how icy the roads are or the mayhem running amuck, I have the perfect cure. Get yourself over to Superboy’s (just north of Main and Inkster) and have a triple burger with chili and the homemade fries. Heaven on a platter. You will forget how bad the day is or you’ll be so damn full, you’ll go home and sleep for a couple of weeks and it will be warmer then!!! Its been 15 years since I’ve been that contented…Ahhhh!!
    Have great Tuesday.


    Hi Roy I will be looking forward to the phone call. If you have trouble finding my number, I know your mother has it. I will email it to you.
    You really do have such a great attitude, I thank you for sharing it here. You are so right, “I don’t know what tomorrow may bring, I am just glad to be a part of it.” Right on.
    Roy, you lived here in Winnipeg, way back when. You know part of being a Manitoban means we get to complain about the weather. But, I still would bake -15 to what we have anyday.
    looking forward to hearing from you

  2. Mel says:

    *laughing at Roy’s remark about the Jets*

    Tread carefully, sir.

    And we’ve had 33 degrees fahrenheit and rain…..similar problems with the ice.


    <– didn’t fall on my head!

    TREAD carefully, sir!

    Hi Mel, glad you didn’t fall on your head. I must have looked quite the sight. Arms going one way, legs another with the back of my head the first to hit the ground.
    You are right even though I haven’t seen him in years I do know Roy is a very good man and does have wisdom he can share with us all.
    “BUT, I do remind you as per his first comment he has learned much from his “slightly older cousin”. lol

  3. winnipegbc says:

    I love the mentality in this city. it’s only ice/snow/wind…..we still think that we have to get up and go. we’re hearty manitobans aren’t we? I really wish that the schools would close though. The school buses aren’t running anyway, so I don’t see why my kid should break his neck trying to walk to school. I could drive him, but if those buses aren’t going out in this then why should I? I’d love for him and my husband to have the day off.
    I shouldn’t whine though. It’s warm(ish) and the snow is melting. Normally we’d all be happy.
    Sorry about your fall hope you’re feeling better today.

    You have it right on “WE ARE HEARTY MANITOBANS”. We love to be able to brag/complain about our weather. You are right normally we would be happy to have this warm weather and the thawing temperatures. It is the ice that makes it so treacherous and snow in the forecast for tonight. Snow on top of this ice and it will be a little slippery.

  4. Jo Hart says:

    Well I can’t even imagine what that cold feels like, not to mention having ice. -15 or +3 sounds just as horrible as each other. Us Aussie Queenslanders would curl up in a ball and hibernate at that sort of tempretures. We have a beautiful 34 degrees celcius here today. A bit muggy as we get the humidity, but it is a gorgeous day. Unfortunately, I have to watch it from my office window though 😦

  5. I must say, I can not agree with you in 100%, but it’s just my opinion, which indeed could be wrong.
    p.s. You have an awesome template for your blog. Where have you got it from?

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