Dying Man’s Daily Journal – What is Life?

I have realized of late, the more I try to understand this world the more I realize I don’t know. Does that make sense. The more I look at the world the more and more things that I see that just make me go, geesh. But, I do realize that for some reason the things that make me go, geesh, actually make sense to someone out there. I suppose in many situations who am I to judge? I have my thoughts and ideas, others have theirs. I suppose in fact the world would be a pretty boring place if we all thought and even looked alike.

This may sound strange but this whole dying issue has been a wonderful experience for me in many ways. Today, I do see things a whole lot differently than I did just a few years ago. It both saddens and now amazes me as I look around me, read the newspaper, watch TV ect. at peoples reactions to certain things. Now here I am not talking about reactions to crime or war, nothing like that, just reactions to events that happen in our daily lives. Every single person has their own battles to fight, “issues and Problems” to deal with, no one is excluded from this. I remember reading a saying somewhere that went something like this: “No one is promised life will always be easy, we are just promised it can be good.”

In that saying to me the word “can” be good is the most important. There is another saying, something to the effect: “We are all dealt certain card in life, it isn’t as important what those cards are as it is how we play them, how we deal with them”. Now I can just hear a lot of people saying to themselves, my situation is different, my life would be so much better if I didn’t have to put up with………

Well, I don’t know your situation so that may or may not be true.I do know though that everyone is fighting their own private “battles” with life in some way. To them, their battle seems just as serious as yours.

Again I can imagine some thinking, “yeah, yeah, easy for you to say but if you knew what I have to put up with every day, you wouldn’t think or say that.” To that I would respectfully reply, “everyone has their issues, I am a guy that lives daily with the knowledge of a shortened life expectancy, 4 heart attacks, bi-pass surgery, heart failure, angina, brain tumor, epilepy, diabetes, edema, carpal tunnel and periferal neuropathy. So I do have some experience in dealing with life issues of my own.” Yet, still I know there are many that are going through much worse and would trade places with me in a heart beat if given the opportunity.

What is life? It is a whole bunch of moment connected together. As we live each individual moment at that time, that moment can seem to be our life. It is so important to remember we are living a live not a moment. We can’s loose sight of the big picture that really is our life. Never see individual moments as being our life. Recognize them as what they are individual moment that in the big picture is really meaningless.

In my mind I see God weaving a beautiful tapestry that when complete will be the picture of my life. It is exquisitely beautiful, He will present it to me when I do leave this world. It is only then that I will be able to really see that individual events were so insignificant as to not even warrent a single thread in the overall picture.

It is only then that we will be able to see how insignificant most events are in our daily lives. That being the case why get upset about them at the time? All we are doing is depriving ourselves of moment of love and joy. Another saying goes something like, “every moment spent in anger or frustration is a moment of love and joy lost forever”


6 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – What is Life?

  1. togetherweteach says:

    Bill, thanks for sharing your thoughts and perspectives. I’m sure lots of people will be impacted by what you’ve got to say. I’ve collected many sayings on life by lots of “ordinary” people. They can be found on my website at http://www.togetherweteach.com/MoreSayings/That’s_Life.htm

    That list of sayings you have on your site is awesome thank you for sharing them.

  2. Michael says:

    Very good post. I hope everyone who reads it understands the point you are making.

    So many times we get caught up in making mountains out of what really are mole hills. If we would just take a moment to pause and look around, we would see that we do not have it so bad after all.


    Hi Michael, you got the point I was trying to make right on. Thank you for maybe helping to clarify it for others.
    I popped by your site and it is excellent. I just wasn’t sure how to leave you a comment.

  3. Jo Hart says:

    Hey Bill – Guess what……. I’M BAAAAAACK……

    Well I have been off air now for over 2 months, and decided it’s time to come back to reality and my normality. Your daily blog was always apart of my ritual and I do promise to go back and read what I have missed.

    Love todays post, especial about the tapestry, I have never thought about it like that. My husband and I have made a new years resolution together, the little things that go wrong, are ok, let’s not stress, deal with it and move on…… Let’s hope it works.

    Gee it’s good to be back.

    Jo, it is so really nice to see you back. I have missed you as I am sure have many others. Look forward to hearing more from you.

  4. Mel says:

    (((((((((((((( Jo ))))))))))))))

    You’ve been missed!

    And I do appreciate the reminder about ‘they’re just moments’.
    Perspective is everything for me. And I know there’s more than one way to look at things–but I can let myself get caught up in the emotions of the moment and lose my perspective.
    This morning was one of those moments.
    So I thank you for helping me put it back to ‘right size’.


    Hi Mel my friend. It really is amazing how easy it is to get caught up in the moment and even easier yet to blow it out of proportion. That is the story of a lot of my life. Glad you got this morning back in line.

  5. Henri says:

    According to The Hitchhikers Guide to the universe. “a massive supercomputer is designed to give the ultimate answer, the answer that would completely explain “God, life, the universe, and everything.” But the computer takes seven and a half million years to do this, and by the time the computer delivers the answer, everybody has forgotten the question. Nobody remembers the ultimate question, but the ultimate answer the computer comes up with is: 42. This is amazing! Finally, the ultimate answer. So wonderful is the answer that a contest is held to see if anybody can come up with the question. Many profound questions are offered, but the final winner is: How many roads must a man walk down?”

    It is so easy to be caught up in the emotional response to what is happening just now. Rage and anger are also powerful energies but are more harmful to you yourself than anyone else. When groups get together and share such feelings, there is always a danger that it can get out of hand.
    Look at the hatred that some groups have manifest for others who they see as the personification of evil. They cannot see that they are of the very energies that they despise.

    When Mother Teresa received her Nobel Prize, she was asked, ‘What can we do to promote world peace?’ She replied… ‘Go home and love your family.’

    Have a great day Bill

  6. Mel says:


    Geeze, Henri–I needed that one this morning like you wouldn’t believe.

    And for as much ‘power’ a group can have for the not so good–so is there as much ‘power’ a group can have FOR the good.
    There’s a whole lot to be said for the ‘WE’–but it all begins with the ‘I’, huh?

    ((((((((((((( Henri )))))))))))))))

    Think I’ll put that in my pocket for today.
    Thank you, sir.

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