Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Ranting turned to gratitude

I wish to sincerely thank all that have offered prayers of support as I requested in my last post. I do know they are a benefit and a comfort to all that receive them, I do thank all. Please continue.

I am happy to say I have extabilished email contact with Alejandro, I do hope we will become good email friends and can mutually support and help each other through this time.

I read something in the newspaper today that has me in a real ranting mood. The article touched near and dear to my heart. Doctors refusing to treat certain patients.

Now let me be clear I am NOT including all doctors in this rant. In fact I currently have the most wonderful medical team of doctors anyone could ever hope for. I am truly blessed to have them, I just do not have enough good words to say about them. It is time I recognized and acknowledged them for the wonderful people and job they do. My family doctor, Dr. Choptiany. My cardiologist, Dr. Phillipp. The wonderful doctors, nurses and staff at the Heart Failure Clinic. My neurologist, Dr Aga Khani. Dr. Corn, my sleep (CPAP) doctor. All of the various doctors that have treated me in the past all so wonderful. I have no words to describe my gratitude to each and everyone of them.

My gratitude goes far beyond the doctors, to the nurses. I have been hospitalized over the years more times than I care to or even can remember. How do I thank the Earth Angels that we call nurses all so wonderful, we are truly blessed and so lucky to have them among us.

There are the aides, the support staff all of whom are essential to the running of the hospital. I thank all.

I have just been sitting here thinking for a few minutes. I really started this post intending to rant about doctors refusing certain patients. I can relate to the story in that I have myself  been refused by certain doctors as I am too ill and would be to time consuming. I though though first I should acknowledge and thank the medical professionals I do have treating me. All are so wonderful none would deserve to be included in my rant and I wanted to be clear they were excluded.

Somehow by acknowledging the good, the wonderful I was counting my blessing or which I have many. It has sort of taken the fizzle right out of my rant and left me feeling nothing but gratitude.

I have to wonder how many time this would have worked for myself and others in different situations. Talking yourself right out of being upset and into a feeling of gratitude when blessings are counted. I have to wonder. Has this, or could this happen to you?

One Response to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Ranting turned to gratitude

  1. Mel says:

    Oh……I dare say it happens more than I like.
    I get wrapped up in the noise of the moment and my little bitty fragile feelings–and it becomes about MEMEME.

    And I know I’m graced–that’s the kicker!

    I tuck tail and lower my head and that humbling moment happens…….but sometimes it takes a nudge to get me there, yaknow?


    Yeah……LOL…….you know!

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