Dying Man’s Daily Journal – New Page

I started a new page today. It can be seen on the crossbar at the top of the page. It is titled “My Story”. I hope any that may read it will see the word “My” as refering to themselves and not to me.

Please share with me on this page, well actually anywhere you may want to here on the blog.

The intro to “My Story”:

I have found this blogging experience, sharing my journal online to bsuch a wonderful experience.

What I have gained as an individual from this whole experience just has to out weigh anything I may have delivered, it just has to.

I want to at least try to share the wonders of this experience with others. I realize not every one has a blog of their own in which to share their story. So many are going through so much, endure so much and doing it alone.

Some may be separated by distance or circumstances from loved ones and forced in that way to deal with it “alone”. Others may be literally surrounded by loved ones but are still dealing with it, “alone”. Possibly feeling the need to put on a brave face for those loved ones. But while doing that are keeping so much bottled up inside. There are times I know, when you can be in a room full of people full of loved ones and you can experience the loneliest feelings of all. This whole dying business can be the lonelist time of all. It is the only thing in this life time that we will ultimeatley face alone.

There is the saying which is so true. “Knowledge, without experience is only information”. I hope this will become a meeting spot for all that have the information and are in the midst of the experience.

No one has to face this alone, irregardless of your definition of alone. There are infact many of us sharing your experience and can relate to any feelings you may have. No one has to face this in any sense of the word, I am here many are here. Please share what you care to and know in doing so, we will understand.

5 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – New Page

  1. PACH says:

    Isn’t about time you updated your “Who ami I” information. You are no longer 54 as far as I can tell.

    You are right, update will be done as soon as I can figure out how. I am now indeed 56. Would this happen to be Jim?

  2. Mel says:

    And dang proud OF that 56, I hope!

    <– is proud for you

    And thank you for recognizing that alone-ness has nothing to do with the people surrounding you.

    I’ll look forward to the contributions.


  3. planetcity says:

    I’ve just downloaded the following and haven’t had a check to check it out, but it seems as though it might be of interest to you.

    It’s a free e-book called Summer’s Path, and you can find further info about it here:


  4. babychaos says:

    About alone-ness. I think we face much of life on our own even when there are people there with us.

    I guess what I’ve found in my own life is that the strength to face the bad stuff on my own is often drawn from my experiences with or of other people… hmm… does that make sense? I hope so.

    Take care of yourself.



  5. Mel says:

    And planetcity–my thanks for the link.

    I think I’ll appreciate the read, truly.

    May the light shine upon you and bless you!

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