Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Bucket List

I watched a very good movie on TV last night, “The Bucket List”. It is very good and I won’t hesitate to recommend it to all.

Basically, it is the story of 2 elderly gentlemen (Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman). They are both terminal patients in the cancer ward of a hospital. I can’t remember exactly how the story unfolded that they came up with the bucket list. What is the bucket list. A list of things they would like to see or do before they die (kick the bucket). They each have individual things they add to the list and then go on a break away. Checking out of the hospital to do the things on the list while they still can. Elements of the movie will have you laughing, others will have you crying. It is good.

The movie had a very sobering affect on me. I suppose it is because the story line strikes close to home for me. Several years ago I did indeed write up my own list. I just called it the 10 things I want to do before……

I realize everyone should have a bucket list, irregardless of age, health or anything. I suppose it would even be best to start it when you are very young,  to give you time to work on accomplishing it. Am I suggesting everyone should make a list of things they want to do and then go into panic mode. Like, I have to hurray to get all of this done in case I die enexpectedly. Of course not, that would be ridiculous.

I am just suggesting that with out a list of goals you want to accomplish, how are you ever going to know what to be working towards accomplishing. Some things on your list you may be able to accomplish very quickly. Others may take years of planning and saving for. As we delete one item from the list add another, we never want to be left with nothing to look forward to, or plan towards.

I think so often we go through life with, I suppose a rough draft of the list in our minds. Thinking to ourselve, yeah, that is something I would really like to do someday. We are so involved in our lives today that we always assume we have tomorrow to work on our “someday” plan. Then too often it hits us, our number of tomorrows is limited.  The dream of “someday” is taken from you and regret sets in.

The sas thing is this doesn’t have to happen. Make you list, work towards it, free yourself of later regrets. Plus, I am sure you will find you are enjoying your life today much more.

I have my list and will never stop working on it.


5 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Bucket List

  1. JewWishes says:

    Thank you dear friend…you know what I speak of!

    I agree, we all need a list like that, in order to strive towards something. If we have nothing to work towards or look forward to accomplishing, life could be meaningless.

    Hugs, Joy and Peace to you!

  2. theunhappycamper says:

    I seen that movie a while back. It is excellent, I agree with you completely, everyone should see it. 🙂

  3. shady says:

    That’s actually my favourite film. The idea behind the list comes from Carter’s “freshman Philosophy teacher” who assigned them the task of writing a list of things they wanted to do before they kicked the bucket. In his present situation, Carter resurrects the idea, and Edward Cole adds a few things. (Sky Diving, for example…one of the best bits of the film.) Edward’s conversation with Carter about his second wife, whom he referred to as “The Sequel”- he goes on to say “She never did like me…” the sky diving instructor pipes up “Perhaps because you called her The Sequel!” Brilliant, brilliant film. Sorta thing that bears watching multiple times. 😀

  4. Mel says:

    I don’t have a list……

    Really…..I don’t have a list.

    Whaddaya know about that……no list……


  5. babychaos says:

    There’s me thinking I was a saddo to have a bucket list! The thing is, if you do and then you achieve any of the big things of it, you feel a million dollars!

    Worth it for the self esteem! 😉



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