Dying Man’s Daily Journal – What have I done

A thought, a realization hit me last night as I was watching TV. The realization was that I have had this same thought every year for a long time.

What is this thought. It comes from a commercial on TV, it runs every year at this time. Sorry, but memory guy here can’t remeber the name of the organization for whom the commercial is done. It is a wonderful organization seeking sponsorship for children in far away countries. I applaud them for their efforts.

During the commercial a song is playing. I know I am messing up the words but it is something like:

“So, It is Christmas and what have you done.  Another year is over, a new one begun.”

It is a beautiful song that carries on to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. It is just it is that one line that catches me every time I hear it. I think another year is over, and what have I done? Every year when I hear that the answer is always the same, really nothing!!! Somehow the year just seems to slip away and I am listening to that same song again. The answer to what have I done remains the same year after year, well really nothing.

OK, I got through, I survived another year, another 365 days and that by itself is something I am grateful for. Another year of precious time has past me by and really what have I done, not much.

Now I realize as I am writing this, I may be sounding negative, but I really don’t mean it that way at all. I suppose if anything I am giving myself a little pep talk, sort of  “go Bill go”. First off, I am determined I will in fact be listening to that same song this time next year. But, next year when I think, what have I done, I will be able to reply…….

I encourage, no I challenge all that read this to do the same.


6 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – What have I done

  1. shadywilbury says:

    Hopefully I will be able to oblige at the end of this year, Bill, as I plan to do a sponsored swim for charity in July. (If this does not materialise, rest assured that I will kick myself…hard.) However, I think your ethos or focus has been on getting people to do these things, rather than say they’re going to, so I will ensure, if just for your sake, that I actually do this. 🙂

  2. ThomasLB says:

    One of the things you’ve done is shared your life’s experiences. We live in a society that is very isolating in some ways, and I think by sharing a little of yourself you are providing a valuable service.

    We’re all going to face our own mortality someday. I’m glad you’re here, giving a nudge and reminding us to make the most of the time we’ve got.

  3. Irene says:

    Dear Bill,
    I’ve been doing quite a bit of reflective reading recently and came across a thought to consider: Why is our value (to ourselves and to others) based on our performance, i.e. what we can DO? It’s an interesting thought when one considers the mentally and physically challenged, our senior citizens, etc. It’s unfortunate that people’s value isn’t based on just being here–each one adding their only “candlelight” to make it a brighter and better world.
    Now Bill…you know that you have done LOTS!!! Everyday, every post you submit helps lots of us re-dedicate, re-organize, re-commit and re-focus, our thoughts and actions. (Perhaps you would like to become a politician?? I’d vote for you!! lol) If that’s not doing something, then I don’t know what is.
    Rest easy Bill. You’ve helped lots of us TONS of times. Thanks bunches, Wiseman.

  4. zanne says:

    that’s the best line in the song. john lennon wrote some great music.

    don’t ever think that you have done nothing. with this blog you have made people think. you have blessed us with profound wisdom and gentle loving humour. you have shown your love of family and strangers and your devotion to God. you have called us to prayer and action. you give hope and respect with your words and you don’t tear people down.

    all of that is NOT nothing.
    have a great New Year and if all that I’ve listed is nothing…..then please keep doing nothing.

    gotta go wait in the cold for the bus on ellice. ickickick. gotta love winter. bybye

  5. Mel says:

    Yaknow……back on December 27th’s post I rambled on:

    “I’m coming to understand that as much as my value simply IS to G-d, so is my ‘life’ value (not that MY life was mine to begin with, yaknow?). That my life’s ‘worth’ is not measured by what I’ve accomplished, what grand things I’ve done, seen, or experienced. I don’t ‘earn’ my way into or out of anything.”

    “Now, granted, that’s just my own awakening and not anyone else’s. Keep in mind that I don’t have any difficulty with understanding that Hitler’s in G-d’s company today…. ALL G-d’s children get to go home.”

    (NOW I know where that rambling was suppose to go!)
    But that’s my awakening, Bill–perhaps I’m just suppose to plant the seed or maybe it’s simply about being the messenger.

    I’m not advocating you make yourself comfy in that Lazy-Boy recliner and do nothing if you’re feeling ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘disturbed’.
    My G-d helps me feel ‘disturbed’ for a reason…..and generally, it’s cuz He’s got some NEED for me to be His instrument. It means ‘pay attention Mel’ cuz there’s some task/job for me to do–in my own life or in the life of another human being.
    (Yup…you read that right. You can call me presumptious if you like. LOL) I’ve learned to be VERY careful when I pray ‘Comfort me when I am disturbed and disturb me when I’m comfortable’ cuz He’s got a history of ‘delivering’ on that one!

    I guess what I am saying to you, is that my life ‘worth’ just IS–exactly as my worth and value just IS. I don’t have to earn it,
    I won’t increase/decrease that value in G-d’s eyes by ‘doing’. I’m loved, I’m worthy–my life is valued and valuable in His eyes simply because I AM His child……..as are you.

    If you’re disturbed (and you’re seemingly disturbed cuz this isn’t the lone time you’ve been made uncomfortable by the same message), then by all means go forward in joy to carry a message of love in action. That’s a really cool thing…..it’s a loving thing. And in my world, the works of G-d are done out of love and in love….simply cuz it IS loving and that’s the highest commandment there is.
    “Love others, love you…….cuz I fashioned you to BE as I am.”
    And we all know that G-d is love, right?

    Darn soapbox……*kicking soapbox AGAIN*

    OH….. I gotta argue with ya, Bill. And someone already said it very well–
    If what you do here is ‘nothing’–please, by all means…keep doing ‘nothing’.


  6. Irene says:

    Dear Bill,
    Wow! Mel, sure said some “good stuff”! Thanks for wording it just perfectly, Mel. I’ll be thinking on that one a long, long time.
    How’s the new year progressing so far, Bill? I’ve been watching the calendar slowly fill up with personal, work, and community committments. Here we go again…lots of opportunities for all kinds of good stuff–i.e. love in action.
    Have a fantastic day, Bill. Thinking and praying for you lots, Wiseman.

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