Dying Man’s Daily Journal – New Years Resolutions

A new year is almost upon us.  Sometimes I wonder why we seem to place such signifigance in it. Really it is just another date on the calendar. OK, we take down the calendar for the past year and hang a new one for the upcoming year.

I think maybe it is that event that really gives it some signifigance. We throw away last years calendar, that year is done and gone, it is history. Maybe, it is the hanging of the new calendar that deep down within us stricks a chord. It symbolizes a new start. The old calendar goes to the garbage, it is now history. The new calendar is put in place all of it’s days blank. None of it’s days are yet filled up with the “crazies” of life but equally none of it’s days are marked with the joys and wonders of life that lie ahead in the new year.

If you think about it evey single day of our lives marks a new beginning not just the changing of a calendar makes it so. I hope everyone this year as they throw out last years calendar can with it throw out an negativity attached to the past year. The calendar is useless, it is history, throw it out. But any negativity for this past year hurts, ill will, sorrow, what ever is also history. Let it go with the old calendar. Carrying anything like that forward is just as useless as it would be to leave the old calendar hanging.

We have a brand new year laid out before us. It is a new beginning for all, may we all use it wisely. We all need to realize, time is so precious. Every minute we live is gone forever, we never get that minute back. We have an entire new year laid out before us. How we spend each and every precious minute contained with this year is up to each of us individually. For most this year will come and go. I ask this simple question of all. This time next year when it is again time to throw away the calendar, what memories do you want to have associated with this year?

Many of us make resolutions about what we are going to change or do differently in the new year. I think that is good in that at least we are thinking about and recognizing things we do want to change. I think it is even better when we have the resolve to carry them out.

I will share 3 of mine. The first is mine to do alone with our Heaven Father. The second 2 I ask all to join with me in doing.

1. Still be here to blog at the end of this year.

2. Not take one single moment or person in this year for granted. Both feel and EXPRESS gratitute to all and for all

3. I think it is fair to say we all would like to see the world change. Well nothing in our lives or in the world is going to change if we continue to do things in the same way. I hope all will join with me, individually saying to ourselves “let that change begin with me.” No matter how big or small an act of kindness may be, it does make the world a little bit better place. That is something in which I can do my part. I intend to really work at the “spirit within me”. Want to know what that is. Go to the top of this page click on the title “spirit within me”. Please join with me in my very non exclusive club. Think to yourself “let it begin with me”


4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – New Years Resolutions

  1. 4wrdthnkndad says:

    I vow to make one apology in 2009. It tends to be harder for me than losing weight.

  2. Mel says:


    I’m scared to put it in black and white—but here goes!

    I’ll find a new WPIML to replace theWPIML who moved outta state last year.
    Been avoidin’ that one for all it’s worth…I own it.

    But I’m tellin’ ya…..I don’t wanna. LOL

  3. Bill,
    This Christmas season has been a busy one and I haven’t had much time to blog or check in on my blogging friends, so Happy Belated Birthday (YEA!!!), Merry Christmas and Happy New Year friend! I caught up on reading the entries I missed. Thanks again for sharing your wisdom and perspective. I will be praying that you accomplish goal #1 this year.

  4. Pia says:

    Sorry I’m late getting here, I suppose season’s greetings is still appropriate…and, of course, happy new year (a bit early!)

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