Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Reflections on the year

Well, I am back up and at it. This last bout with a chest cold, breathing issues has been the worst I think I have had. It really took the wind out of my sails or more literally the air out of my lungs. It is nice to be able to breath again actually feeling like I am getting some air.

My last post was about a wonderfully couragous young lady simply known as Eu. I am happy to say I have indeed established email contact with her and I hope can add her to my list of internet friends.

We are rapidly approaching the end of another calendar year. As I always do I am spending some time reflecting back on the year. There have been many highs, a few lows but every moment of it has been time I have been so grateful for. As I reflect back I like to focus more on the people than events. How many times have I said it? People are wonderful. That fact is so obvious to me as I look back and remember all the wonderful people I have had the chance to interact with. I have come to believe everyone out there is an Earth Angel just awaiting their turn to shine. For me so many have shone so brightly that I do feel so grateful, so priviledged. I thank all.

Right here through the blog I have met so many wonderful people. I was over whelmed at the out pouring of kindness in response to my birthday request, Earth Angels are you all.

Every comment left for me here on the blog, I consider an act of kindness and each and everyone irregardless of content brightened my day. Earth Angels at work again spreading love and kindness.

I read something, can’t even remember what it was. One single line of it has stuck in my mind. “Sometimes when all the Heavenly Angels are busy, God uses regular people to do his work”. I know this to be a fact as I have been the grateful recipiant of some of His work, delivered to me through regular people. Everyone has many chances in life to shine as an Earth Angel, many I know take advantage of those chances and do shine brightly.

I started naming and thanking individuals here. I quickly realized that was an impossible task. If I were to really thank everyone that has had a positive imact on my life this past year, this post could easily grow to be a hundred pages long and even then, memory guy, would forget many. A huge thank you to you all.

As I reflect on the year, as individuals come to mind, I intend to send them a short email message thanking them for being a part of my life. I have to wonder if this is something many more people could do?

There is always the flip side to the coin. Now I hope I haven’t hurt, offended or slighted anyone. But as I reflect back if I come across any such memories, again an message will be going out to try and make ammends, I want to start the New Year with a clean slate so to speak.

Yikes, what a task I am setting myself up for, so many messages to send. This could take months, but if that is what it takes so be it.


3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Reflections on the year

  1. Mel says:

    What a wonderful undertaking to desire doing, Bill. And it’s not that the effort won’t be treasured–heck, the desire to go to that length is treasured in and of itself. But I worry about the energy it’ll take from you.

    Yeah…worry…..like that’ll change sick’em….

    Your heart is soooooo good and you desire such kindly, awesome things.
    To have a chance to witness that and to be stirred by the witnessing–is an awesome gift that I’m indebted for receiving.

    (((((((((((((( Bill )))))))))))))))

    We’ve all met wonderful folks via this medium. It’s a huge reason for me to keep going and doing–I’ve been graced with GOOD people, loving people who bring so much into my life…..I can’t even begin to tell ya how that’s changed me.

    You just take care of you, please. While I’m glad you’ve got some ‘breathing room’, I fear that you’ll decide to make up for lost time/energies and zap yourself of the vital energy you need for healing.
    Yeah, yeah….just me being ME! LOL

    Love and hugs and all good things to you, Bill.

  2. Lorri says:

    Hi Bill…I’ve been away in CA the past six days visiting my family…and am finally home and able to leave you my thoughts.

    I hope 2009 finds you well and with a sense of serenity. I hope your health doesn’t falter, and am concerned that your goal will zap some of that much needed energy from you. Please refrain…we all know you care.

    Sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of 2008. The best to you, Vi and your family.


  3. it is we, your readers who owe you a debt of gratitude, for the words and the wisdom you share here. Thank you

    may we be more living, by coming close to this journal

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