Dying Man’s Daily Journal – My act of kindness

I thought I would put up a quick note my act of kindness. I am always encouraging others to do this but am I just talking the talk or walking the walk.

OK, mine wasn’t done until yesterday. Came across a very nice man named Sam. He couldn’tget his car started. His car battery was dead due to the cold. Stopped and gave him a boost. Only took about 5 or 10 minutes so no big deal.

Now I said his car battery was dead due to the cold. How cold was it? With the wind chill it was -45. For anyone that has never felt temperatures like that, let me tell you it is a little on the nippy side.

6 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – My act of kindness

  1. Irene says:

    Dear Bill,
    I just finished washing the floor this morning and while it’s drying (and I’m resting!!) I thought I’d send off this quick email. No real reason…no real message…just a Hello to tell you that I’m thinking about you and hoping you’re feeling up to par today. Our school is closed today because of the nasty temperatures, so there’s this sort of magical feeling to the day. I hope to get the house back under control this morning and perhaps even bake some delicious whole wheat bread this afternoon. I’d do some Christmas baking, but I’d end up eating it…out of sight, out of mind. Have a great day, Wiseman. P.S. Thanks for helping that guy with his car. I’ll bet he’ll most likely pay it forward. The ripple effect is awesome when it happens.

    Hi Irene, thank you for stopping by to say hello. If you ever get “stuck” with extra Christmas baking you could always send it my way. lol.
    We can always hope for the ripples to spread far and wide.
    Have a good day

  2. zanne says:

    “a little on the nippy side”??????? how delicately you phrase that. good that you helped him though. it was nasty yesterday and you don’t want to be stuck in that.

    Hi zanne, welcome and thank you for stopping by. Yesterday was nasty, haven’t stuck my nose out the door so I don’t know how today is. Other than I know it is cold.
    Hope to hear from you again.

  3. Trent says:

    hey bill glad to see its as cold there as it is here. still stuck in school though (sigh)

    Hi Trent, nice to hear from you. I have been hoping for a visit from you guys one of these days. Hey better stuck in school than having a job that has you outside.
    Please say hi to the family for me.

  4. Mel says:

    Well, gosh Bill…..made me feel all sortsa grateful.

    -25 windchill.
    Warm, compared to you.

    And what a kindly thing to do–on a horrid day to have a dead car…….

    Hi Mel, actually our temperatures themselves have been much like yours -25 to maybe -30. It is just the windchill factor makes it so very bad and takes it down into the -40’s

  5. insightings says:

    decided to make a return visit, but didn’t really know where to comment, so I’m commenting here. I really admire the thought of acts of kindness, and will try to live by that philosophy more consciously hereafter. You are helping a lot of people by writing about death and dying openly, since it’s still very much a taboo. I’d consider that an enormous act of kindness in itself. Blessings to you and your loved ones,

    Hi Sari, nice to hear from you. I do think the world would be a much better place if we could all live by the acts of kindness philosophy.
    I do thank you for your kind comment about the blog. It is not always easy writing about all of this and I do hope it helps someone in someway.

  6. Irene says:

    Dear Bill,
    Here’s another birthday gift: I’m taking a very senior retired teacher to the Christmas concert tomorrow night. She doesn’t have any family nearby and she loves attending so I thought, what the heck, it’s really no big deal to swing by her place and give her a ride to/from the community hall.
    About the Christmas baking….so sorry, Bill. Dream on–your “share” just isn’t going to happen! lol.
    Thinking about you often, Wiseman.

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