Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Birthday request

Thank you to my blogging friends that helped me out with this new system wordpress has come out with. I can now see the entire screen and what I am typing on it.

Feeling much better today. The past while hasn’t been all that much fun. But I always have to put everything into the proper context as to how it relates to the over all picture of my life. When I do that anything I am experiencing at the time usually seems pretty insignificant.

The more I think on it the more I realize how much I have always taken for granted in life. If I am doing it I can only imagine so are many others. Let’s take it right down to one of the very basics of life, breathing. Who even gives it a thought? It is just an automatic thing we do, what is to think about or appreciate about some thing as simple as that? It is just automatically taken for granted, that is until we have trouble doing it. Believe me, then it is something we become very aware of.

If we take something as simple and basic as that for granted, I can’t help but wonder how many other things we take for granted in our lives. No matter what our life circumstances are at any point, no matter how dark or dismal our situation may appear we still do have so very much to be grateful for. I challenge any and all that may read this to sit back for a moment. Think about your life. Now take nothing for granted, not even breathing. Count your blessings, how much really do you have to be grateful for? Please let me know. If you honestly take nothing for granted, I can only imagine you see many things. There are always so many others that have lives so much worse off than mine (ours). Often we just need to truly count our own blessings to realize that.

I recently read a quote that went something like this: “treat everyone you meet with more kindness than necessary as everyone is fighting their own battles”. It is so true everyone is fighting their own battles, has their own problems or issues to deal with. We or maybe I, tend at times to get so wrapped up in my own little life, I forget that everyone around me has their own set of issues to deal with.

My birthday is coming up on the 13th.. I am repeating my request for birthday gifts to me. A couple of postings  back I put up my request as I have done in the past. Remember the saying:  “treat everyone you meet with more kindness than necessary as everyone is fighting their own battles”. What is my request? Perform one extra act of kindness. By this I mean specifically look for an opportunity to do something that can be done as an act of kindness form the goodness withing your heart.

What the act is doesn’t really matter, the size of the act (how big or small) doesn’t really matter, for whom the act is done doesn’t matter. All that does matter is that an act of kindness was done.

For me this would be the nicest birthday present I could every receive, just knowing acts of kindness are being done

10 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Birthday request

  1. Jo Hart says:

    Hi Bill, The girls and I will be doing the same thing again this year for your birthday as last. That is going to the shopping centre Christmas Tree and placing a gift under there for children in need. Consider 3 gifts under that tree dedicated from Bill. Don’t go saying either that it wasn’t from Bill, because, me being such a complacent iggnorant person wouldn’t do it, if it wasn’t asked. So realisticly it’s because of you making us aware of thinking outside of our own little worlds, we think of others. I thank you for that.

    Jo, I thank you and your kids so very much. Hearing this just makes my day and I do thank you and the kids. Please tell them how grateful I am to them and proud of them I am.
    Jo, give yourself the credit you deserve, I may have reminded you about it, but who was it that actually did the deed. That was you my friend and I thank you

  2. Jo Hart says:

    PS – I won’t be on air tomorrow, so I want to wish you a wonderful birthday.

    Thank you Jo

  3. Shauna says:

    Hey Dad I just wanted to come on here and wish you a VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I know it is only tomorrow but i wanted to make sure to get it on here Jake and I love you soooo very much and Wish you a year full of STRENGTH, HAPPINESS, AND LOVE!!! XXOO SHAUNA

    Thank you Shauna, It is so nice to hear all of this. I love you very much and always will.

  4. babychaos says:

    Like Jo Hart, I won’t be “on air” but happy birthday tomorrow… if I can remember I’ll let you know what the small thing was. Don’t hold your breath though! I seem to have given birth to half my brain with the baby, including every single molecule of the bit designed for remembering things!



    Hi BC, it is really nice to hear from you. I thank you for the good wishes. I know you are very busy with the new baby and all. Please keep in touch as you can.

  5. Someone in Alberta says:

    Will do, Bill. =)

    Hello Someone In Alberta. It is really nice to hear from you. It has been a while. I just read your message on facebook. It is very seldom I go on facebook but obviously I am going to have to go there a lot more. Congratulations to you both, I couldn’t be happier for you. I will reply to the message over there as well.
    It is nice to hear from you

  6. Mel says:

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to YOU
    Happy Birthday to youUUUuuuuUUUUuuuuu!!!!!

    One prezzie delivered bright and early this morning.
    One of the kiddos at work joined with another kiddo she goes to school with to do a “bring us your popcans” fund raiser for one of her staff members. Cans delivered (sweettalked a couple places into joining the cause and it took a couple trips with the Jeep–) and I stuck around to help sort (cuz that seemed the right thing to do, though I’m sticky for the experience).
    And a monetary donation with a birthday song–Yes, they thought that was wayyyyy cool–even with my offkey singing. 😉
    She goes out of state for her chemotherapy — I know the gift will be greatly appreciated. And bless the huge hearts of the two 15 year olds that decided to make this their project for school.

    AND One prezzie delivered just a bit ago–which is howscome I’m JUST showing up to comment here. (couldn’t come without bearing gifts!silly….but there ya have it!)
    Yup–a bazillion paper snowflakes hung from the ceiling at the youth center.
    And snowflakes for the windows.
    See, they’ve got a holiday party coming up, funds are tight….and decorations were mightily sad. ……omgosh…..thinkin’ the tinsely garland was half bald….

    So…….I decorated. 🙂
    And I left your birthday card on the table. 🙂

    Ah Mel, I am truly touched and thank you so very much. You are right, bless the hears of those 2 wonderful 15 year olds that took on that project. Such a kind and wonderful thing to do, please tell them of my gratitude and of how proud I am of them.
    Bless you for being there to help with the “sticky” experience and for the snowflake decorations at the youth center.
    I wish I could have heard your singing I am sure it wasn’t to far off key. lol.
    I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present than what you have given me here. Thank you

  7. Brenda says:

    Hi Bill,
    Just wanted to wish you a Very Happy Birthday Bill, with many more to come… Hope you’re having a great day!

    Hi Brenda, thank you, so nice to hear from you,

  8. Sage's mommy says:

    Happy Birthday Dad!

    My good deed this year was to honour Sage’s teacher. She is a wonderful woman who does so much for the children in her care. I wrote her a note (while disguising my handwriting of course) telling her just how wonderful she is. For some reason in our society it seems difficult to fully express to people (except maybe our immediate loved ones) just how much they mean to us or how good they are. So anonymously I wrote her this note and included in the envelope $100. We left it on her windshield at school (hopefully she got it!!!) yesterday. At the bottom of the note I wrote “Happy Birthday Dad”. This will probably only confuse her more but thus is done.

    I hope you continue to have a wonderful day!

    Love you!


    Billie that is wonderful, you are so right about us not taking the time or making the effort to express our gratitude to those in our lives.
    I just blew 8 kisses your way. Hope you catch them 4 each for my little princesses Sage and Emery. You know where to put them, one on each cheek, nose and chin.
    Love you

  9. Stacy says:

    This is a little late but happy birthday. The four of us did something for your birthday request. We did it on saturdcay morning your birthday.
    We met for coffee at 5:00am on Saturday. We are not sure where you live but from reading way back we think it is on Bannerman ave.. We went out and shoveled 7 sidewalks that needed shoveling. We hope we got yours but if not 7 side walks were shoveled for you. We would have done more but it was just to cold.
    The best to you
    Stacy and Ron, Leila and Larry

  10. Catherine says:

    Happy birthday, a bit belated! I had sort of a “day of charity” today in your honor. First I made a donation to a local charity that helps provide medical care for those who can’t afford it. Later, as I was at a red light on my way home, I saw two homeless men standing out in the freezing cold asking for change, so I gave them each $10, which hopefully at least got them each a good, warm meal somewhere. Then I stopped at the store and the Salvation Army man was outside ringing his bell, so I dropped a donation into his pot. This evening, I made a donation to an animal rescue charity.

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday and will make the same request again next year!

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