Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Donkey Wisdom

Have been having a lot more chest issues lately. It is like I have had this chest cold for it must be close to a year now. No, it is over a year as I remember the first time the doc put me on antibiotics and we talked about Halloween. Strange the things I remember and what I don’t remember. It seems like I am on the road to recovery but never quite make it all the way before it comes back.

Yeah, I know poor me I have a chest cold. It just wears you down after a year of it. Heart failure affects your breathing. Short of breath after doing even the simplest of tasks. Walk up a flight of stairs, take a shower and I am huffing and puffing like a steam engine. I joke that for me to take a shower is almost a waste of time. I keep the water as cool as I can, avoiding the humidity. By the time I am finished and dried off, I am sweating so much you would think I had just done a marathon. I am not sure but I think this sweating is the bodies way of helping to get rid of the extra fluid I always seem to be carrying. It is not until times like this when I really sit down and think about it that I do realize physical activity is becoming more and more restircted or limited.

I shouldn’t complain, I know so many others have it so very much worse. Hey, a thought just hit me. I always say there is always two ways you can look at everything. What is the life style so many men dream about? Being able to sit around doing nothing, napping as I choose, watching TV as I want to. Hey, I am living the dream life, so I had better quite complaining.

An old fable or story comes to mind. I am not sure where I heard this or read it.

There is a very isolated, very poor village located somewhere. The donkey of one of the farmers falls into an old dry well. The farmer no matter how hard he tries can’t get the donkey out. He calls on all the other villagers. Soon the entire village is gathered around the well, discussing various ways to get the donkey out. Each possible way is discussed and then rejected as being to difficult of to expensive. Ultimately, it was desided there was just nothing that could be done to save the donkey and as the well was dry, it might as well be filled in with dirt so that nothing else would fall into it.

(I know, I know, it sounds inhuman to bury a donkey alive but bear with me on this) A group begins to throw shovel full after shovel full of dirt into the hole. Almost miraculously they all see the donkey begining to rise up out of the hole. They realize that as each shovel full of dirt hits the donkey’s back he is merely shrugging it off. Then as the dirt lands at his feet he is using it to build himself a higher and higher sturdy base to stand on. The donkey is save the dry well is filled in and all ends well.

I like this story, I am not sure how well I have worded it to convey the real meaning it has for me. Can we use this as a comparable to so much that happens in our own lives? Almost daily we have some sort of “dirt” thrown on us. The only difference is the “dirt” thrown on us is usually “emotional dirt” being the problems and stresses of life. Do we have what I call, Donkey wisdom? Do we shake off the “dirt” thrown our way, using it as a platform to build a more solid base to stand on? Or, do we lie down and allow it to bury us? Think about it and let me know.

6 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Donkey Wisdom

  1. lamchop says:

    Thank you for sharing your story.


    Hi Lamchop, nice to hear from you, please stop by again.

  2. radiantwoman says:

    Hi Bill, this is a nice way of putting life in perspective. I had a good laugh and will take this story with me. When the sh*t hits the fan I will gladly shake of the dirt since you taught me donkey wisdom. Bye my blog friend, Miriam

  3. Norma says:

    Wonderful story Bill! That story articulates how we, as humans, find events that happen to us overwhelming. Usually the answer to our questions are the answers we could not have possibly thought up ourselves – and yet WE’RE the animals with brains! Thanks so much for sharing !! Have a Blessed Day !

  4. Mel says:

    Yup….as usual–just what I needed to hear.

    I get off the path, plain and simple. So coming here and hearing the story of the donkey worked as that nudge that I apparently needed. (The Big Guy DOES multitask well, eh?)
    Keep shrugging off the dirt, keep climbing.
    Good story–good nudge. So thank you.

    And here’s the ‘but’.
    We’re certainly welcomed to feel every feeling we have–and I’ve gotta believe it’s ‘okay’ to feel some level of frustration over the circumstances you’re getting to deal with.
    I know I feel the frustration from time to time. It just doesn’t get to run my life. Nor does it get to interfere with my usefullness to G-d and others. I can hang any label on the circumstances that I want–but really…. they’re neither bad nor good…..they’re just the circumstances and good things will be bourne from them at some point.

    I hear tell it’s perfectly ‘human’ to grieve the losses in our lives–acceptable even! I hope so..cuz we all get to do that in some shape or another. But what’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’–I’m still not wisened enough to know, dangit.

    I like that you do that process of “there’s more than one way to look at things” with us.
    Practice, practice, practice! 😉

  5. rainbow says:

    this made my day 🙂 thank you so much for sharing. *hugs* it’s stories like these that make you realize how no matter how bad things can be some good can be taken from it. it reminds me of this little story where too men in jail were looking out of their barred window? and one man said, “look, there is so much dirt” and the other said, “look, there is so much sky.”

    thank you so much. i wish i could make you smile the way you did: here’s a link i found that struck me as the kind of thing you might enjoy.



  6. myway says:

    Stopping in to catch up on some of the great things your feeling and sharing with those of us in tow!
    So grateful for the “Donkey Wisdom” cause I seem to need that dirt slapping me in the face, before I get the urge to shake it off, allowing me to step up and over all the issues, that now I can bury, as I face more challenges in my daily grind.
    Several of your thoughts seem to be where I’m at in my life and I sometimes wonder if it is the age range, or the years of turmoil and bliss that continue to mellow each of us.
    Thanks for your hours of thoughts put into writings! Glad to be a part of your life. b

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