Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Priorities

Well, I am back on my feet so to speak. Really haven’t felt to spry for the past few days but all of that if behind me. Over the past few years I have really developed a greater appreciation of all of the various medications available today. Of how much easier they can make our lives and even keep us alive. I know it is the various medications prescribed to me that have in fact kept me alive and is keeping me that way.

I have also come to more appreciate the importance of taking them as prescribed. By that I just mean I can look back into my past and remember times when I may have had a prescription for an antibitotic or something. The prescription may have been for say 7 or 10 days or what ever. I would be feeling better after say 4 or 5 days and quit taking them, WRONG. I can only urge all to take your medications as prescribed for as long as prescribed. Hate taking pills, well in this case suck it up and do it.

Huh, it is amazing how my attitude has changed over the years. Way back in “the day” I was guilty of doing just what I am talking about. Has that ever changed, I now gulp them down by the handful as and when prescibed. I suppose it is another one of those situations you don’t pay that much attention to, until it literally becomes a case of life or death. Then suddenly do you ever pay attention!!!

Why is it that there really are so many things in life that we don’t pay that much attention to or realize the importance of until it suddenly becomes life or death. I am using medications here just as an example but our lives are full of such examples. I would hope everyone reading this will take just a moment and really stop and think. How many things do you have in your life today, that you know should get done.  You know it really should be done, is even important to get done, You know it should be done but can easily be put off until tomorrow or even next week as then you will have more time and it will be more convenient. If you have thought of a few things, I pose another question. How do you know you will have a next week or even a tomorrow?

How much of our lives do we spend doing what is most convenient at the time? We take the quickest and the easiest way out because we always have tomorrow. Hey, if we jump back in time about 5 years ago. I would have been one of the first to jump up and say: : ” my life is to busy to hectic to do everything I want the way I want. Some things just have to be put off. I have to take the easy, the quickest way, I am just to busy/tired to do it any other way today. I will get to those things when I have more time.”

AH, time now that is the magic word there. Time is our most valuable commodity or asset. It is just we don’t appreciate or even realize that fact. Ever single person on this earth has a limited amount of time to spend here. I hope and pray that everyone has years and years of precious time before them, but how can any of us know? So you really think I ever thought I would be diagnosed with heart failure in my early 50’s. Do you really think that I ever imagined my physical capablities would suddenly be so reduced or limited at this age? Answer is easy and obvious, no I didn’t. I lived life squandering so many precious moment because there is always tomorrow.

Life is precious, time is precious, even a single moment once gone is gone forever. Maybe, we all need to really take a look at our priorities in any given day or week, what ever. If we find we just don’t have time to fit in what we know to be important, is it time to reestablish our priority list putting things in a little more proper prospective.

One example many will be able to relate to. Is your job important? Obviously, yes it is an important part of your life and will take up a lot of your time. On your priority list though, where does it fit? Above health, family and even life itself???? Suppose you have some sort of medical condition that you know you really should get to a doctor to get checked out. Further suppose it is a really really busy time at work. Which would you give priority to, the busy time at work or your health? Now, I am not thinking of something like a common cold here. Think about it!

This is one of my 3 day rambling posts done a bit here and a bit there. I think I started off on medications, oh well. It is my journal and I can write what I want.

6 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Priorities

  1. Sunny says:

    Hi there,
    I stumbled across your journal today quite by accident. (if there are indeed accidents)… I am very excited to read more…as you seem to have a keen grasp on some important insights and intuition. One such insight, is the idea of the importance of living in the moment, for it’s the only guarenteed thing we have, This is a concept I stress often at the Spiritual Awareness Center I facilitate here in Colorado. The beauty I see so far with your writing ( i have only read todays entry so far) is that you are fully still living life and grasping each experience you can from it, which is huge. So often I find those who “know” the end is coming, somehow give up embracing their life, as though it somehow has less meaning. The reality is, there is no difference between us, those that are dying verses those that are living, as until that moment comes when we actually transform in death we are all at the mercy of a power greater than our own to decide when that transformation will actually happen. Until that time, each of us is still carrying on the experience of living and for each of us, we are only guarenteed this moment..here and now. I feel very blessed that I have come across your spirit while we both are in the here and now, so that we can share a moment in time in like minded company. Is it ok that I share some of your work with those at the center? Looking forward to reading more. Have an awesome day! Sunny

  2. Mel says:

    *waving at Sunny*
    Pleasure to meet you, Sunny!

    And yep, sir…..it IS your blog and you can ramble and amble all you like! LOL Personally, your thoughts are easier to follow than MINE some days!
    <–has a strange thought process!

    I’d show up to the doc’s place.
    Of course, I can say that today. And even mean it. However, was a time that the doc got rescheduled for a ‘very important meeting’. Still might by HOURS….but not by weeks.
    I’ve made SOME progress?
    A little?
    A wee bit?

    I’m very glad to hear you’re feeling better, Bill.

  3. novice101 says:

    Yes Bill, keep reminding us of our priorities, we aren’t always mindful of them.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Came across your blog and wanted to recommend a book, a journal, on death and dying –for those facing death, for those who have lost someone.

    “Dance in the Rain: His Joy comes in the Mourning” by Angela A Dockter-Harris

    avaiable at:

    Hoping many people find this another helpful resource in their journey.

  5. lymeaway says:

    Hello my friend, just stopping by to say hello:-) I’ve been reading some of your blogs, you are so right with life and death. There are so many things on my list of things to do that since I’ve been ill I can’t get to, I can barely go on my blog anymore, too weak and ill. When I was healthy I put everything off. I remember even in my old townhouse with my husband we put off unpacking so many things, seemed so overwhelming to go through half of what we knew would get thrown out anyway. Hopefully people will read your blog and realize how appreciative of this life one should be, this ONE life they have been given by God.

    Your an inspiration to others..better days ahead for you. God bless~ali (lymeaway)

  6. vicki says:

    Hey Bill,
    And maybe THAT is the whole point of illness… to teach us these wonderful things…
    That everyday should be lived as if it is our last, that every moment IS precious…
    Maybe that’s what God hoped we would see… and maybe because we get it, we might also get to weave that ~magic~ that has us living way beyond what the docs think… For really only we have that ability to decide when it is time to let go of this earthy life… With my Pa the “Docs” were always telling us he was going to die… for years and years and years but they forgot to ask HIM… He finally let go last month at the age of ninety after a long and healthy life… In his mind he was never sick. his body was worn, but it didn’t stop him… When his time came, he made the decision, he said to his wife, my nan, the week before … i think i am tired of this life now and need to let go… He chose his time…

    The very first piece of advice i had on the diagnosis i had of cancer, was not to define myself by this illness, that it is not who i am… I am soo much more than an illness and so are you my friend… so much more

    Medications only work if you believe in them, you can’t swallow things and have them ‘work’ if you don’t allow your mind and body to accept them too… ask any doc that… They know that is a truth… Chemo won’t work if you fight it, same with radio…

    i sit with my inner voice… and ask myself just what do i want to do with my life?
    Make a difference? Touch another’s life? Why do i want to stay here longer? and to do what?

    Well my friend YOU do make a difference, you are important and there will be an empty space where you sit when you go… So stay a while longer there is much time to share if that is what your heart desires… ~time~ itself means nothing to us now right? It all comes down to how we touch each others life…

    and btw i love a rambling bloggy X;-)
    (Can’t you tell by my rambling comments! Lol!)
    Kindest regards, vicki x

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