Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Feeling better

Haven’t been at the computer much the past couple of days. It seems almost like forever that I have been fighting this chest cold. It seems to clear up for a short while and then suddenly is back with a vengeance.  It is obvious I am suffering from a “MAN” cold. It is important for all ladies to realize the is obviously a difference between a “MAN” cold and a “LADY” cold. Just look at how much more complaining and whining we do. Based on that fact alone a “MAN” cold must be much worse. OK, there may be just a slight chance that the male of the species is more like a big baby, but I won’t go there. Anyway, I am feeling much better. My internal temperature gauge just seems to be out of wack as I go from sweltering hot to that bone chilling cold seemingly with in seconds. I feel fine so this temperature thing is just a bit of an inconvenience.

I noticed today here in the blog I have 22 saved drafts. Why so many, might be asked. Well it seems often I will start a post, full of vim and vigor. For a variety of reasons I may take a break. At times on returning I find I have lost my train of thought as to where I was going with the post. I save it and may start another one. My last posting on culture is a prime example, I started that way back, I don’t even know when. I added to it on the weekend and still didn’t get it up until a couple of days ago.

Hey, I can say some of my posts are months in the making.  Now, doesn’t that sound impressive. lol. I look back and can see how much things have changed since I started writing. Way back “when”, I used to just sit down and rattle off what ever was on my mind and there it was, finished and done, no proof reading or even spell checking, just done. Now it seems more often than not it is 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there sort of thing.

I suppose the fact that I have 22 saved drafts says a lot in itself. I am going to have to go back and really take a look at them, all I know are at various stages of completion. A thought just hit me. We all know at some point in time the journal will come to an end. I have mentioned of how I have already written the “last post”. It will be put up by a family member and when it appears my journey and the journal will have ended. I think I am going to ask to have all the saved drafts published at that same time, irregardless of what stage of completion they are at. I must have had some train of thought going on when I started them, maybe someone will be able to figure it out.

Am going to try to spend some time today responding individually to the cherished comments I have received and hope to be “back in business” by tomorrow.

3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Feeling better

  1. Thank you for working on a blog like this. It’s amazing.

  2. Mel says:

    (((((((((((( Bill ))))))))))))))

    Sounds like menapause.


    JUST sayin’…..

    And I’m glad you’re feeling better–but just a tad concerned that it’s such a ‘hanger-onner’ you’re getting to deal with.

    I do think that publishing the drafts is a good plan. (cuz I’m selfish and greedy like that).

    Have I ever mentioned how glad I am to have crossed paths with you?
    (just did!)

  3. novice101 says:

    You really have great fortitude, we have always taken our good health for granted. I found out:


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