Dying Man’s Daily Journal – I Salute those in our Military

I just watched the Rememberance Day Ceremonies on TV. It was all so touching, seeing the veterans honored and remembered. How can we ever forget them, how can we ever not honor and respect them for all that they sacrified for each of us. How can I not appreciate, respect and honor anyone that is putting his/her life on the line for me. Now I know that sounds pretty melodramatic, “putting their life on the line for me”. THINK ABOUT IT, that is what they are doing even at this very moment. There are hundreds of thousands or men and women in the military of various countries fighting today to allow each of us to maintain our way of life. I have a wonderful life and I know I owe it to the sacrifies of veterans both yesterdays and todays. Even just think of the 2 world wars. If so many brave men and women hadn’t stepped up when called on, just think how different our lives would be today. I can’t even begin to imagine what life would be like should either of those wars gone the other way.

Now I know there are some pretty unpopular wars and peace keeping missions going on in the world today. I oppose violence of any type and pray all wars of any type or cause could be ended. I know many can and will say this war or that war is wrong, it is being fought over oil, religion or what ever. I don’t want to even get into that. The fact is the Governments that we, as a people elected, chose to send our military into harms way. No individual member of the military started the war, they are there on orders from our Govenments, as such they are fighting for us, to preserve our way of life. All are my heroes. As sad as it is to say, there are times when it seems war is like a necessary evil. I read that line and really do think of how sad that fact is.

I suppose I look at it this way. In every community we have police. Why do we have the police in every community? There some individuals, some of whom are very violent that just do not follow the rules of society. We want to be protected from them, hence we have police officers to step in and protect us when needed and to that I say thank you and right on. We all want to live in safe neighborhoods and communities. By wanting this for ourselves obviously this extends to our neighbors as well, we care about our neighbors. Now I ask how far away does a neighbor have to live before I stop caring. Would that be one block away, 10 blocks away, 10 miles away or even 1,000 miles away. No, that would extend to all Canadians irregardless of how far away they live. If there is mass rape and murder going on anywhere in the country, I would expect the government to step in to save and protect my neighbors, all Canadians no matter how far away they lived.

I am a Canadian and very proud of that fact. But, when I think of it that only makes me different from anyone else in the world, by physical location. Geography, physical location is the only thing that makes me any different from anyone else in the world today. Physical location obviously makes me no different than my immediate neighbors or my neighbors on the other side of the world, people are people. Geography, physical lines drawn on a map make no difference people are people. Should geography dictate as to whether or not some one is “worthy” of my help. I don’t think so.

I applaud and congratulate all individuals and countries that quickly rush in with humanitarian aid when there is a natural disaster good job to all. Be it a tsunami, a hurricane and relief, help pours in from every where, excellent just as it should be. Now I have to question this, many, many more people suffer from man made horrors than do those from mother nature. Yet inspite of this we seem to tend to turn a blind eye to these horrors. Millions raped, torchured and murdered and we turn a blind eye. HUH, don’t know what to say about that.

Diplomacy, talks and negotiation I agree are always the ultimate answer. But I would ask anyone that may read this to try to figure out in your own head how you would explain this need for diplomacy to the hundreds of thousands that continue to be tortured and killed while this diplomacy and talking is going on.

The fine men and women of our military know the answer to that question and are risking their lives to answer it. There is a line in the Terry Kelly song that I think goes like this: “it takes courage to fight your own war and even more to fight someone elses”.

To all in the military I salute you as my heroes.


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