Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Take the positive side

I have mentioned in the past of how I am participating in a research program for patients with heart failure. My part is easy, I just allow access to my medical records and then participate in a telephone conversation. Yesterday, was the second of those calls. Actually, I think it is kind of exciting I get to participate in research, maybe help find a cure or further treatments for others down the line, I hope that is maybe what comes of it.

It is actually a 2 part thing. Firstly, them keep track of how I am doing with my various medications and just in general how I am faring. Then there is an educational section for me, helping me better understand what I am dealing with and suggestions as to little things I may change or what ever. It really is a win/win situation.

I am not sure of how it exactly works but information is collected and input into a computer. From there it is pretty much a computer driven program. Based on info input the computer decides who is at greatest risk and requires the closest followup and monitoring. Hey, I am special, the computer moved me right to the top of the list. I get the closest and most frequent monitoring allowed under the program.

I am not sure how many time it is but I do know it is many many times, I have said the are always 2 ways you can look at everything. So what do we have here. Computer seems to feel I am in the highest risk category. Geesh, now that has to suck. I can dwell on that and get myself into a real stew. Or, there is the other way I can look at this. It is no secret I have a gimpy heart, I know that, so be it. No under this program I am going to be monitored much more closely than I would have been with out it. Now that has to be good news and a very positive thing. I am getting extra help and support when I need it, good deal.


3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Take the positive side

  1. Hi, I randomly came across your site while searching the word “faith.”

    I think that’s such a wonderful thing, what you’re doing! Giving back to people is always self-satisfying, but you have the ability to say you’re helping with something really big!

    I think you’re doing something amazing! 🙂

  2. Mel says:

    Yup……..you’re a wisened fella.

    And I think it’s an awesome program, talking with folks and getting experiential information AND keeping them educated. I can hope someone takes the time to institute something like that for folks around here. Talk about a wealth of information and support!

    You know me, Bill. It’s all in the attitude and perspective!
    Both of which look very good on you, I might add.

  3. Jo Hart says:

    See Bill – even computers think your special, just like we do…..

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