Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Just thinking and wondering

Occasionally, I just sit back and think about life, about the world just everything in general. Sometimes when I do this unusually question seem to come to mind. This question will just sort of rattle around in my head until I either get an answer or until being memory guy, it just drifts away. These are a few of the thoughts rambling through my head today.

I have a hard time getting my head wrapped around the concept of infinity or eternity. Time has no end, it stretches out before us endlessly. Not sure why I never thought of this before but that in turn obviously means time reaches back behind us infinitely.Β  I hadn’t given any thought to the behind us part. Now depending on whether you follow Christian or scientific beliefs there well many be a difference of opinion on when exactly the earth was created but dates don’t matter. Thing is there was an infinite amount of time before that event. Since time stretches back for ever, I wonder what was going on in the time before that? I mean there is an infinite amount of time stretching way back forever. I am I to believe nothing was happening throughout it all. What are your thoughts?

I heard on the news the British government released official confirmation or its investigation into UFO’s etc.. I tried to google this and got mired down in all sorts of different sites. Couldn’t actually find any official site. I did find a site that says the Vatican has stated it is OK to believe in Aliens etc, true??? When I think about it though, the universe is endless just, as time is. There are a countless number of other planets out there. Why is it so hard to believe that there may be others that contain some form of life? From the Christian view, the Bible says God created the Heaven and the earth. I am not aware of anywhere in the Bible that specifically says that he created the earth and no where else. From the scientific view. Now if there are an unlimited number of planets out there. Is it so hard to accept the mere idea that on all of these millions of planets, there can’t even be one that is maybe even identical to the earth. Here I am talking proximity to a sun, atmosphere etc.. So could not life be at least possible else where? What do you think?

How can I ever thank everyone for providing me all the benefits I have received from writing this blog?

How do I convince people that I appreciate and cherish each and every comment left here? I have heard that many don’t leave comments as they can’t come up with anything meaningful to say. Just the word, hello, is meaningful to me.


6 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Just thinking and wondering

  1. Sharon says:

    Dearest ((((Bill))))

    We’re still ‘out’ here. xx I read your blog every day. I don’t always comment for fear of sounding flippant at times or giving reign to my rather innappropriate sense of humour at totally the wrong time [wouldn’t be the first time ;o)] On occasion I feel so humbled by your courage and generosity of spirit that I’m lost for words.

    You don’t need to convince me for one that you appreciate the comments I [we] leave. Appreciation is not what I seek, it’s your peace of mind that I’m contributing to and your quality of life, your happiness. It’s important that you have a place to share the good and the bad, where you can feel safe, loved and cared for.

    You give to us as much as we give to you and you need to know that.

    with gentle hugs and love

    Sharon xx

    Sharon, I do thank you so very much for your kind words and thoughts, they are appreciated. Don’t ever worry about sounding flippant
    or about your sense of humor, it will always be welcome here.

  2. julie says:

    i read. i’m listening.


    julie in texas

    Hello Julie in Texas. It is nice to know you are out there. Thank you for the comment.

  3. ceeque says:

    Hi Bill, yep, even I is still `ere!! Lol!!
    Interesting about time and infinity, love these kind of points of view, always unanswerable! Everyones opinion will be pretty different, always interesting though…
    To me, time is simply a man made form of measurement based on our planets revolution around our sun, and thats it. So if we have life in a million other planets out there, their time will be different and have different meaning to them I suppose? Then there is that whole Einstein thing of time “slowing down” if we get the speed of light thing going .. and now I hear that the speed of light could actually be exceeded in theory? Mad is`nt it? Is time the 4th dimension? Sometimes I think the questions are better than the answers, simply because we can`t…. yet!
    UFO`s are akin to the Afterlife almost … not yet proved but believed in voraciously!! I reckon the world of Quantum Mechanics will give us lots of answers in time, but bring on even more questions too! πŸ™‚

  4. Jo Hart says:

    Hey Bill.
    As Sharon said, you don’t need to convince us that you appreciate our comments. I look at it like this, this is your blog, I love reading your site and daily comments, sometimes, due to life itself I don’t get to write that day, but I try to keep up as much as I can to leave a comment. I do however read every day what you have to say, it’s part of my daily ritual. Now even though this is your blog, this is also my sounding board. I know I can ask any question, ask for support if needed, or generally ramble away at a certain topic you have talked about. The fact of the matter is “We love and respect you”, and in return you show us much love and respect as well. You Bill along with the regulars here on this site have become a special part of me and my life, where I always know I will get honesty, trust, compassion, friendship, support etc etc.
    As far as what you were talking about today…. Another world outside of ours, well I’m thinkin’ my dear old hubby is on another planet today – does that count???? In all seriousness though, I often think of it myself, but it just boggles the mind with all the unanwered questions. It’s funny ever since I was a kid, I have all these questions, which I always said to mum, I’m going to ask God that when I get to heaven…… I have a little list, one of which is are we the only planet with human form….. along with, did Elvis really die???? Yeah I know, the questions range dramatically in quality, but hey it’s my list and I’m sticking to it….
    Have a good day my friend.

  5. Mel says:

    Well, of course there’s life ‘out there’…….

    <–is an alien–there’s your proof! πŸ˜‰

    And Bill….you think we don’t KNOW?
    *shaking head*

    I swear….I think we’re suffering from the same affliction you have — in reverse.
    See, we’re thinking YOU don’t have a clue what a difference YOU’VE made in our lives!

    *tossing hands up*
    I know!
    How’s about we just keeping caring about each other and call it good?!
    (thinkin’ that’s how it oughta be happening day in day out in that big ol’ world out there….alien lifeform or not!)



    HELLO!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

    (yeah, yeah……like a simple ‘hello’ would ever be ‘enough’ for me! LOL)

  6. Pete says:

    Hello Bill,
    I have just been informed that my mother inlaw (previously never been sick in her life) who is 80 but looks 60 has just been diagnoses with an inop aggressive brain tumour.
    They have given her 3 months.
    How are you going?
    I often think about the big picture of life.
    I think we all do…isn’t that what we are here for?
    To try to work out why?

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