Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Never loose hope

This morning I have been thinking about life and even the world in general. For the past couple of weeks we haven’t gotten our daily newspaper. A labor dispute shut down the presses. I missed getting the paper and was glad to hear the strike was over.

Over coffee this morning I was reading the paper. It seemed like almost everything I read was about terrorist attacks, bombings, murders…… I thought to myself, you have been missing getting the paper to read about this sort of stuff????????? I had a few moments when my thoughts drifted along the lines of “what is this world coming to?” It seems like a big mess every. The economy, the crime, the wars, the poverty…… YIKES. It seems like the vast majority of the news that comes at us every day is bad.

Based on all of this it can seem the world is a pretty dismal place. Now throw that in on top of the personal issues and problems we all deal with individually and is it any wonder so many have virtually given up hope of anything better to come. It can be disheartening for sure. I had to give myself a bit of an attitude adjustment when I realized where my thinking was taking me.

OK, let’s rethink this.

First off newspapers, news casts on TV or where ever often hone in on the bad or the negative happening around us. Now granted that is happening no denying that. I have to remember the overall big picture, the tapestry of my life, that of other people and even of the world as a total. Look at the big picture and see things really aren’t all that bad. A current situation in our lives may make it seem that way especially when all we hear of from seemingly everwhere is more bad news. This is where I can so easily it seems, loose sight of the big picture.

Now, who usually (not always but often) captures the news headlines? It is so often the jerks and bad guys of the world. They act out and it becomes news worthy. But, these individuals actually only represent a very small per centage of the population.

My often used “Bill” stats. I believe that irregardless of race, culture, faith, sex, really irregardless of anything the vast vast majority of people on this earth are good, kind loving people just trying to do their best everyday. About 90% of the poplulation is made up of ordinary good people, about 5% are what I call Earth Angels. This leaves the remaining 5% as the jerks or bad guys. It is so easy to loose sight of the overall situation when all you hear of read about is the not so nice 5%. We can’t loose sight of the fact this group is in the minority. Realize that and suddenly the world doesn’t seem quite as bad or ominous.

The silent vast majority of the population are just regular good people doing their best to get through their own lives as best they can. The silent majority is with us in every grouping of people you can imagine. We are the majority. I think it is time we all stand up and be recognized as the majority. It only seems fair majority should rule with our inner natural kindness, love and generocity. I imagine to many this idea sounds good, but how do we go about it.

I have quoted this saying many times as one I heard from a highly respect boss. “One definition of insanity could be: continuing to do the very same thing day after day and yet still be surprised when somehow the results don’t change.” How can we expect anything to change if we just continue doing the same thing we always have? “You have to do something you have never done before, to get something you have never had before.”

Can anyone person change the world, not likely. But, we can help, we can change our little part of it. Even the longest journey begins with the first step. I ask any that may read this to return to the top of this page. There you will see a bar across the page, containing various titles. Each of these titles represent a different page I have set up here within the blog. Please, click on and read the page, “spirit within me” and “cheers/salutes.

On the “spirit within me” page please join me in trying to improve this world just one little step at a time, we do what we can do. Then please click on the cheers/salute page and take the time to congratulate someone you see doing their part. Please.

2 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Never loose hope

  1. Juanita says:

    Bill, your “Sprit within me” is a thing that has been part of me all my life. I have never walked by a hungrey person, without feeding them. I raised my children that you, always help those less fortunate than they are. Some of the things I learned that can be done are: going to nursing homes and visiting those people, who never have visitors, going to VA hospitals and visiting those who never have visitors, and volenteering at places in your town, that help those less fortunate than you are. What you ask in return for those good deeds is, simply that they do the same for someone else. The rewards are fantastic. My heart swells each time I know I have brought comfort to someone or just a smile to their face. Being kind to other humans and animals, will always bring a smile to your heart. All I ever ask them to do is pass it on and don’t be discouraged by those who do not care. Thank you for being a fellow giver and having a kind heart. Love Always My Friend, Juanita

  2. Mel says:

    Gotta admit a couple things……..

    Firstly–that I don’t read newspapers or listen to the news. Mostly for the reason you discovered. I’d like the good news for the day–and that just doesn’t seem to get a lot of air-time.

    Secondly–I needed the reminder and the visit to the ‘Spirit within me’. *sigh* I let other things get my attention and those few minutes a week slide right past me.

    Sticky note on the mirror, maybe?

    Ya know, I was pretty good asking myself ‘whose day have you made’?
    Guessin’ that’s a question I need to get back to asking.

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