Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Brain Fried

Really tired and am heading off for nap time early today. I am going to try to get back online to respond to messages later.

Had a bit of an eye opener or reality check I suppose this morning. I have agreed to be a part of a survey follow up type thing through the heart failure clinic. This is like a research department that wants to follow some patients a little more closely for some sort of research into the effectiveness of certain medications etc.. Hey, this may help someone down the line so I am more than happy to comply and participate. Actually, all it is, is that they will be phoning me on a frequent basis for various updates plus they will combine that with the information they will have access to through my regular check ups etc at the heart failure clinic. I just hope any information I can provide in any form may help.

Had the first telephone interview this morning. It was exhausting even though it only took about an hour. I feel totally wiped. Now I knew in advance that this call would be to discuss my history, medications all that sort of thing. Well I do have quite an extensive medical history and being “memory guy” I do at times struggle with remembering events, sequence of events, dates all that sort of thing. I am constantly asked this sort of thing on those 2 or 3 occasions a year when I end up in the hospital (to check out the pretty nurses). I am smart enough to have it all written down on 2 sheets of paper. I “always” carry this in my wallet. Now I do remember taking it out of my wallet a week or so ago to check to make sure my medication list was up to date. That list does change quite often. Why I didn’t just put it back in my wallet I don’t know. I do remember deciding to put it some place handy so I could get it when this call came. Huh, someplace handy????? “Memory guy” strikes again.

I even forgot about this telephone interview thing until I answered the phone. Well no problem I will just grab my trust sheets of paper and off we go. Suddenly, big problem, I can’t remember where I put the papers. Now those I really do need to find.

OK, to the phone interview thing. Well my medications I have right here so I can just read off the pill bottles what it is and the dosages. OK, 4 heart attacks, brain tumor, epilyse, diabetes easy to remember. Trying to remember anything beyond a very approximate dates, trying to remember tests done, treatments. It is like my mind went into a light fog and the more and the harder I tried to remember the thicker the fog became. It was exhausting, my brain feels fried. I am so very grateful to have the luxury of nap time.

4 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Brain Fried

  1. venus00 says:

    “4 heart attac”s, brain tumor, epilyse, diabetes ” I know you’ve mentioned this before but to see them all side by side, it just made me so sad. I don’t have any health conditions that I know of, but I can certainly relate to the memory problem. I’m constantly running to another room to grab something and then getting there only to forget what I came for. Take your much needed rest, you certainly deserve it.

  2. Talita says:

    Hey Bill, you are in my prayers. Regards. Talita

  3. Jo Hart says:

    Ah Bill, you know how much we love ya.
    My Grandma always said, if you can’t laugh with me, don’t ever laugh at me.
    Your post today reminded me of the movie “Finding Nemo”. There is a character on there named “Dory”, she is a fish with short term memory loss. She is the most lovable character, but has a shocking memory. As we have Alzhiemers in the family, mum and I often relate to having a “Dory” moment.
    If you’ve never seen the movie, then may I suggest when you have the kiddies over, to watch it, you will just love “Dory”.
    We love ya, even with all the “Dory” moments.
    Have a good rest & take care.

  4. Mel says:

    Nothin’ like the pending birth of another angel grandbaby to getcha UP and DANCIN’!


    Congratulations–now….if you’re still feeling that need to rest, by all means–so that.

    (personally think the study you signed up for is a very good thing for you and for those who’ll experience what you’ve gotten to experience)

    Rest when weary.
    Dance when grandbabies arrive!
    …and rest again.


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