Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Me forgetful????

Memory is something we just seem to take for granted, it is just there, we have it. Now I suppose realistically if you are going to have a medical condition, if you could have one that just affects your memory it wouldn’t be necessarily all that bad. You sail through your days blissfully ignorant of what you have forgotten. Occasionally it jumps up to bite you. Yesterday was one of those days for me, twice in fact all having to do with the various medications I take and there are quite a few of them.

It started with my visit to the optometrist, hey I am getting new glasses. When I got to his office I had to first fill out a form explaining medical conditions and medications I was taking. I drew a total bland when it came to the medications, couldn’t remember the name of a single one. Ha, I am prepared for just such an event. I carry a list of my medications in my wallet. Out comes the list and it did immediately jog my memory enough to realize I have forgotten to keep the list current. It did help me list I hope at least the majority of the major ones.

I get home to find a phone message from the local pharmacy. They won’t provide me with refills for some of my needed prescriptions as some of the dosage amounts have been changed. A big thank you to Dr. Choptiany my family doc that is rushing to my rescue in sorting this all out. It does get confusing as I do have a number of different doctors prescribing my medications and setting the dosages. Long ago I realized I needed to be carrying a note book with me when I see the various specialist and write down any changes they make. Surprise, I usually forget to do that. The problem arises when I see one of the specialist, be it the neurologist, cardiologist, heart failure clinic or who ever. Individually, they may adust medications in their particular area. They then give me a new prescription for the new or adjusted medication. I take that and drop it off at the pharmacy, it there is indeed a new medication involved, that one I pick up immediately. If in fact it is just an adjustment to an existing medication, I may not acutally need a refill at that time, already having a supply at home. I just change from say taking one pill a day to maybe two pills a day or what ever. I only refill the prescription when I am actually running out of pills which could be 2-3 weeks or even a month later.

Depending on when I see any of the specialists and then start any new medication, I naturally run out of various pills at different times in any given month. Instead of running to the pharmacy 5 or 6 different times in a month, I just get the whole works refilled at the same time. I do the same thing when I visit my family doctor to get refills on the various prescriptions based on the reports he has received from the various specialists. Excellent, I do appreciate that. He asks one what you would think would be a straight forward and simple question. Have you seen any of the specialists since your last visit here. (every 3 months). If I have verifications are made to ensure proper dosages are prescribed in the refills. If I haven’t seen a specialist then obviously no changes can have been made and work of reports on file, fair enough. This has worked like a charm for years. I think it is fair enough to assume I would be able to remember something like a visit to a specialist in the past couple of months. Obviously not, now how ridiculous or sad is that.

Thankfully there are enough checks and balances in place between my doctor and the pharmacy that they can keep me on track.

I send a big thank you to Dr. Choptiany and the wonderful team of pharmasists at Shopper’s Drug Mart on Mountain and McPillips here in Winnipeg.


3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Me forgetful????

  1. Jo Hart says:

    Bill, what would we do without great doctors and specialists. You are so very blessed to have them all on the same page. But I do suggest you get that notebook !!!

    Hi Jo, you are so right, I am blessed to have the medical help that I do.
    I am going to try and get an email off to you. I would like to hear how the kids are doing.

  2. Richmond says:

    I introduced myself to a girl, to my disbelief her eyes widened and laughed, “Richmond, we’ve beenm introduced before. We know each other.”

    I was like. “HUH?!”

    Hi Richmond, don’t you just hate it when your mind goes blank. Especially when you are introducing your self to a girl.

  3. Mel says:

    Indeed–sounds like you’ve got a well organized doc and pharmacy. I love being able to trust both of mine. Or maybe the it’s ‘rely on’?

    And just so ya know–I have a good supply of sticky notes cuz I can’t remember sick’em.
    And do I lose the sticky notes?

    Notebook around the neck, maybe? LOL

    Hi Mel, you are so right I am very lucky to have the medical support that I do.
    I think I might have to start writing myself notes on my hand or arm, I am “pretty” sure I won’t forget to take them with me when I go out. lol.

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