Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Feeling Down

Feeling kind of down today. The leaves are starting to turn color and some are even falling already. Fall, I think is my favorite season. Gone is the extreme heat of the summer being replaced by just nice weather. It is a time that really can be enjoyed in comfort. Our summers can give us extreme heat and our winters extreme cold, we are inbetween.

I am not really sure why but this year seems different to me. I see the leaves falling and my mind just jumps ahead to thoughts of the cold winter coming. When the temperature is -40 and you have a 40 mile an hour wind blowing at you, it isn’t all that comfortable. Thankfully those are the extreme days and we really don’t get all that many of them and if you are dressed for it, it isn’t that bad. In fact I have even encourage people from warmer climates to visit during that time. Now that may sound like I am just being nasty or something. Like why would anyone want to visit when it is just that cold. My thinking is, that it is the chance to experience something totally different. Something that many will never experience in their life times. It really can be sort of envigorating to breath in that cold crisp air. People go on vacation to experience and see new things, really why not this?

Got a really good nights sleep last night but am still feeing really tired. Going for my nap, may write later.

7 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Feeling Down

  1. Gail says:

    I thank you for sharing as you are. My husband has heart failure and diabetes just as you do. You have been a very big support to him. Please keep writting you are helping my husband and I am sure others.
    I have a question but if it is to personal that is ok.
    He is very depressed that because of his condition or medicine he can no longer be a man in the bedroom. I have told him that it is ok and doen’s bother me but it bothers him. You tell much about your health and how it affects you. I don’t know if you have this problem but can you say anything to help my husband.

    Hi Gail, I am very glad to hear you are supportive and understanding of your husband. I had thought death and dying was the last taboo subject really left. I realize you have really hit on another one here. Male Erectile disfunction is something I think every man fears and dreads. It is something to us men that is so embarrassing that we just don’t want to talk about it. We find it humiliating, that we are somehow less of a man.
    I don’t know how old your husband is, but irregardless of age it is a tough thing for a man to deal with. It goes far beyond missing the pleasure of the actual act but hits into the depth of the male physique. I speak from experience been there, done that and still doing it. Watch Monday or Tuesday and I am going to do a post on this. I just need the weekend to really think it through. I will have more to say to your husband then.
    For now I think the best I can say is, it will happen to all of us in time. The side effects of some of the medications really suck as so the symptoms or affects of some illnesses. None of this deprives you of your manhood of makes you any less of a man. The functionality of any one body part is really no different than another when it comes to determining manhood. I try to look at it like this. If somehow through an accident or a disease I lost the use of my left arm. That would be terrible but would it make me any less of a man, it don’t think so. Really how is it any different.

  2. Hey Bill – ot\s a beautiful day here too..fall nip in the air but still the summer warmth in the sun. I am tired too though, and I wonder if it isn’t the fluctuations in temperature and weather that we’ve had all summer. It has wrecked havoc on my migraines.

    Looking to the winter with trepidation though, that is not your usual upbeat self. Maybe you need to think of something you like about winter and focus on it?

    Best of luck with the nap.

  3. Jo Hart says:

    Hey Bill. I would love to be able to see one of your winters. It is something I just can’t even imagine. Our tempretrures here in winter get down to around 8 degrees, and we winge over that…. We actualy had one night we got to 1 degree (In queensland that is just unimaginable). I can’t even fathom the minus degree part…. It would certainly be an experience. We are just heading into our Spring, and then into Summer. Like yourself, it is a beautiful time of year, not hot, not cold, just really nice. I myself do not like winter, but a good thought I think about when we come into it, is, every winter, we buy a jigsaw puzzle, it goes on the coffee table, and that is our nightly ritual as a family. Hot Chocolate, biscuits and jigsaw. It takes our mind off how cold it is outside (For us anyway).

  4. Jennie says:

    I often feel a little sad this time of year, as fall equinox approaches. (Sept. 22 this year.) When the balance shifts to more dark than light, life feels different. Evenings which were spent outdoors, move inside. I don’t have all those daylight hours to walk places. The time of easy living is leaving. I like just getting up and putting on shorts, tank top, and sandals and moving from indoors to outdoors without needing to change clothes.

    The weather is darn near perfect in September where I live. High 70’s in the day, mid-50’s at night. I do find that I appreciate each warm afternoon more right now, knowing it will be many months until they return.

    On Monday I will do a few things to celebrate equinox. I’ll pull out my sweaters, make some soup, maybe build a fire in the back yard.

    I wonder if -40 feels much different from -20. I’ve experienced -20 and you are right – it is invigorating. It has been a long time since I felt the hair in my nose freeze. I also like the squeaky sound snow makes underfoot when it is really cold.

  5. Mel says:

    I’m blaming the shortened days, the dark mornings and the evenings come eary.

    And I don’t have my ‘winter project’ sorted out…so the snow and cold will just need to wait!
    (think that’ll work? LOL)

    I do like my seasons–but as true with a whole lotta things for me, letting go without leaving claw marks isn’t something I do well. 😉

    Today’s a beautiful day!
    Go forth and play in it, sir!

    Mel, you are so right today is a beautiful day so let’s just all enjoy it. Hey, maybe you are on to something here, you don’t have your winter project sorted out so winter will just have to wait. Do you think you could keep it waiting right through until next spring? lol.

  6. novice101 says:

    You’re right many go to places like yours to experience the changes in the climate. I just came back from the UK and now is back in Malaysia. Well, we can really tell the difference but as you had said if you are properly dressed up then it’s okay.

    Gail is right you are making alot of difference to others so stay cheerful!

    Hello novice101, welcome and thank you for the comment. I hope you enjoyed your trip to the UK. You are right about as long as you are properly dressed you can deal with the temperatures. In that way extreme cold is actually easier to deal with than is heat. In the cold you can always put on another sweater or something. In the heat there is only so much clothing you can take off.
    I thank you for your kind comment about me making a difference, I do appreciate it.
    I do hope to hear from you again.

  7. Hi Bill, I too like fall, but then I remember what it brings…….I grew up in a cold climate and am thankful I now live on the west coast where winter doesn’t get quite as cold and doesn’t last as long. But would I go back to 6 months of winter? Maybe for a visit, I do miss the fact that we don’t get as much snow here. I’ve already started my winter project though, I’m working on a quilt this winter.

    Thanks for your encouragement, you are in my prayers!

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