Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Building our selves

Feeling really tired and lazy today. Taking the easy way out and reprinting something I posted back in Feb./07.

I spend so much time reflecting back on my life. I seem to see things so differently now. Via email, I received one of those inspirational type messages. It was the story of a very skilled carpenter that took great pride and care in ensuring every job was done well. After many years of quality work, it reached the point he decided to retire and informed his employer of this. On hearing this his employer practically begged him to build on last house. Out of loyalty and respect for the employer he agreed. But as the construction began it was obvious his heart wasn’t in it. He began taking short cuts, using shoddy materials, putting forth less than his best effort, anything he could to just get through each day. Ultimately, the house was finished, on the outside it looked good and only the carpenter in his heart knew of the inferior work contained within. Upon completion the employer handed the carpenter the keys to the house, gifting it to him in recognition of the years of good work. Now only when it was to late did the carpenter regret the quality of the work he had put into building that house. Only then did he regret, every thing he had done. Things he had done just to make it a little easier to get through a particular day, were coming back to haunt him.

I see this as such a good comparison to life. Our inner selves our true selves are a continual work in progress, constantly, “under construction”. Our bodies are our personal houses. Housing the true us, our spirits contained within, during our time on this earth. Do we want to end up as the carpenter did? Reach our end, with our houses (bodies) looking good or at least OK. But, in our hearts knowing of all the flaws and defective workmanship contained within.

Is it possible to attain perfection, of course not. At least not in this physical world. We are human and as such will always have some internal imperfections. We can though at least try our best. Our every day, every act is one more step in the building of our internal selves. Our every act whether and act of love, kindness, cruelty, deceit or what ever put another brick in place in the construction of our inner selves. Every time we take the easy way over what we may know to be the right way, another brick.

If only we would stop and see the big picture, today is not just today. It is an important day in the building of the true me.

2 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Building our selves

  1. Irene says:

    Dear Bill,
    I guess it’s all part of being a member of the human wall. I want to be the “best brick ” I can be, not only for myself, but so that I can support others around me when they need it. When others are angry or depressed or sad or in some ugly place or when they need to vent is when I need to be my strongest so that I can take the “abuse” in stride and continue my life journey in peace and yet help those around me find the same joy and peace. Hate doesn’t get rid of hate. Only love can do that. So that’s just what I’m going to do–love especially those who hate me or what I stand for. It’s a tough job, but isn’t that what my purpose is?
    Always thought provoking and inspiring, Wiseman.

  2. Mel says:

    Ya know, I needed to read this this morning.

    I’ve been getting a bit lazy in what I do…and true to the story you shared, it’s not my best work.
    Self absorbed will do that….getting focused on the ‘noise’ instead of being present in the NOW.

    Who told you my chain needed yanked?! 😉

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