Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Questions

The more I see of life, more I think I am learning about life the more I realize how much I just don’t understand.

– why do people just continually waste precious moment of their lives focusing on negativity?

– have you ever wondered what your thoughts might be, the night before you face a major surgery such as open heart surgery? What would they be?

– have you ever really sat and thought about what the physical process of dying will be like?

– why do we so often focus on what we don’t have in our lives, instead of on appreciating the wonders we do have?

– we are so focused on what we don’t have do we even realize what we do have?

changing gears.

– do polititians think we are stupid? Here in Canada federal and provincial elections are normally held every 4 years. Three out of those four years the goverment never has and extra money to put into health care or where ever. Suddenly, that money miraculously become available in the election years and increased spending is promised virtually every where. How is it that this extra money and these promised changes only come on election years? Does that mean if you are going to get sick only do it right after an election, more resources will be available to treat you then.

– are we stupid as a collective people? At least some of the money the politicians promise to spend in an elections must have accumulated in the previous years. Why wasn’t it put towards our needs then? Is it that our votes are essentially for sale? Do we basically sell our vote to the party that makes the biggest promises in a particular area that may affect us individually?

My daughters gave me a game for Christmas. It is a video game that allows you to check your functioning brain age. I am not going to tell what my functioning brain age is, let’s just say it doen’t really match my biological age. I do use it daily trying to sharpen up the old thinker here. I got another game just full of riddles to hopefully help with the same thing. I have poked away at the riddles and have eventually come up with the answers to the easier one. Ok, sometimes I just keep guessing until I finall get it right. I was looking through some of the harder riddles and this one just has me totally baffled. Can anyone help me out. Here is the riddle:

“If the day after tomorrow, I turn 22 but I was still 19 on New Year’s day last year, When is my birthday?” I am stumped!!! Any ideas?


5 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Questions

  1. Jo Hart says:

    The day before yesterday (December 30) he was 19.
    He turned 20 on December 31.
    He talked about it on January 1. That year he would turn 21, so “next year” he would turn 22.
    In otherwords, really Dec 31, last year is still last year until midnight Jan 1, when it becomes last last year ?????
    I’m going with December 31 as his birthday. I even had the guys here brainstorming with me on this one. This is what we have come up with………. Not sure if I am right but this is all I could come up with along with a bloody headache thinking to much about it !!!!!!

  2. Jo Hart says:

    I’ve changed my mind, sorry, still playing on my mind and now I know for definate.
    If the day after tomorrow is Jan 2 2009, then today’s date is 31 December 2008, which would make the last year’s new years eve 1 January 2007 when he was 19. He turned 20 on 2 Jan 2007, 21 on Jan 2008, which on 1st Jan 2009 still makes it that he was 19 last New Years.

    So now I am going with Jan 2nd being his birthday.
    Lordy, I think I am just confusing myself.

    Hi Jo, I really appreciate your trying to figure this out for me, but please keep trying, both answers I have already tried and both are wrong. Actually I have tried every date from Dec. 28th to Jan. 3rd. just resorted to guessing.

  3. Richmond says:

    Let us pretend that today is December 31. the day after New Year’s day, that’s Tomorrow, is Jan 2, that is his bday,

    So if his bday is jan. 2 then today, dec 31, 2008, he is still 21 years old,but he was still 20 during the 2008 new year (ths year) but last jan 1, 2007 he was 19.

    I am not very good in english but i hope you understand.

    Richmond and Jo, I thank you very much. Jan. 2nd is the correct answer. It turns out techno guy here was just inputting the answer incorrectly, go figure. I was inputting Jan. as 01 should have been just 1 the same with 02 should have been just 2. Who knew a 0 could make so much difference. Thanks again.

  4. Mel says:

    <– Not the least bit ashamed to admit she doesn’t get riddles. LOL

    ((( Bill )))

  5. Sage's mommy says:

    Dad, isn’t it that when they are promising the spending it’s not from money that they have now but that they will have in the future. The promises, usually, are based on some long term plan, not something that is going to go into effect the day they are elected. So the wording, when looked at more specifically usually involves “over the next ten years” or some number like that. Each party (I think) is usually trying to deal with, or at least get the ball rolling on, the promises they made during the last election during the subsequent years and have to settle those before they can start making new ones. I don’t think that they have been necessarily saving up money for the next election but are banking on the monies that will be collected through taxes in the future. I don’t know if I’m making any sense here, I think I’m just rambling but hopefully you get my point.

    Love ya!

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