Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Worrying

Past few days it seems I have been getting puffed out, short of breath a little more than normal. Breathing sounds quite raspy. Likely just a chest cold or something. I see the doctor in another week and a half, if still an issue will talk to him about it. Certainly not going to fret or worry about it.

Saying that just makes me think about all the time in my life I wasted fretting or worrying about this or that, practically every thing under the sun. I think about that now and realize how much precious time I wasted so foolishly. I think about it, what does worrying accomplish other than making you miserable or at least upset. It accomplishes nothing productive. What ever the situation was that I worried over came and went, I got through what ever it was. Almost always what ever the situation was turned out to be not nearly as bad as I feared or worried.

I even remember times way back when. I had just “survived” some “catastrophe” and would actually look back and think of how silly I had been to be so worried. Even then I recognized and appreciated that I was wasting precious time. One moment spent is worry is a moment of happiness lost forever. Life is just to precious to waste even one more moment of it.

I don’t imagine there is anyone in this world that can look back on their live and not see times wasted with needless worry. I am sure we have all had times when it just felt like the world just caved in on us. Our lives seemed to be just a hopeless mess. You can look back now and realize that, hey that was bad but I got through it. As people we are very resilient, we bounce back we do get through things as bad as they may seem at the time and I do know it did/can seem pretty impossible at times. We do somehow get through it.

I have often heard it said we learn best from our mistakes. I look back over my life and do see many mistakes some I have learned from and others obviously not. Now as hard as it is to deal with, let’s face it worrying is a mistake. It is a negative emotion that does nothing but rob us of the joy of living. Maybe, it is an ingrained human emotion just built right into us. I don’t know, but maybe it is impossible to eliminate it altogether but I do know we can at least learn to lessen it or to control it.

Wasting time in such a negative counter productive way is a mistake. I am trying to learn from my mistakes but this is a really tough one for me.


One Response to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Worrying

  1. Mel says:

    If you’re gonna worry, why pray……and if you’re gonna pray, why worry.

    I can hear wisepersoninylife quite clearly.
    And this morning, you seem to be ‘fitting the bill’ quite well, Bill.


    Happy Monday.
    I’ll worry less knowing you’ve talked/seen your physician?

    (just kidding….mostly….LOL)

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