Dying Man’s Daily Journal – More support please

I am very gratified and my heart is warmed to see the loving comments of love and support being left for my dear blogging friend Jo. Over the past several days Jo has shared the tragic events unfolding in the life of her family. I ask all to please continue with your prayers and to please continue leaving Jo loving comments of support.

Jo, please know my thoughts and prayers are always with you. I may not be on the computer much for the next several days to share my thoughts and feelings with you, but in spirit I am right beside you.

Yesterday, was a day I have been dreading for more than a year now. Sad when I think of it as it shows the wait times here in Manitoba for a medical procedure. I have been waiting for a colonoscopy (spelling???). Well yesterday was the day. I was dreading it not so much because of the procedure but more on the area of the body they would be doing it on. Why do we feel uncomfortable talking about “that” part of our body, really it is just another body part, but at least I do feel that way. So let’s just say during the colonoscopy they did a bit of an added procedure. Admittedly a very minor one but one that does make sitting quite uncomfortable and leave it at that.

I will be back in a day or two.

PS. I am coming back to make a small addition yesterday’s post. I have had several emails expressing concern over my comment about the minor procedure as I didn’t really clarify what it was. I hadn’t meant to alarm anyone so I will clarify. The minor procedure was dealing with hemoroids, which is the part that is causing me the discomfort and making the sitting difficult. Another one of those embarrassing things to talk about.


7 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – More support please

  1. Lorri says:

    I’ve had four of those the past ten years, and I never look forward to them. I need to have them due to intestinal medical issues of my own, in which that procedure shows what is going on. They usually find something minor they need to take care of. Ah, it’s better than not having the colonoscopy, and finding out there is something serious, when it might be too late to take care of things.

    Ah, a five letter word…colon…colon…colon. There, I said it. Not so bad, now, is it!
    Feel better soon.

  2. Ivan Leonov says:

    Hi, I came across your blog and was touched. I recently witnessed the death of a dear friend who suddenly died of a heart failure. He was 34. I keep thinking a lot about death, and I find your blog encouraging. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mel says:


    k…..I’m glad to have missed the post without the explanation! I’da been concerned about what you were considering ‘minor’.
    (only cuz I have that problem…..LOL…..I tend to make it smaller that it feels to other people–maybe cuz I compare it to other things I’ve had to do?…..probably….)

    Colonoscopy’s aren’t horrid–but you’re right, no fun to be ‘invaded’. And I do know it feels like an invasion.
    But ohmygosh……a year wait?!
    If I have to wait two weeks for a medical procedure, I’m a wreck. LOL
    Ya done good!

    Heal, sir.
    And know there’s bunches of people sending healing thoughts your way.

  4. Mel says:

    (((((((((((( Jo ))))))))))))))))

    You know you’re in my prayers–but in case you think that’s changed one iota, I’ll reiterate that.

    ((((((((((((((((( Jo ))))))))))))))))))))

  5. Jo Hart says:

    A quick update for you all. everything is still a bloody mess, but slowly getting sorted. Miracles of all Miracles though, when Jen was airlifted to Rockhampton hospital, there was no brain movement happening. Yesterday they detected brain movement, so they slowly bought her out of her coma. She has woken up, unaware of really what she has done, but no brain damage at all. This woman should be dead, so it is a pure miracle in itself. That’s the good news….. Children Services have taken all custody of the children off Jenny. Never to live in the house with her children again. This is a good thing in a kind of way, as it will hopefully push her to get the help she needs, and I am praying that she got to a place when she was gone over these last few days and met our dear Terry, and he’s kicked her ass right back here. (I could pray, and hope that’s why her waking up has occured). Mum was granted full custody of the children, which was fine, as she was going to take them to Melbourne to be with there Grandparents & Uncle and Aunties. My cousin (Terry’s sister) had already made arrangements for them. However mum was told that she is not allowed to leave the state with them, and if they want custody of the kids they have to take mum to court…. Anyway a solicitors was sought, and thankfully because it was Friday, he told mum just to stall DOCS, which has happened, he gave mum his home number and said call him if Jenny comes out of the coma. As she came out of the coma, a form was filled out for Jenny to sign to hand over custody of the children to her brother. This was about to take place, until Jenny’s mother came, and then it was decided they wanted nothing to do with the kids, and that mum can do what she wants. (I have stated that Jen’s family are a little on the “Mental side” which could be seen as an understatement) Anyway Jenny gave them her pin number for her keycards of which she has alot of money from the insurance from Terry’s Death. Henceforth they have left, with the money and told mum to do as she wishes…….. They will be back in a couple of days. Ahhhhhhhh My two cousins one of which is a detective are flying to Gladestone tonight. They are going to DOCS and the solicitor’s to sort out getting full custody of the kids. She apparently has no issues with signing over custody, but the doctor said she is not of a sound mind. She is still in intensive care and still in critical condition, as she suffered at least 5 heart attacks from her attempt on Wednesday. Her heart is very weak and it is unkown how it will hold out.
    Jen’s family are a very weird family, they have never had a cent to there name, and it seems there’s been a little plan to get the insurance money of Terry’s.
    Hopefully my cousin who is a detective can get on a power of attorney so as we can get the money in trust for the kids and for Jenny’s future care, before it is gambled, drunk and smoked away.
    In the short term, hopefully the children can be handed custody over to my cousin, she is prepared to have them even if it means up until adult hood. It’s just all been such a shit fight. It’s very hard to work with a family that constantly play games, and you just don’t know where they are at or just acting… It’s very confusing for all.
    Thankyou everyone for your prayers, I will keep you posted after tomorrows court hearing to see if my cousins can gain custody and get these children to Melbourne. At least they will be safe, loved and well cared for there. Thank you all and especially Bill for letting me vent this nightmare out here on the blog.

  6. Jo Hart says:

    Ahhhhh Bill, hope the backside feel’s better soon…..

    Thankyou again my dear friend, for allowing all these prayers from around the world for my family. I owe you big time….

  7. saija says:

    hope you are healing up …
    my poor hubby had to go through that stuff too …
    he had his colonscopy in selkirk – less of a wait time …

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