Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Special Prayer Request

I ask all for prayers today please.

Over a year ago a dear blogging friend Jo shared the painful journey her family was going through as her cousin Terry neared and then reached his time of passing. Jo shared here on the blog and we did exchange many emails at the time and well still do.

I do believe it and have said it so many times, “It is much much harder on the family left behind”. Jo’s so tragic story of her cousin and family just proves that belief to me. Terry was a young man in his 40’s when he was taken and left behind a grieving wife and 4 small children. Occasionally, Jo has updated me on their progress through the grieving process. Even blessing me by sending me a picture of Terry, wife and the kids.

Under my post of yesterday I received this further comment from Jo:

“On a sadder note, I may be a little less on the blog every day. Tomorrow is 12 months since our dear Terry Boy passed away. Today his kids found their mother who had tried to commit suicide. This is so terribly tragic. The kids are so traumatised. The two eldest have been struggling so hard over the last 12 months. Little Britty who is 8 now, just won’t talk to anyone. And Mitchey who is 9 tries to be the man of the house, but he has just crumbled. Anyway Jen has been readmitted into hospital, and the kids are going to be put in foster homes, so I am on the band wagon to get them down here to live with me. Thankfully I have a very patient and understanding husband, who wants no less for the kids. Unfortunately though, because I am a cousin, and Terry has passed, I don’t get much of a say, and foster home comes first before me, which I think is disgraceful. Jenny has to give permission for them to come, and I’m not quite sure where she is at in her head at the moment. Mum is heading up there tomorrow as that is the only person Jen said she will speak to. Please keep your fingers crossed for me, that we can bring these littlies here, to give them some love that they so desperately need. Thankfully the two little ones don’t quite understand what is going on, but apparently they are acting out very naughty, but geez, I think I can deal with that. Just asking for some prayers to be sent over for these gorgeous little souls that so desperately need them.”

Jo’s message says it all. Jo and the family live on virtually the other side of the world so there is really nothing I can do but ask for prayers for all and from all. PLEASE!!!!!!

18 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Special Prayer Request

  1. Mel says:

    *HUGE hugs*
    And definitely lots of prayers and positive thoughts headed that way, Jo.

    In Iowa, they’re mandated to use family first. Most time’s that’s the best solution for the kiddos–to be with people they know instead of plonking ’em down in another chaotic scary situation. Geeze, the kiddos have been living in one for a very long time already….they could use the stability and familiarity, I’m sure!

    *crossing fingers and hoping!*

    Thinking of you…….

    Hi Mel, my prayers are with yours, for what ever is best for the kids.

  2. Jo Hart says:

    Thanks Bill & Mel for all your prayers. I will keep you posted. I am praying with everything I have that I can have these littlies.

    My prayers are with you

  3. ceeque says:

    Good grief what an incredibly sad situation, Strength Love and Compassion to all concerned, especially Jen … words are pretty crappy at times like this but I do hope Jen can pull thru`.

    Thank you Charles, it is a really crappy situation for all

  4. Irene says:

    Dear Bill,
    I guess it’s time to ask for another general prayer appeal. I know it’ll help somehow. Calling all angels…
    Thanks for helping me re-set priorities again, Wiseman.

    Hi Irene, you are so right about the need for a general prayer along with our prayers for Jo and family. May all the Angels in Heaven come down to comfort and help all.

  5. Jo Hart says:

    Just an update Bill. What a bloody mess is all I can say.
    I think I had told you earlier when Jen was first admitted to hospital about 6 months ago that she was diagnosed with Bipolar. Yesterday my poor mum had to do the most horrible task of her life, and had to be there when Jen was going to be taken by force to be admitted to hospital for evaluation. They needed mum to take the kids otherwise Childrens services were going to place them in foster home.
    Jen however has passed the mental evaluation with flying colours and has been sent home, but she can only keep the kids if mum stays there. How does a doctor who has no background on this woman pass her, when she has tried to commit suicide in front of her children, refuses to take her bipolar medication be treated as fine !! I am angry, as these poor littlies are not made a priority. Her mental health nurse is furious as she knows Jen needs urgent help, but can’t do anything because her hands are tied. Children’s services are treating it as a day by day case, so we are hoping that they at least let mum take the kids and bring them down here, so as then we can begin to deal with Jen & help her get better. We just need to keep the kids safe. Mum has said that Jen is just not on this planet, but when the doctors came, it was if she was normal (mental health nurse said that bipolar patients are very cunning & know how to play the game) (unfortunately children I do not believe are a game). I will keep you updated as it unfolds, and thankyou this helps me vent it all out. I’m struggling with the idea that a mother wants this for her children, and I know if she was better she would see it, but if she is so clever to put on an act for the doctor assessing her, what is next. Can a mother actually believe this is the best thing for her children?

    Jo, I am such a loss for words. I read this and my heart really does bleed for the kids, for Jen, for you and your entire family. My prayers are with you. I really don’t know much about the disease BiPolar other than it is a disease that affects the mind. How that can translate over into human actions I don’t know.
    I truly hope and pray this all works out in what ever way is truly best for the kids. Obviously, I don’t know Jen, you know that. In my heart I can’t imagine that she doesn’t truly love her kids and does want what is best for them. I think it would be fair to say that all mothers feel they know what is best for their children and in most cases this is indeed the case. I admit I am totally out of my element in talking about this sort of issue. Knowing this I should likely keep my mouth shut, so please keep in mind these are only my thoughts. I would imagine that in her mind Jen is actually doing what she feels is best for the kids. This disease has taken over and warped her thinking as to what is really the best thing for the kids.
    It is sad and shameful that the medical system and the legal system is either so slow to act or doesn’t have the authority to act. The way you describe the system there in Australia sadly sounds no different than it is here in Canada. The safety and well being or our children must come first, anything and everything else is secondary to that. Why can’t we all just see that and act on it accordingly.
    Jo, you are all in my heart, my thoughts and my prayers.

  6. Jo Hart says:

    PS – I forgot to tell you that Jen discharged herself from hospital the day after her attempt, and they just let her walk out !!!! (That makes me even madder) but hence why she was taken for emergency evaluation.

  7. Irene says:

    Dear Jo,
    Where there is great love, there are always miracles…Praying for miracles to come to your way and Jen’s way and the kids’ way.

    Dear Bill,
    What a tough situation! Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place!!! Sure wish there was something more we could do to help. Calling all angels once again.
    This is again where your words come back to me. When you were upset about Tim McLean’s funeral, you said that you were going to take your place in the “human wall”. What profound and symbolic words…a human wall…isn’t that what we should all be called to do everyday?? I’m going to take my place in the human wall today and ask the Good Lord to help Jo’s family. If I don’t take my place now, the wall will be weaker. Let’s all take our place.
    You’ve got me thinking globally and acting locally again, Wiseman…Thanks.

    Hi Irene I thank you for this comment as always your words contain much wisdom. This whole situation is so sad, so tragic prayers and help are so desperately needed.
    I love your idea about forming a human wall every day. It is time we all do stand up and face the world, help protect the innocent. Please share more of your thoughts on this idea, I want to do a post on the idea.
    Irene, there is something I must clarify. I stated my intent my desire to go and be a part of the human wall at the funeral, circumstances were such that I didn’t. I salute and tip my hat the the hundreds that did, I admire and respect all very much. I wouldn’t want to in any way try to take any sort of credit for the wonderful work and deeds of others. While I may not have been a physical part of the wall, my spirit was there.

  8. Juanita says:

    all are in my prayers

    Juanita, prayers are always so much appreciated, I thank you and I know Jo and family thank you.

  9. suzanne says:


  10. Irene says:

    Dear Bill,
    That’s exactly what I mean! Even though we may not be physically there for eveyone or every cause that is important to us, being part of a human wall in mind and spirit is just as effective I’m sure. My day is just starting so I’m heading out to find my spot in the human wall. Maybe someone will need to stand on my shoulders to get to where they’re headed or maybe I’ll need to be supported by others. The wall works for others and for me–it’s win/win.
    Have a wonderful day, Wiseman!

  11. Trent says:

    what a heart breaking story. i wish nothing but good things upon the family.

  12. Bill my thoughts go out to the children and their mother. This is so very profoundly sad for every reason imaginable.

  13. Jo Hart says:

    To all who have left well wishes and prayers I thank everyone on behalf of all of my family. Tragically Jenny has attempted suicide again, and is on life support. I don’t think I could cry any more tears. I cry for the woman who I know wants to be a wonderful mother that is so lost in this dark hole, and I cry for those beautiful children who are so out of tune with there emotions, this is just another event that has happened in their short little lives that they have to deal with.
    I cry for my mum who is blaming herself because she walked the kids to school and left the house for 15minutes whilst doing so. I feel so lost Bill, that I just don’t quite know what to do myself. Mum can’t take the kids, as Children Services are saying that will be kidnapping (I know, your thinking what I am thinking ???) Mum is going to the court house tomorrow to hopefully arrange temporary custody of the children, as DOCS have said that Jenny still has legal rights even though she is in a coma and not looking like coming out of it. Its just bloody stupid.
    I just don’t understand this whole bloody situation.
    This has got me questioning my spirituality, I so believe that our loved ones are with us even after they have passed. But if I so strongly believe this, then why in the hell is Terry letting this happen to his family???? I can’t get my head around this. I know they give us signs and messages of hope, why hasn’t he done that for Jen, is it that she just didn’t want to see it?? I’m rambling and have a million things going on in my head but again I thank you all for your prayers, now I suppose we have to leave it in Gods hands to work out.

    Jo my dear friend, the tragedy, the pain your family is going through just seems to be endless and ever increasing. My heart goes out to those poor little kids, and to all of your family. The pain, the hurt and confusion that must be in the minds of the children. It is overwhelming for the adults, I can’t even begin to appreciate how devastating it must be for the kids.
    Bless the warm caring heart of your wonderful mother. I hope all will comfort and reassure her none of this is her fault. She had the loving well being of the children in mind when she walked them to school. Possibly this gave Jen the time to attempt the suicide. But your mother has to know that her short term absence made no difference. Sadly, Jen’s mind was where it was and the timing really made no difference. If Jen’s mind was made up about taking her life, she would have found a time, later in the day or during the night when everyone was asleep. What she must be going through is heart breaking but no fault is hers, no guilt is hers.
    I pray for her success when she approaches the courts today. I can’t help think or at least hope that the courts would realize what is in the best interest of the children. You say she is applying for temporary custody of the kids. I am not really sure what the word custody really implies. If the kids were to be “placed” in a foster home does that imply the same meaning? I am sure that if the courts were to “place” the children in a home temporarily, that it would be better to “place” them with family as opposed to strangers.
    Jo, you have a wonderful heart, but you are still only human. I would imagine there are times when we all individually question our faith, our beliefs and our spirituality. No one has ever claimed that life would be easy. I wish I had the answer as to why some things happen and why they happen when they do, life sometimes just seems so unfair. I think you said it best yourself by saying we must place our faith in God and just know somehow this will all work itself out. My prayers are with you.

  14. Jo, The hairs on my arms are standing up as I read how these lives are unfolding. Just know that thoughts of compassion and concern go out to your whole family. A tragedy and a travesty, but these are lives and kids are strong, may they withstand the shocks of their lives with the love that unknown people feel for them.

  15. sherry says:


    I’m so sorry to hear about what you and your family are going through. Sending my thoughts and prayers and hoping for the best for everyone involved. Sherry

  16. Mel says:

    Oh Jo…. ((((((((((( Jo )))))))))))))

    What horribly hard circumstances for everyone–the kiddos, you, the mom….everyone’s having a tough go of it. I’m scared for them. It’s been such a difficult time for them….one trauma after another. *sigh*

    *continuing to send prayers and positive thoughts*

  17. Shirley says:

    Jo, you are being tested beyond belief! Thank goodness you and your mother are fighting for the children. I can’t imagine what they must be going through. Praying that all turns out well for you and them.

  18. Mel says:

    (((((((((((((((( Jo )))))))))))))))))))

    I’m so sad. And I’m so sorry for all that you, your mom–those kiddos….ohgosh…

    *HUGE hugs all the way around*

    Hang tough….know that the love in your heart will mean the world to those kiddos, no matter where they land.
    You just keep lovin’ ’em like crazy.
    We’ll keep lovin’ you.

    ((((((((((((((( Jo )))))))))))))))))))

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