Dying Man’s Daily Journal – I am mad – Religious Wackos

Up early today 5:00am but am feeling good and very rested. Fell asleep watching TV last night around 7:00 woke up around 10 but only long enough to put on my CPAP mask and back to sleep. As I had managed to get in about a 4 hour nap in the afternoon that was unusual. My body must have needed it as I am feeling good.

Here in Winnipeg the heat of summer seems to finally be really upon us. I imagine virtually every one is happy for this, well except for me. I always seem to have to be contrary. Heat makes it more difficult for me to breathe, if there is humidity with it and I am miserable. I should clarify what I mean by difficult to breathe. My breathing is not restricted or anything like that. I suppose it would be more accurate to say I have more trouble catching my breath. A few minutes in the heat and I am huffing and puffing such that you might think I had just run a mile or something.

Yesterday was an unusual day for me. I published a post. I only had it up for an hour or so and then deleted it entirely, first time I have every done that. In my post I talked about how I was mad and still am.

There was an article in the Winnipeg Free Press, our newspaper. Talk to anyone that knows me and they will tell you I am a pretty laid back kind of guy. I just don’t let things bother me or get to me. There is just no point in allowing that to happen so I don’t, GENERALLY.

This newspaper article pushed all of my buttons and had me jumping up and down kind of mad. OK, I wasn’t actually jumping up and down, takes to much energy.

Here in Manitoba several days ago a innocent young man was murdered in a very gruesome manner. It is so sad and tragic. I can’t even imagine the pain being felt by the family loosing a son in such a senseless and tragic manner. My prayers are with them and I do ask for prayers from all please. The funeral is tomorrow. Words escape me as to what else to say about this tragedy. The funeral is tomorrow and will be undoubtedly such a painful time for all. Just so sad.

That all has me sad, now here is what made me really, really mad. Apparently, a “church” from the U.S. has announced it is sending 7 members to attend the funeral. Now as they are coming as representatives of a “church” wouldn’t you think they would be bringing a loving message of support for the grieving family. Well at least that is what I would have thought. Is that what they are doing? NO!!!!!

They as I understand it intend to stand outside the Church where the funeral is being held carrying large signs. Signs carrying messages of love and support for the family, NO. I understand the messages will be along the line of “God hates Canadians” for our sins such a legalizing abortion. Or, “this young man was taken as God’s punishment to Canadians”. I can’t even begin to tell you how disgusted this whole thing makes me feel. Give this poor family time to bury their son and grieve in peace.

I am all for freedom of speech and freedom of religion, but in my mind this just crosses the line. Some in the U.S. have labeled this group as a hate group, I can understand and agree with that. Notice I have quit referring to them as a church. I am not sure why a “group” from the United States would want to come to Canada to protest our laws, surely there is enough in your own country to protest against. But, OK, fair enough you have that right but not to interrupt a family in their time of grief at a funeral. That by itself proves what a bunch of crack pot lunatics you are. You want to protest our laws do it in front of a government building somewhere, not at a funeral.

This got me so worked up, I sent yesterday on the phone. I phoned everyone I could think of. I phoned the federal government, our provincial government, our city government. Individual representatives at all levels of government. I phoned the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the city police anyone and everyone I could think of. There just has to be some way to stop this lunacy. I was very vocal with everyone I spoke to and made sure all knew my feelings on this matter.

In today’s newspaper there is a follow up story. I understand I wasn’t the only one to “jump on the band wagon” and many phone calls were made. I am not sure if it was because of the phone calls or what. But for what ever reason the newspaper states the group was turned away at the border yesterday and were denied entry into Canada. Thank goodness. A spokes person for the group though still vows they will be at the funeral and have other plans for getting into Canada.

Something else that concerns me is reading that a group of angry Manitoban’s plan on being on hand at the funeral to block their entry should they actually arrive. This whole thing is just so sad. There is a grieving family just trying to lay their son to rest and they potentially have all of this to deal with.

In one of my numerous phone calls yesterday, it was suggested possibly this group was just seeking publicity for themselves. That is why I have purposefully not mention the name of this group. I am just not going to give them that satisfaction.

I love and respect my American brothers and sisters just across the border. I know this group is no reflection on you as a group. We all have our wacko’s, I do feel sorry for you having to put up with them all the time.

Sorry to be ranting like this. I suppose it is just that death, funerals etc are something I am a little touchy about, it strikes a little close to home for me

5 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – I am mad – Religious Wackos

  1. Jill says:

    Groups such as that one always expect everyone to respect their rights but ALWAYS fail to respect anyone else’s rights! Just like when the anti-war groups here in the US protested at funerals for our fallen soldiers. It just steamed me when I’d read about them! I’m glad they were turned away at the border and won’t interfere with that family’s time of grief.

    Hi Jill, I am sorry to say apparently some of the group got across the border and are reported to be here in the city. A group is organizing to have people at the funeral to just create a human wall between the family and these nuts. I will be out there in that wall somewhere.
    I just can’t even begin to comprehend any of this. My prayers go to the family and friends. May they be just allowed to lay their loved one to rest in peace. What they are going through is tragic and painful beyond belief and to have that added to by a bunch of wackos. Is just plain sick

  2. Jennie says:

    You are right on the money to not mention the name of the group Bill. Picketing funerals is their specialty.

    A gruesome murder is just the sort of sensational event they seek to exploit, along with deaths of movie stars and soldiers. (There is a good list of articles about this group at the Rick Ross Institute site.)

    I suspect that it was this group, rather than anti-war groups, who are picketing servicemen funerals. I heard that the leader of this group is upset that anti-war groups are getting the credit for his protests rather than him. His message is that US soldiers are being killed because of homosexuality in the US. (Don’t try to make sense of that, it’s just hurt your head)

    They picket funerals precisely because it is so outrageous that they get loads of attention for their gospel of hate. The leader is so wacko he makes the guy who murdered the young man look sane. They have been sued and been ordered to pay millions to families of military whose funerals they picketed. They don’t care about that, they love the attention.

    Maybe enough people here in the US now recognize their antics and respond with a big yawn, that they feel the need to go elsewhere. YAWN would be the best response Canadians can give if any of these nutjobs make it up there. It would be great if the media would simply give it no attention whatsoever. Attention, is what these folks thrive on. Don’t give ’em the payoff.

    I appreciate the comment and the information you have sent via email. I have to totally agree with you when you said, the murderer of the young man is sick but the leader of this group is even sicker. In any situation I always at least try to see the other side of the coin whether I agree with it or not. But to at least try to see where they are coming from in their thinking. This is all just beyond me.

  3. Mel says:


    I gotta tell ya–earlier this year I had a run-in with these folks when I was a part of a grief counseling team sent in to counsel kiddos who lost their school friends after a dad murdered his three kids and wife before killing himself.
    The whole community was devastated–utterly and completely turned upsidedown because of the circumstances. And I dare say there seemed to be absolutely no compassion for the family or the community from the group.
    I was heckled for showing up to help small children–branded something I simply won’t repeat.

    I won’t say I wasn’t disturbed when it happened, I was.
    I did vowed to not let them ‘live rent free in my head’. Other people needed my energies and my attention.
    I was also very clear they needed my prayers just as the other victims did.
    And I really did pray for them–somewhat selfishly at first (somehow that works in ridding myself of a impending resentment) and I prayed until it I meant it.

    Lost souls need prayers…..and G-d is good, He answered mine and gave the parents/grandparents a peaceful day to formally lay their loved ones in His hands.

    G-d is good. He’ll take care of it–sounds like He already is, eh?

    (((((((((((((( Bill ))))))))))))))))))))))

    Ah, Mel my friend as always you are right. I have been allowing them to live rent free in my head. How many times have I said, things can only bother you and get you worked up, if you allow it to happen. Well I have allowed these nut cases to do that very thing to me. I thank you for bringing that to my attention. This group is obviously very sick and is in need of prayers and will I admit a little grudgingly find a place in mine.
    I am still going to go and find my place in the human wall around the church but with a different mindset and different feelings in my heart.
    I do thank you

  4. Irene says:

    Dear Bill,
    I too was digusted at the thought of this group of people (??) coming to a funeral for their own purposes. A funeral is NOT the place to make political statements!! I may not agree with what they are trying to say but I do support their right to say it–HOWEVER–not there and not then!! I too will not allow them to stay rent-free in my head. Thank goodness we still have people with morals and values on both sides of the border.
    Thinking of you often, Wiseman.

  5. suzanne says:

    i heard about this too and phoned our mla. there is a time and a place for picketing and this was not it. such warped theology casts a shadow on christians and it makes me so upset that all i can do is pray. that’s the best thing of all. i’m so thankful to God that we can pray anytime and for anything from the tragic to the mundane.

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