Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Angel Kisses

Seem to have shaken this flu bug or what ever it was and am feeling really good. It is much harder to keep a positive attitude when not feeling well. But, I am back on top of the world physically and mentally.

I know everyone dreams, so therefor so do I. It is just very rarely do I remember dreams. This morning I woke up basking in the loving feeling of a time long ago. I suppose I must have been dreaming about it and just don’t remember as the thoughts and memories were right there.

I have said it many time in the past and I say it again. I am a lucky man to have the two wonderful daughters that I do.

I awoke with the soft, warm, fuzzing, loving feeling. My mind and heart just filled with thoughts of a time long ago. It was the time approaching my oldest daughter, Billie’s birthday. I can’t remember if it was her 6th or 7th birthday but that doesn’t matter.

On her gift “wish” list was a simple clock radio. I am sure there were many other things also but I remember the clock radio. That was simple enough and was indeed one of her gifts. It was then that I learned she was realizing she was becoming a “big” girl and that having an alarm on the radio was very important to her. As a big girl she wanted to be able to set her alarm on the clock and wake up the rest of the family in the mornings.

That was exactly what happened, she set her alarm for 7:30 and then got up and awoke the rest of the family. Good job Billie, you got us all up on time every morning.

I was naturally fine with this but made one simple request. When you wake me up in the morning, could you climb up on the bed and wake me up with a kiss and a hug. Can anyone think of a nicer way to be awoken than by a kiss and a hug from a little Angel? That became the routine. She would climb up on the bed, give me a kiss and then sprawl across my chest giving me a big bear hug. Sometimes if I was “really tired” she even had to give me 2 kisses and 2 big hugs. What a wonderful way to wake up and start the day.

When Billie got married I made a little speech at the reception and reminder her of those days. At that time I revealed a little secret to her.

Her alarm clock went off at 7:30 but mine had already gone off at 7:00. I got up, showered and shaved got ready for the day. But, I ALWAYS kept my eye on the clock. As it approached 7:30 I would always run back and jump into bed to be “asleep” when my little Angel came to wake me. There is no better way to be awoken than by 2 Angel kisses and hugs. What a wonderful, beautiful start to any day.

6 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Angel Kisses

  1. What a wonderful story Bill, who knew you were so sneeky…

  2. shadywilbury says:

    Such a fatherly thing to do. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the wonderful story.

  3. Mariana says:

    You’re blessed you have to love of your daughters!

  4. Jo Hart says:

    What a gorgeous story Bill. A treasured moment that will always be remembered. Don’t ya just love the warm and fuzzies. They are such a natural high…. It just brightens the day.

  5. Jordan says:

    hi Bill. Thanks so much for keeping this journal.

  6. Mel says:

    Awwwwwwwww……..she’s so blessed to have you as a dad……

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