Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Spirit within “YOU”

I have always know the world is just full of very nice people and that thought has been reaffirmed in my mind over the past few days. That thought was reaffirmed by YOU my dear cyber friends. A few days ago I posted a request. It was my daughters birthday and I posted a request that simple acts of kindness be done in her name, to honor her special day.

I feel so lucky, so blessed to have the cyber friends that I do. You came through for me in a truly magnificent way. I thank all so very very much. I do believe the spirit with in each and every person is truly beautiful. It is beautiful, kind, loving, caring and generous. It is contained within each and every person, a dazzling beauty just waiting to be let out into the world. You my friends have allowed your individual dazzling beauty to shine through into the world, making it a better place for all of us and I thank you so much.

A while back I set up a separate page to the blog, titled “beauty within me”. It can be seen and accessed at the top of this post. Using the word “me” in the title is not intended to mean “me” as in Bill but “me” as in every individual that may happen to read the page. I hope everyone will will see themselves in the word “me”. I hope all will visit the page and sign up to be my friends. I certainly know that our time on this earth is our most precious asset, the most valuable thing we have and I am asking all to spend 5 minutes per week of that precious time in a random act of kindness, Please check it out.

I am going to take a liberty today and copy some of the comments left under various posts over the past few days and republish them on the “spirit within me” page. I am asking people to leave messages about acts of kindness they have done. It is not seeking praise, recognition or credit for what they have done but to help make the world a better place. I see that as happening in 2 different ways. By sharing what we do, we can firstly give ideas to others, for things they possibly might want to do. It can be the simplest little thing but may be something just not even thought of. Secondly, I think it is fair to say may see the world in a rather negative manner. All we ever hear of is bad news, of bad things happening. It can’t help but somewhat warp our overall view of things. By sharing positive, love filled stories, no matter how big or small. I think we can at least make a small mark in changing the perception of many. Change the perception of many to make them realize there is so much good in the world, we just never hear about it. With possibly a little more positive out look on the world we may all be more willing to do the little bit extra, throw in our 5 minutes of kindness per week.

Can we change the world? YES, we can. Every single loving act of kindness does indeed make the world a little bit better. It is indeed with in the power of each and every one of us to change the world and make it a better place each and every day.

I had already published this post but feel I need to add a little. I spoke to my daughter Billie a couple of days ago and she had a direct question for me. She asked specifically what had I done as an act of kindness. I mean it is fine for me to sit here and ask others to do all of this but what have I done myself. I admit to being somewhat caught off guard by this. Billie, I thank you for asking me that question, it really got me to thinking. When you asked I mumbled something about doing my part by blogging and how it is difficult for me to get out in the hot weather we are having. Breathing becomes more difficult when it is hot and humid. Billie, you got me thinking and made me realize I was just making excuses. I don’t care the circumstances, there is always something you can do.

Billie, this is what “I” did to honor your birthday and well to help out a neighbor. Our neighbor Elsie is a very nice lady, I am sure you have met her. She is her mid 80’s and living alone since her husband passed about 4 years ago. Last fall we had a huge storm that damaged many of the shingles on her roof. Thankfully her home insurance was paying for the roof to be replaced. The insurance company hired a local contractor to do the work. It was done several months ago. Out door temperatures weren’t so hot at that time, and I spent some time watching them. It was obvious even to my uneducated eye that it was a very sloppy job and appeared substandard. While the job was ongoing I even spoke to the contractor several times about the quality of the work. Each time I spoke to him I was assured they are the professionals and know what they are doing, wait until the project is finished and I would see. I think it took 5 days to do a job, I thought should be done in one or two. As it turns out, I wasn’t feeling so spry and wasn’t out to see the finished product while they were still there. It was still a big mess, crooked lines obvious bulges?? and at the first rain it leaked.

I spoke to Elsie and she was upset but was dealing with the contractor to have it fixed. So OK, I thought everything is under control, WRONG. Vi and Elsie chat often over the fence. I got occasional updates about how this or that was supposed to be happening, but nothing ever seemed to actually happen.

Yesterday, Vi came to me explaining that Else is just beside herself to the point she is having trouble eating and sleeping over this whole situation. It turns out not only was the contractor refusing to do anything, Elsie was presented with an additional bill for an amount above what the insurance company was paying.

OK, Billie I have to admit I would have gone over to help Elsie anyway, but I did think of you as I was walking over there. I was appalled to hear Elsie had  been told she has to deal directly with the contractor, that it was her responsibility to ensure the work was done. I don’t know who told her that but I say WRONG. In her attempts to deal with the contractor she has been yelled at and told she just doesn’t understand how business works. Elsie is in her 80’s and really doesn’t know how business works, she was beside herself just not knowing what to do. I wish I had known sooner how difficult this was for her.

Maybe Elsie doesn’t understand totally how business works, but I was a banker for 35 years and I do. A couple of blunt forceful phone calls and suddenly everyone from the insurance company down is now promising immediate action. Everyone, the insurance company, adjusters everyone has my name and number and will be dealing with me instead of dear Elsie. It will get fixed and it will get fixed properly. This is such an obvious case of someone trying to take advantage of the elderly.

Happy birthday Billie


5 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Spirit within “YOU”

  1. Jo Hart says:

    Gee that totally urks me, when people are just to lazy to do a job properly. Some contractors should loose there licence. Especially when they quite obviously take advantage of an elderely lady. Good on you Bill, I would of ripped it into them too…..

    PS: – Happy Birthday Canada !!

    Hi Jo, I am with you totally. I am not sure yet if they were trying to outright take advantage of her or if they just didn’t really know what they were doing. Either way it is going to be fixed.

  2. Mel says:

    I’m glad Billie asked the question of you!
    And I appreciate you owning your own excuses/justifications–I’m just AS full of ’em on any given day, ya know. I’ve been known to get a bit complacent, which is why I need those folks in my life who’ll care enough about me to ask the questions despite my grumblings and making that process a wee bit uncomfortable for ’em….LOL….

    And RAWR!

    That’s just wrong!
    What are people thinking?!
    I’m glad Elsie’s got you for a neighbour, Bill.
    And I’m especially glad for the reminder about those five minutes a week.

    (k……there was a bit of grumbling and immediate rationalization/justification that came with the reminder….LOL I guess we’re a bit alike, huh?) 😉

    Hi Mel, I am also glad Billie asked me that question. I am a lucky man to have the daughters I do and to have the relationship with them that I do. They both know they can talk openly and frankly with me and will do so all in a loving way. “now don’t you just hate it when your kids point something out to your and THEY are right instead of you.”lol

  3. ceeque says:

    Nice one Bill! I flippin` hate the elderly always seemingly being taken to the cleaners by these xxxxards! Sorry about that but its extremely annoying! Good for you getting in on the act Thank God!

    Charles, buddy it is nice to hear from you. I am going to try and keep on top of this, all I have done so far is get promises of action. Giving them until tomorrow to see if anything actually starts happening or I will be on the phone again

  4. Sage's mommy says:

    I just want to state for the record that I wasn’t asking what my dad did in regards to my birthday but more generally. He keeps talking about how it doesn’t take much effort and just 5 minutes a week can make such a difference and so I wanted to know, how did he know? What was he doing with his 5 minutes? It’s easy to say it but is it as easy to do it? Dad, I’m glad that you thought about it afterwards instead of just brushing off what I said! There are so many things that you could be doing, i.e., what about volunteering some time come September to read to the young students at the school across the street from you. I think that is an elementary school, I’m sure they would love that as I’m sure you would. I think what you have done for Elsie is wonderful and has obviously made you feel as good as we have in doing our good deeds I just wanted to make sure that you keep it up as you have encouraged us to.

    Love you!


  5. Quana Rose says:

    What you have done for Elsie is gracious. You did it of your own choosing, which makes it even more special. No one had to point out which contribution you should be making. This makes you special, beyond words. Thank you, for your inspiration, your encouragement without specification or judgement. Simply, thank you.

    Hello Quana Rose, welcome to my site and thank you for this very nice comment. In our own way I think we all do what we can and when we can. As an update on Elsie’s roof, the new shingles all arrived yesterday, work crew will be here today or tomorrow to install them. I am just happy it worked out well for Elsie, she is such a sweet dear lady.

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