Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Things you don’t know about me

I have been tagged by my friend psychscribe as me to list 10 things you don’t know about me. I find this actually kind of tough and a bit of a challenge as I think most things I have just laid out there. I am memory guy here so I may have mentioned some or even all of this in the past, don’t know, but here we go.

1. I am to short for my weight

2. I am really not a sports fan, watching very little of it even on TV. BUT, do like to watch the season finals or championships of most sports.

3. I have my own strong spiritual beliefs but do not attend any particular church.

4. Being a banker most of my working life I was transfered often. So often that our home now is my 26th different residence.

5. Back in my younger and wilder days I would occasionally get into fights with other guys. I have never been able to tolerate a bully and most fights resulted from this.

6. I seem to love all foods greasy, hamburgers, french fries, pizza etc.

7. I hate brussel sprouts and anything from the squash family.

8. It seems no matter how much sun I get my legs never seem to want to tan.

9. I have a very strong belief in Angels, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides etc.

10. I do a lot of reading. But my reading seems to be in spurts. I will do a lot of reading for a couple of months and then virtually none for the next while.

There we go 10 things just off the top of my head. May change or add more later. I will likely tag a few friends but will have to do that later.


11 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Things you don’t know about me

  1. Hey Bill,
    Per item #1 …. me too!


    Hi Martha, that #1 is a tough one to overcome.

  2. JJ says:

    Hi Bill, it is really nice to catch up with you and your life. I am just sorry to hear of your medical conditions. I did the counting and realize it is like 38 years since I saw you last way back at high school graduation.
    I only learned of your blog this week from another school friend, who I am sure will also likely be writing to you. I have spent a lot of time and have read your blog from beginning to the end. I think it is a wonderfully courageous thing you are doing and reading all the comments you have received you have helped many people everywhere. Everyone that knows you or even knew you way back then is so proud of you. I always knew you would do something great and here you are proving me right.
    From everything I read I can tell you are still the same somewhat shy and unassuming guy you always were. I read your list of things about yourself and #5 did bring a smile to my face. You used to get into fights on occasion. Being the modest guy you are what you didn’t say was your fights as I remember were always you stepping in to defend someone being picked on. You don’t know how many girls I imagine guys too admired you for that.
    Do you remember the parties out at Ochre Beach. You remember it is a long way from town and sort of remote. Us girls in my group loved going to some of those parties. Bet you didn’t know we always checked to see if you were going to be there before we decided to go or not. I bet a lot of people asked where you were going to be on a Friday or Saturday night. I would never have admitted it to you back then but I can now. We felt safe if you were there. If some guy drunk or not got annoying or bothersome, we always had you there to rescue us and knew that you would without hesitation. I also bet you don’t know how many girls you did “rescue” from being bothered. We all realized if we were being bothered just to walk to an area even close to you and the guys would back off. Did you ever wonder why so many girls asked you where you were going on the weekend or if you would be at a particular party? Now you know. You were our hero back then and still are today with what you are doing here.
    If I understand how this system works you have my email address I think, I hope you will get in touch.

    Hi JJ, it is nice to reconnect with friends from the past. I thank you for you so kind comment, I am not really even sure what to say. Recently, I heard things along this line from another friend and I just sort of laughed it off. I do thank you but I think you are being overly kind and generous in all that you say. But hey, flattery will get you every where with me. It is seems almost unfair or something to be taking credit for doing things I didn’t even know I was doing. Your words have given my day a real boost. If I was able to help someone out at anytime, I am glad that I was there. You have me thinking, “hum, I wish I had known how you girls felt about about me back at the time.” lol.
    I thank you, email is on its way, it will be nice to catch up on all that has happened in your life.

  3. Jo Hart says:

    Hey Bill & Billie,
    My Random Act of Kindness. I sponsered two children who are Autistic to attend there annual camp. It’s through the the Rotary Club. It just so happened they rang yesterday at work, as work every year sponsor two children. I added my own and sponsered another two, so 4 children got to go away, and hopefully have a little bit of happiness. I did specify that the children know that it was from Billie all the way over in Canada….. I did explain the Random Act. So thankyou Billie, two littlies are going to be very happy.
    Hope you had a great birthday Billie.

    Jo this is fantastic, you have touched my heart so very deeply. I am sorry I haven’t been on line in the past few days to thank and acknowledge your beautiful heart sooner. Billie will be thrilled beyond belief, she is away for a few days. But you can count on her posting her own thank you soon.
    Jo, I have so much more to say to you. I am going to do it in a post in the next day or so. I thank you my friend. I am so proud and honored to be able to call you my friend.

  4. Jo Hart says:

    PS – Love your list……..

  5. psychscribe says:

    Thx for playing, Bill! I LOVE number 1 because that describes me exactly 😉
    I also hate brussel sprout. I believe in Jesus but the only church i go to is His church, which is anywhere outdoors…
    Blessings, Psych

    It was kind of fun. We have at least 3 things in common #’s 1, 3 and 7. Hope all is well with you

  6. Gladys says:

    Hi Bill, I am like JJ. I have been reading everything you have to say for months now. I have always wanted to say hi, but felt I needed something to say besides just hi.
    I also remember you from high school and I remember the parties at the beach. I think everyone admired and respected you as we all do now.
    I want to tell of one time at the beach, I am sure you will remember it. All of the regulars were there but also a stranger. A kid if I remember right was from Toronto visiting. He was really playing the role of the big city kid with us country bumpkins in Dauphin. Drugs were unheard of but the beer flowed. He was staggering around claiming to be high on drugs. Everyone pretty much just ignored him. Time came when he passed out or was pretending to be passed out. I remember 3 or 4 of who I will just call the other guys (I want to be polite) decided it would be great fun to pee on him. Boys will be boys especially after a few beers. I remember trying to stop them, to talk them out of it as it was unkind. They thought he was just faking the being passed out and as soon as they started peeing, he would jump up. How embarrassing and humiliating would that have been for him.
    You will never know how relieved I was to see you coming running down the beach towards us. Someone had obviously told you what was going on. As soon as you got there you made it clear this was just not going to happen. I remember it almost like it was watching a movie. You standing there faced off against those 3 guys. They backed down because of who you were, the person you were and are.
    I am not sure if the kid was pretending or not, but somewhere out there is a man. A man today that owes you a debt of gratitude for the embarrassment and humiliation you saved him.
    I am going to share more memories as they come.

    Hi Gladys, it is so very nice to hear from you after all of these years. I hope all is well with you and yours. I do remember the night you are talking about. I remember the “big city” guy. I have no idea of who he was or where he came from but I do remember him and that night.
    I think you likely hit it right when you said “boys will be boys”. We were all maybe 17 or 18 then and I hope those guys would act differently today. If they had planned on even say throwing a pail of lake water on him or something like that I am sure I would have just laughed with everyone else. What they were going to do was just something I couldn’t accept. You are so kind in the way you wrote about it and I thank you. I remember as you put it “faced off” against those 3 guys. Those were the days when I thought I was a tough guy and bullet proof. I guess I can admit it after all of these years, 3 against 1, I was likely close to pooping my pants.
    “Cheers” to the big city kid who ever he was.
    I thank you again for your so kind comment and the way you wrote it. I hope we can get in touch and get caught up on all that has happened in our lives.

  7. Irene says:

    Hi Bill! See…I told you you were wise–even as a young man. Being smart is one thing but being wise is so much more.
    Well, Bill, I packed it all in today. I’m done teaching. And now the pages of my future are completely blank and I’m anxious to fill them up the right way. I sure don’t want to become a couch potato and I’ll work hard to fight that. I think I’m here to serve and not to be served. I think I’ll try to go find God in all creatures…that’ll keep me busy for sure.
    I’m impressed with what I’ve heard about you in your younger days, but you already knew I was impressed right from the get-go. Thinking and praying for you even more now that I have time to meditate on it all.

    Irene you are done teaching, so you have retired. Congratulations on that and try to enjoy yourself with the free time you have worked for and deserve. I admire your out look about being here to serve and not to be served. You have already made a huge contribution to this world but I know you have a lot more in you yet. Please stay in touch my friend.

  8. Henri Chevillard says:

    Geez, Bill! at one time, I am sure I have been one of the guys in the crowd snickering on our way down to the beach…..Or, I have been that guy on the beach…..Sadly, never the guy preventing such (what i see now) inconsiderate, illogical, inane acts. Hmm.

    Talking about that whole situation is kind of embarrassing, but I think, knowing you as I do, that you would have done no differently than I.

  9. Mel says:

    ((((((((((((( Jo )))))))))))))))) What an AWESOME gift to give to the children! Bless your huge, loving heart!

    Congratulations, Irene–though it’s a tough transition to find yourself ‘through’ with what you’ve done for near a lifetime, I’m trusting G-d’ll keep gifting you with opportunities to serve.

    And Bill…..I’ve admired you for all that you ARE before JJ and Gladys stepped forward to pass on those snippits of your life with us.
    They just validated everything I’ve known to be true about you…..’Cept the too short for your weight thingy…..LOL
    But ya know what they say about good things coming in small packages!

    We love ya, Fluffy!


    Hi Mel, I agree a huge hug to Jo and big congrats to Irene. I think I am about 5’9″ but should be about 7 feet tall to match my weight. lol.
    Be good to yourself

  10. Jennie says:

    “You standing there faced off against those 3 guys. They backed down because of who you were, the person you were and are.”

    JJ & Gladys – Thanks so much for sharing your memories of Bill from long ago. Although I only know Bill from cyberspace, I am not at all surprised that even way back when, he was standing up to stop someone from being mistreated and that the girls felt safe and protected when he was around. That is truly the model of a MAN at his best. It’s a shame that more men don’t understand this.

    Hi Jennie, I am very flattered by your so kind words and I do thank you so very much. I am not sure I am deserving of such high praise as I do know the world is full of good men, with many being much more deserving than I. Sadly, there are a lot of “male jerks” in the world but happily they are in the minority. These few are the ones that do seem to attract the attention of most. These few, give men a bad reputation. When held up for comparison to any of them it is not hard for the average guy to come out looking good.
    I will be over to visit you at your site this afternoon.
    I thank you again my friend

  11. Trent says:

    Is this the same bill howdle that i know. Igotta tell you im shocked and amazed.

    Hi Trent, am I the Bill Howdle you know. I am not sure. I have a nephew Trent and over the years have had several friends by the same name. If this is nephew Trent I will be phoning you this evening. To Nephew Trent if this is you, talk to your dad, I don’t think there would be anything on my list he isn’t aware of. If this is a different Trent please give me your last name. I always like to reconnect with old friends.

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