Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Wedding Wishes

I mentioned yesterday of how family is starting to gather for Lynelle and Jason’s wedding on Saturday. From the way the week is starting it would seem it will be a week long celebration. At this rate all could be so tired by the time we reach the actual day everyone will be to tired to enjoy the actual day. Naw, that won’t happen.

Yesterday, I was flipping through so of the files I have stored here on the computer and came on something that I had forgotten about, or hadn’t realized I had saved a copy of. It was a wedding wish I had written a while ago for someone dear to me. She lives basically on the other side of the world, which eliminated any chance of actually attending the wedding. I wasn’t there physically but I was there in spirit. Hey, we even figured out the time difference and drank a toast to the happy couple. OK, the toast may have been with coffee but it is the thought that counts, I think.

I realize over the summer there will be many couples getting married and while I am specifically dedicating this to Lynelle and Jason, I extend the thoughts to all.

Here is the message I wrote back then, I have obviously changed the names to suit the occasion.

Dear Lynelle and Jason

Both Vi and myself send you our most heart felt congratulations on this your wonderful day.

Enjoy this day, cherish it and each other, it is the beginning of your lives together.

Jason; just take a moment to really take a look and Lynelle. Really look and see the beautiful, wonderful young woman that is pledging to spend the rest of her life with you. Let the realization, the awe, sink in at just how lucky you are. Feel it in your heart, cherish that feeling as much as you cherish Her. I know your heart is already full of love but in one small corner, store that feeling. Store the feeling of being so lucky, be in awe of her. Keep it there so you can draw on it anytime you need it and believe me there will be will tiffs and times when you feel cross with each other. Those are the times you reach into your heart and go to that spot. By going to that spot you will remember how much you love her, how lucky you are to have her and suddenly what ever you are upset about suddenly will seem pretty small

Now Lynelle you do the same, look at Jason and realize how lucky you are to have this wonderful man pledging to spend the rest of his life with you. Always keep your heart full of love for him but have that one little spot, where you store the feeling of the luckiest woman on this earth. Keep that feeling tucked away, go to it when you need it.

Each of you make a pledge that every day you will do you very best not to drive the other to seek the comfort and support of that little spot.

I hope your day is wonderful and that your lives together are even better.

Our toast to you: “ May the very best day in your past be not nearly as good as the worst day in your future:.


8 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Wedding Wishes

  1. papercutstar says:

    Hi Bill,

    I just wanted to give you a quick update and let you know that my dear Dad passed away last month. Since I last wrote about him at Christmas he continued living every day to the fullest- even his last days when he could not get out of bed. Let him live on as an inspiration to the rest of us who are still here. Hope you are well.


    Hi Star, you have my sincere condolences at the passing of your father. He will continue to live on in your hearts and memories. I have nothing but admiration for him in the way he chose to live his days.

  2. Grace says:

    Beautiful wonderful advice for all of us, regarding all of our loved ones, Bill…Let’s really take a moment to LOOK at them today, FEEL the love we have for them, and TREASURE that moment as precious in our hearts.

    Grace your comment is so well worded, what more can I say but thank you.

  3. Jo Hart says:

    Great advice Bill, and beautiful words. I like Grace, agree, let’s look at our loved ones today and treasure every moment.

    Right on Jo, let’s treasure our loved ones and ourselves.

  4. Henri Chevillard says:

    Hi Bill,
    With my tongue fimly in my cheek.
    To keep your marriage brimming, With love in the loving cup, Whenever you’re wrong, admit it; Whenever you’re right, shut up.

    Someone special passed this on to me…I hope it helps you

    There are holes in my heart from the losses in my life.
    I try to let the warmth of others fill some of those holes.
    It happens without me noticing, without my permission, without my efforts.
    Im so grateful that I am so loved by the amazing people in my life.
    But when it is still,,,when a memory presses into my soul-some unsolicited thought finds me…..The depth of those holes become revealed…once again.
    Over and over I wll recognize the losses in my life.
    Never forgotten….forever loved

    Henri, this is beautiful, I thank you so much for sharing it. You are so right also about knowing when it is time to shut up.

  5. jewwishes says:

    What beautiful and inspiring prose, lovely words to keep in one’s heart eternal.

    We must treasure those we love, let them know we do each day, and continually hold them close in our hearts and minds.

    I thank you for your kind words. You are so right about treasuring our loved ones AND letting them know it every day.
    Thank you

  6. Mel says:

    Geeze, Bill…….made me teary and proud for the two of them.

    And Henri….made me laugh. LOL

    *hugs all the way around!*

    Congratulations to the new additions!
    Mazel Tov!!

    Thank you Mel

  7. fmn2 says:

    Just stopping by to say hello and found this news about the joyful event. Congratulations to all, Bill. I hope the celebration went well!

    I thank you both for the visit and the comment, I hope you will stop by again.

  8. Jo Hart says:

    Hoping the wedding went well. Was thinking of you all.
    I’m sure it was a grand occasion that was celebrated with lots of laughter and joy.

    Thank you Jo, all went very well indeed.

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