Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Exciting Week

Yesterday marked the beginning of what is going to be a very exciting week. Vi’s daughter, my step daughter, Lynelle is getting married this Saturday. The house will be bursting with family and friends, all here to join in celebrating this occasion.

Lynelle and soon to be hubby Jason arrived yesterday with Seth and Sadie in tow. Murray a member of the wedding part accompanied them.

Wednesday, Vi’s son’s Rob, Dave and Michael will be arriving. Rob with g/f Reagan and children Arielle and Stephan. Dave with wife Kelly and children Dawson and Carter. Numerous other family members arriving at different times through the week. House could be bursting at the seams but hey you can always find room for one more. I think 13 is the most over night guests we have had at one time in the past. All are always welcome, not saying you will necessarily get a bed, maybe a couch or even an air mattress on the floor but we will fit you in somewhere.

Looking forward to an exciting week. Not sure if with everything happening is I will be posting regularly but I will keep updating the wedding progress.


2 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Exciting Week

  1. Jo Hart says:

    The amount of times, growing up and when I was a teenager at my mum and dad’s little 3 bedroom home, we had matressess, pillows and crap everywhere. We’d be bursting at the seams…… Bacon and eggs on the BBQ in the morning, people tag teaming it with the bathroom….. Memories I wouldn’t change for the world. Those were great memories.

    You will have a fantastic time I am sure. Treasured memories will be made.

    To Lynelle, wishing you a day, full of beauty and love. May the sun be shining down on you and Jason for your special day. Take 5 minutes out, to just take it all in.

    Bill – we want to see piccies on the blog!!!! Especially if your wearing a bag of fruit !!!! (suit)

    Hi Jo, you pictured the weekend correctly. People every where, line ups for the bath rooms. General confusion everywhere but a good sort of confusion.
    Hope you are well my friend

  2. Mel says:

    Congratulations to the soon to be married ones!
    And how wonderful to have a house full!

    You and Vi must be busting at the seams proud!

    (photos are always welcome! LOL)

    Happy times, Bill–go make the most of the moments!

    Thank you Mel, it was a great weekend. Pictures will be up when I get my camera back.

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