Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Recovered post of March 2nd

Mar 2, 2008 10:03 AM

Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Peace and Contentment

from Dying mans daily journal by Bill Howdle
I apologize to all my blogging friends I haven’t been at the key board much this past while. I am feeling very good these days, just always seem extra tired. Actually on the health side things seem to be looking up, for the longest time I was plagued with nausea. Throwing up on a daily basis. I am not sure what has changed but that feeling is gone. When I think of it for the past couple of months my stomach hasn’t really bothered me at all. No different medications or anything, not sure what has brought about this change, but am really glad for it.

I spend a lot of time, when not sleeping either just thinking or reading. I can across something very interesting yesterday that sort of caught my eye. A short saying or quote from Pam Brown, titled Time to Breathe:

“In the bustle of life. In the pressure of decisions, peace has become a luxury. Take it when it come, and cherish it. It give you time to breathe. It gives you rest and hope and life.”

I first read that, agreed with it in my mind and just carried on reading more. After I was finished reading my mind seemed to be drawn back to this and I gave it more thought.

I came to a sad realization, true peace of mind is indeed a luxury in today’s busy world. I have to wonder how many people can sit back and actually remember the last time they had true peace of mind within them selves. If they can, how long were they able to hold on to that blissful feeling? How long before the world interrupted the serenity to bring us back to reality.  The “reality” of our daily lives all the normal stresses and problems etc. that we all encounter every day. Granted daily “reality” is much tougher for some than for others at any particular time.

I have to wonder at our individual reality. Is it real or is it the way we perceive it that makes it real for each of us. Assuming there are no extenuating circumstances, a situation that may be almost overwhelmingly stressful for one person may hardly register to another.

Let’s face it no one has a stress or problem free life. Issues will always arise that must be dealt with. That is a fact that is never ending, a simple fact of life.

I know there have been times in my life where it just seemed endless, I seemed to just move from one crisis to the next a seemingly endless cycle. I think I got my mind into like a “crisis mode”. By that I mean I look back now and see that many of the “crisis” situations, I blew way out of proportion at the time. It seemed at times like my life was in crisis and I then saw every event that came along as just one more crisis to add to the list. I perceived them individually as a part of reality, that was way out of proportion.

Thinking this way I can now see I was just denying myself any opportunity to feel peace and contentment. The feelings that could come between the “real crisis’s” of life. Feelings of peace are a true luxury to be enjoyed when available. I can only pray that all learn to see the difference in their lives between a true crisis and just a minor bump in the road. Let a bump in the road be seen as just that, and not something that robs us of peace and contentment.

When an opportunity for love peace and contentment presents itself grab it, enjoy it, don’t miss out on living life as it should be.


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