Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Lost posts/Invasion of Privacy

Again I extend a big big heart felt thank you to my dear blogging friend Mel who was able to send me the “lost” posts. Mel was unable to send the priceless comments that were with each message. I ask all please go through these republished posts if you had left a comment please leave it again. I do treasure all so much. If you hadn’t previously left a comment and would care to do so now, please do.

It might be asked why would I go through all the trouble of reposting lost posts? Is it that I think my messages are so important that they must be there? NO. In fact I know there are millions of places anyone could go and read better written and more informative messages than anything I may share.

So if I know my messages just really aren’t all that important to anyone, why would I go to the trouble and effort of repost so many?

Well the techs at wordpress tell me the missing posts were deleted from within the site and a such are just gone forever. Now that I am the only one that supposedly has access to the inner workings of the site and I know I did not delete the posts, it can only draw me to conclude I had an unexpected and uninvited visitor to the “inner sanctum”. Only 2 others had my password. They are trusted totally and even they only have it as there will come a day when one of them will come on to the blog and make the final post signifying the end of the journal. I know neither of them have been into the site so could not have deleted anything.

This all seems to leave me with but one conclusion to draw. Someone figured out or guessed my password. When I think of it I do realize that my password was I suppose what you would call weak. Anyone that has done enough reading or knows me with a little time patience and luck could figure it out. Believe me that is no longer the case, now only blind luck could lead you to it and it would take a lot of luck at that.

OK, that brings me back to my uninvited visitor. The mere fact that someone anyone would invade my privacy to me is just unacceptable. It would not matter if it was the blog, my email account anywhere. My private space is my private space, no intrusion of that privacy under any circumstances is acceptable. Who ever you are and even to anyone that may be sneaking into anyone else’s sites be a blog, email or any other private areas. That is not acceptable, ( I exclude parents monitoring children when they feel it is necessary). Show you respect the individual by respecting their privacy. If you can’t do that you have a problem my friend.

Someone has chosen to invade the privacy of my blog, to me that is just unacceptable and I will not tolerate it. I am not sure why specific posts were deleted but I have put those same posts right back there, to the extent that I can. No one is going to control what I do or don’t post on my blog. If you disagree with some of the things I may say, confront me with it, face me head on.

After this post I am going to just let this whole matter go and not stress or over think it. But, something has come to mind. The majority of the posts that I know of that were deleted had to do with battered woman syndrome generally about men abusing women. I do have to wonder if I hit a nerve with someone out there. I hope not but if that is indeed the case, here I am pick on me and not a woman. Go for it send me the nastiest messages you can come up with in that sick mind of yours, go for it I am here just waiting.

I realize the most likely scenario is it was just some one just being “mischievous” to you I say grow up. Just send me a message anonymously telling me why it was the specific posts you chose or was it just a random here and there thing. If you really wanted to screw me up, why didn’t you just delete the entire thing.

OK, I am done, it is all totally a non issue in my mind anymore. If someone just wanted to “get my goat” or upset me, sorry that didn’t work either.


One Response to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Lost posts/Invasion of Privacy

  1. Mel says:


    Sucks to be violated, no matter the ‘intent’ of the violator.

    All things happen for a reason, eh?
    I’m glad you’re better protected, today.

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