Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Let’s Celebrate

Recovered post of April 26th

Apr 26, 2008 12:24 PM

Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Let’s Celebrate

from Dying mans daily journal by Bill Howdle
I am one exceedingly happy guy. Why you may ask. I am going to become a grandpa again. Yup, daughter Billie and hubby Rob decided to give little Sage a baby bother or sister. Come mid October, I will be handing out cigars, hey dads can do it so why can’t grand dads. Well this one is going to anyway.

This is an open invitation to relatives, friends, blogging friends everyone. Stop by and we will celebrate with a cigar. Yeah, yeah I know smoking and all but the is an occasion and one I am going to celebrate.

I have to admit as I am sure most will if they are honest, being a grandpa is a lot more fun than being a parent. You can love them, spoil them and then give them back to mom and dad. I love it.

Mother Nature is playing tricks on us here in Winnipeg, all the snow was gone. Temperatures were quite nice. Suddenly on Thursday night Mother Nature reminded us who is boss and gave us 2 or 3 inches of the white stuff. Nice to see it is mostly gone again, just wish it would warm up.


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