Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Selling Yourself Short

I spent an interesting afternoon yesterday at the heart failure clinic. I met with the dietitian, the physiotherapist, and the pharmacist. All of whom were very nice, kind and friendly ladies.

Now the dietitian, I wasn’t to excited with her suggestions about even further restrictions to my diet. Even something as little as a pickle, is to be no more. Huge long list of food no, no’s. Most I already knew and was trying to follow. There were a few surprises  such as the pickles, oh well.

Physiotherapist wants me up and walking more just around the house. In the past I have always thought of exercise should be something at least a little strenuous. Things like taking a walk or such should be 30 minutes long or something before it counts as exercise. I was wrong, every single individual step we take is indeed exercise. When I think of it, that is so obvious. So I now have a target number of minutes to be walking. It is a daily target and can be broken up into as many little walking segments as I like, it is the total minutes that counts.

Pharmacist reviewed my medication list to ensure I am taking them correctly and I am.

So it was an interesting visit.

I am sitting here thinking about my life and just life in general. Dwelling in the past is never a good thing, but it is natural to occasionally reflect back. You never want to get stuck in the “if only” mind set. We need to accept what has transpired in our lives and move on. But, I do think there is a healthy way we can look back at our “if only” times. If done correctly and in a healthy way, we can learn from these times.

I think we so often tend to sell ourselves short, not giving ourselves enough credit for who we are or what we do. I suppose it is a form of insecurity that can give us a defeatist attitude. There is no way I can get that or do that so why even try. This, no point is even trying attitude leads to the “if only” thoughts. Go for the gusto, give it a try, even if it doesn’t work out you at least know you tried.

I think this applies to every area of our lives and virtually every age in our lives. What are examples, lets go right back to our school years. Suppose, say you had a huge crush on a particular girl but lacked the nerve to even ask her out. Who is to know she may have said yes, she may have said no and you are left with the “if onlys” which are magnified because you didn’t at least try.

Lets move to career and job choices. Let’s suppose you have in your mind a dream job and suddenly it become available. But, you see the list of other candidates applying for the job. That defeatist attitude kicks in and you realize within yourself there is no point in even trying. I can’t match or compete with those other candidates. Later you face the “if only’s”. How do you know you wouldn’t have gotten the job if you didn’t at least try. If you tried and got your dream job, excellent. If you tried and failed well at least you know you tried.

I think often we settle for things in life, because it is the safe or easy thing to do. We so often don’t try just reaching for our dreams. Doing this may expose us, make us a little vulnerable, fears of failure or being embarrassed creep in.

I guess my whole point is, how do we know? How do we know if maybe we would have gotten that dream job? How do we know so very many things in life, if we don’t at least try?

It is time to quite selling ourselves short and reach for our dreams and goals. What is the very worst that can happen, you get turned down or get a no. At least you can rest easy knowing you tried.

Life is to be a positive wonderful thing and it truly is. Never sell yourself short, who knows reach for a star and you may just get it.


12 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Selling Yourself Short

  1. Lorri says:

    I would rather leave the planet knowing I followed a diet, a diet necessary for my health, than to die because I hadn’t. My children and grandchildren…I am always cognizant of what image I am displaying to them. If I eat garbage, they will think it’s okay to do the same. I value my life, and their lives.

    I don’t moan and groan, I just follow a diet necessary for my health. Cut and dry. I learned decades ago how important it is.

    Good luck in your walking. It really isn’t bad at all. Small stretches do wonders in the walking area.

  2. lwayswright says:

    Hey, I went to the doc today too! Not fun for me either. He lectured me about how I’m not taking good enough care of myself, not relaxing enough, not being “lupus-y” enough I guess. Sometimes I think they believe if you curl up, accept your fate and lay on the couch their bill will be paid faster, you will get sick more often, pay them more money, they can buy bigger cars, fancier houses and all will be well. Guess what, I have kids, a house, a husband and a life to live. I refuse to let lupus be what controls me and rules my life. So, my advice to you is if you want a pickle every now and again, and it makes you happy…..eat a pickle witha huge grin on your face. You only have one life. Don’t over do it, don’t just blow your life away, but don’t give up all the goodness either. That’s what I say!

  3. lwayswright says:

    Oh…PS…my dream is to write a book..and that is exactly what I am doing before it’s too late!

  4. beerconsumer says:

    Whenever I feel that defeatist attitude I always repeat the phrase “imagine what you could do if you tried.” For some reason it inspires me to go after what I want without worrying about what ohers think or if it will be uncomfortable for me. It is amazingf what we can do when we actually try to go after the things we want.

  5. mel says:

    Live, laugh and love much.
    That’s my theory!
    So far, it’s done well by me…and those around me.

    (((((((( Bill ))))))))))

  6. Bill, I am seeing this very theme in so many blogs this week. People..fellow bloggers…are dying to pursue big dreams but are also overwhelmed and afraid. I have a similar theme running through my life…almost a guilt complex around succeeding and pursuing my dreams and desires.

  7. Catherine says:

    This is my first time visiting your blog, and this post really hits home for me right now. Perfect timing! Thank you.

    Bless you for helping others by blogging about what you’re going through. Best wishes to you! I look forward to reading much more from you.

  8. V- says:

    I’m so glad I got to stop by today. Your posts are always so encouraging to me. You are a light in this world. Thank you! You’ve encouraged me in two areas. My doctor is also recommending dietary and lifestyle changes due to my high blood pressure. I’m ashamed to admit, I’ve been ignoring him but your post and those of your reader are making me rethink. Life is precious and I don’t want to take it for granted especially when there are things that are in my control to do to ensure a healther life.

    I’ve also recently made the decision to leave my corportate job that I hate ,to pursue a career I’ve always dreamed of. This means leaving the security of a great paying job, with good benefits and trusting following my heart. The circumstances are the best they will ever be for me to take this leap. The deciding factor was the thought that if I didn’t take the opportunity now, I would always regret not trying. Thanks for the encouragement Bill. I know dietary restrictions suck, but it’s just food right? Compare that to having more time to spend here with your loved ones and I think it make the sacrafice a little easier.
    Much Love

  9. Gina says:

    Sorry about the diet restrictions–I know that would be hard for me (especially pickles which I love but I know they contain a lot of sodium).

  10. Jo Hart says:

    Hey Bill, Finally I got in to your site…….. At the very least, I have alot of information on the other, that I emailed to you that was coming up with your webpage. How very interesting……

    I hope you and Vi are doing well. You are both in my thoughts and prayers.

  11. Cathi says:

    Hi there 🙂 haven’t checked in for awhile, and wanted to get caught up.
    It’s so cold here, and I think of you going out to that drs. visit, and that’s enough exercise for anyone.

    I agree – I always did reach for the stars, (my nickname online for ll years is wishingstar) however, after a serious car accident, with a pre-existing condition of cystinuria, that amounted to 85 surgeries!, I had to come to terms with changing my reality. I’m glad I shot for the moon, however, I’m thankful now to just look at the stars 🙂 With our health
    intact, yes, the sky is the limit. I had serious head injuries, so for me,
    to read and comment here, is way more than I could do for a couple of years. I’m content. No regrets, however, definitely I think it happens that I reflect on what if’s, and if only in a very different way . I have a 5 second rule for that kind of thinking, then I tuck it away:) and can’t think of the future, for all we have is right now. I’m glad you are home and warm, and keep on walking. It started with relearning steps for me, when I was a marathon runner. I’m happy just walking now. And, yes, to anyone that will listen and has their health, JUST DO IT!.

    Looks like this cold snap is going to leave, though on Saturday -7 – now that is something that I do look foward to .

    Keep on writing ,and I’ll keep on reading 🙂


  12. babychaos says:

    I agree about selling yourself short.

    Interestingly, the best job I ever had was one way out of my league which I applied for out of complete desperation. It was in an industry I had a passing interest in but not one that was relevant to any of my experience. They wanted somebody more qualified than me and were offering double my salary. Thing was, it was the only job in the paper that week I could pretend I could apply for and I was so desperate to get out of the job I was in that I would get really down if I didn’t have any applications in. So I applied anyway. I was late for both interviews and still got the job. So at 28 years old, I went from the post of assistant gopher to marketing manager in a nationwide company. It turned my life around.

    So yeh… stars? Reach for ’em.

    Wise words.



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