Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Abandoned Children

 I have been sort of MIA for the past while for a number of reasons both medical and personal. I am so happy, the new second pill has my blood sugars in line and I do feel so much better. For the first time ever I haven’t even been able to keep up with just reading the wonderful comments left by many. I do apologize to all. I have read all and will be responding to each individually. Just know I am back, I am here and doing fine.

I suppose all should be warned. Normally, I try to keep things on a relatively positive note. Today, I am upset, I am angry. I am blowing off steam by ranting here in my journal. I suppose if I am going to rant what better place to do it than here, what is a journal for.

For any that may not know, here in Canada we have been going through a record cold spell. It has been like this for at least a week if not even 2 weeks. With wind chill, temperatures have been in the -30’s and -40’s in some areas even -50’s. Now that is cold, hard to really even imagine unless you have experienced it. Your skin will literally freeze within minutes or even seconds.  Us, Canadians love to brag about the weather, shows how tough we are. This extreme cold is not pleasant, but if prepared, dressed properly etc. it is endurable. OK, my rant is not about the weather but about the unimaginable things some people are doing during it. Every year there are death due to the cold, all of which are tragic. BUT THIS YEAR, ahhhhh, words escape me.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH US, HAS THE COLD FROZEN OUR BRAINS? That is the only answer I can think of.

I have been following a couple of stories in the newspaper.

First story, the gist of which is as follows. some one went to park their car in a mall parking lot. As they did they notice  the car beside theirs had 2 small children in the back seat. The car was not running so there fore obviously no heat in the vehicle. Thankfully this good Samaritan called the police, who arrived immediately. Open the car and took the children, who thankfully were still OK, to the warm and safety of their car. They then waited apparently for about 1/2 hour for a parent to appear. A mother came out of the mall and supposedly was surprised to see the police and couldn’t seem to understand that this was any sort of an issue. Hello.

Second story, an infant, I believe a new born was found abandoned lying face down on the cold concrete of an unheated parking garage. Again very luckily a passerby noticed the child and authorities were called. Miraculously the child had been discovered in time and I understand is doing fine. Police are searching for family.

Third story. They just keep coming and getting worse. A few mornings ago a man showed up banging on a neighbors door at about 5:30am. He was suffering from severe frost bite, hypothermia and was apparently babbling incoherently. Ambulance, police all were called, the man rushed to hospital and treated. Reportedly it was several hours before anyone could understand anything he was saying. When he did become coherent enough to be understood, he asked about his children as he had left them outside in a field. This was the first authorities knew of any children being involved in the situation. Naturally, them rushed to the area he said and sadly found 2 small children a 1 years old and a 3 years old clad only in a diaper and light tee shirt, frozen to death. The only explanation I have read so far includes the heavy use of alcohol and that he must have blacked out!!!!!! This just brings such a sad sigh.

Final rant, this one about our laws here in Canada. I read of a police officer being inter viewed. Apparently we do have a law on the books here that actually makes it illegal to simply abandon a child. Well duh, apparently we needed the government to pass a law to make it illegal. I suppose in fact the need for the law was to set appropriate punishments etc..

Now again according to this police officer, abandoning a child can get you up to 2 years in prison. Now he carried on to say, he was aware of many cases involving such children but couldn’t actually remember even one single time when any charges were actually laid.

My head is both numb and spinning at the same time, how can this be? Our children are our most helpless, wouldn’t it naturally follow that they need our greatest protection. Both within families but also within society as a total. How can this possibly not be the case?

Now, I am trying to imagine a comparable. Now I think of an adult, someone who either through disease or age or what ever is physically unable to do anything for themselves, really as helpless as these little children. Now, I can only imagine but suppose you took that adult. Say in a wheel chair of what ever, had the adult clad only in underwear and a tee shirt and you take them outside into the frigid temperatures and leave them there. Now, while I don’t know this, I am sure you would very likely be charged with murder if this adult died. I think this is as it should be, we need to protect the sick and the elderly.

I ask for feedback as I pose one simple question. So we not need to protect our children as least as much as if not more than all others?

15 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Abandoned Children

  1. babychaos says:

    That would certainly seem to be a clear cut case of manslaughter, to me. Sadly because I’m so decisive and all, I have two reactions to this.

    The first, is that if you are a loving parent and most parents, even numbnuts like alcohol guy are, I would imagine that facing the rest of your life knowing your children looked to you for safety and protection and that you let them die would worse than the most cunningly devised torture.

    Another part of me, which is less charitable, thinks people who fail that badly in their responsibility as a parent should be sterilised for the protection of any future children they might have – not to mention the human gene pool.

    As for how we protect our kids. I don’t know. Here in Britain we have a lot of laws and rules but there seems to be very little wisdom. For every story of an abused child which is rescued I know others of over zealous people calling social services down on parents who are doing nothing wrong. If each of us does our best, to look after not only our own kids but other people’s too I guess that’s all anyone can ask.



  2. It is so sad that I just don’t know what to say. I am constantly amazed at the brutality of people. Why? I just don’t understand it either. I just choose to believe that the little ones are in a far better place. love nita

  3. gail says:

    i read somewhere that if we were to prosecute all people who abused children we would lose so much of our workforce that their would be real problems in the financial sectors…it seems rather obvious to me why a blind eye is turned towards these acts again and again…a very sad commentary on where priorities in general lie…

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  5. suzanne says:

    I find it sad and irritating that people who are infertile have to jump through hoops to get a child. My husband and I have had to take numerous classes through CFS and have to provide a ridiculous amount of paperwork and fork over cash that we don’t have just so that we can provide our son with a sibling.
    It seems unfair that some people who have no common sense or responsibility only have to jump in the sack to end up with a whole litter of children that they don’t want or can’t afford. I think that I’m going to go and cry now.

  6. I know what you mean. There is something wrong with this picture. So sad.

  7. A.M. says:

    One of the things I tried to teach my children was that one of the measurements of maturity is how capable we are of seeing beyond ourselves to how others are being affected around us and to modify our own behaviour when necessary. The woman who left her children in an unheated vehicle obviously didn’t think through what would happen if she was in any way delayed or if someone decided to break a window. It must have been easier for her not to try and tow three children around. The abandoned child (who was reported to be about 6 mon old with possible signs of physical abuse) was less important than whatever else the one who abandoned her wanted and the man who left his children outside in -50C temperatures was more intent on satisfying his desire for alcohol than protecting his children from a drunk incoherent father. Should they be punished? Probably. But maybe they’re just a symptom of a society that no longer requires people to grow up.

  8. Jo Hart says:

    Its the same over here in Australia. People just seem to get away with the most unimaginable things. We had just before xmas, a couple went to some sort of hiking spot with a group of friends, there 3 year old was asleep, so they left her in the car, windows closed (we have the opposite over here, we have the hot weather and the children dehydrate) On a simple 30 to 35 degree day, the car tempreture reaches up to over 50 degrees. These numnuts (thanks babychaos, I love that word!), ended up going home in seperate cars, and by the time they got home they wondered where there daughter was! Hence, the car being left up at the hiking spot, hence the child dying, hence, they got away with it for sheer stupidity. I believe they should be had up for manslaughter. Any parent in there right mind A) Doesn’t leave their child in the car on a really hot day and B) Who leaves without checking where there children are? I agree with Babychaos, steralize all these animals so that no future incidents can happen to any other poor little children that are born to them. They say we choose our parents before we are born, I am yet to understand how a spirit can choose these such people.

  9. Hi Bill,


    Sorry for the ‘rant back’ Bill. There is no excuse for beating and infant and abandoning it, no excuse for being such a moron to make the choice to get blind drunk when you are supervising 2 infants, nor is there an excuse for leaving kids in the car at the mall….


  10. mel says:

    k….makes me really, really, really sad…….

  11. waterdeep25 says:

    It reminds me of an artical I read about a mother in Arizona last summer.
    She went to work at hooters in the morning. The teprature got up above 100.
    When she got off work she reaized she had left her infant in the car seat and forgot to take him to daycare. He had died in her hot car, not even a window was cracked.
    My heart broke as I read this and I cried. How can this happen? I read an artical everyday in the newspaper about how a child has been neglected, killed or beaten.
    When you turn the pages of the newspaper classifieds you can see a couple wanting to adopt a chld.

  12. Cathi says:

    These were all just horrid – and I saw the father from the 3rd story on the news, I just can’t accept any reason for this happening. just steps away. So so sad. Time to get those laws changed – liquor or not, just once is too much. and it happens WAY too much. I cannot even go out doors in this weather and I’m an adult, it’s really, really hard to think of the helpless children in these situations, and worse to think, that people who do this are just let off, scot-free. Where’s the deterrent.
    Horrid – I do have a hard time watching the news in Winnipeg, – it’s heartrendering. I will look into this further though, as just talking doesn’t help.


  13. Shakirah says:

    In Malaysia, sex before marriage is already a norm among youngsters. What with clubs and all sprouting like mushrooms everywhere, and the advent of cable television some decade ago which brought along with the MTV culture and the likes. The sad thing is abandoning babies is getting more and more common among malay muslims. Due to fear of how the fraternising malay muslim community will incarcerate the poor young mother, and not having enough sense and means to abort the fetus in its early stages; when the baby is born, more often than not, it is left to die. I wish the muslim community here will open their veiled minds and learn to solve this social problem in a more loving way.

  14. RaiulBaztepo says:

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    Hello Raiul, it is very nice to hear from you. Never worry about you language, you did just fine.

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