Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Wonders of it all

Had a really excellent day yesterday, enjoying wonderful company. It all really re-enforced the knowing that love is really what is most important in this world. This world of ours truly is a most wonderous place. We just need to take the time to stop look around and enjoy it.

A dear friend yesterday also suggested I check out a site, wonderofitall

Now I didn’t actually time it but it is only maybe a minute long, but what a powerful message contained within that minute. I have been back and watch it 5 or 6 times and each time I do I seem to get more out of it. The title pretty much says it all, the wonder of it all. This struck me as such that I could do many many posts on what it contains and over time am sure I will. I certainly encourage all to read it, but I mean read it and think about what you are reading and not just skim through, it will be well worth your time.

At one point it asks a question, wording to the effect, have you ever stood on the shore of an ocean and just looked out. The vastness of the ocean can leave you in awe, as it on the horizon it seems to stretch right to the sky. The sheer vastness, the magnitude of what you are seeing can leave you in awe. Now this refers to the ocean but it would equally apply to a mountain, forest or really anything in nature. We are in awe at the sheer size and beauty of what we see.
We are in even greater awe when we realize that everything we see as huge as it is, is only one small part of all that there is within this wonderful world of ours. No matter how far we can see, it is still only one small part, one really minuscule little part of the wonders, of the beauty of this world.

The more I thought about it, the more clearly I could actually see how this applies to our lives. We can look to our future as we see it may be, we can look to our past, we can look to our sides and see all the events that are currently happening around us. No matter where we look or how hard we look, all we will see is one tiny, minuscule bit of the overall picture of our lives.

The world is filled with beauty and wonders that stretch far beyond our eyes, what we can see at any given moment represents just one very small part of the big picture, the true beauty stretches far beyond what we can see. Also with our lives, truly what we can see at any one given moment only represents just one very small part of the over all big picture.

Beauty and wonders in life surround us, sadly it may often be just beyond our sight range, or at least so it seems when we are in the midst of a crisis. Another wonder is that life is a journey, we do not remain or should not remain stagnant in any one spot. As we travel this journey we can always be comforted by knowing that the true beauty may be just around the next corner on the road.

I need to remember this when faced with the next “crisis” in my life. Great beauty and wonders surround me.
At the moment my range of sight may not be great enough to see over the horizon or past my field of woe. But, I am on a journey. If somehow I could magically look at the road map of my life. I would the more clearly be able to see any “crisis” really only represents on small bump in the road. Or possibly be seen as a construction site on the road. A construction site in which it was I that needed to learn to more successfully avoid, the potholes in the road.

It really does give me a lot to think about.

8 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Wonders of it all

  1. Carol says:

    Very beautiful. Thank you!

    My favorite word: WONDER

    And who is it that wonders and sees through these eyes???

  2. Jo Hart says:

    Hi Bill, it is beautiful. When I have moments when I truely take in all the beauty and the size of this world, it makes me realize that I am just such a small little dot in the makeup of it all. It really is quite intimidating when you really think about how small we actually are. It’s good to do this every now and then, when you feel like the whole weight of the world is on your shoulders, to realize hey your problems really aren’t that big afterall.

  3. hopeshow says:

    Is this guy really decesed? He writes awesome. You ought to publish his stuff. See about adding it to hopeshow.tv.

  4. doo doo says:

    hurry up all ready bill ya …….

  5. Ronnie Ann says:


    Such a wonderful thing to remind ourselves of each day. Sometimes something happens to me and I make it so BIG…and then I try my best to put it in perspective. I’m not always that good at it. I’ll use your words in my head to help from now on.

    Hope you are doing well, Bill. Please accept a big hug from your cyber-pal. (-;

    Ronnie Ann

  6. Mel says:

    Okay…that’s worthy of watching a time or two—or three.

    What a wonderful way to end or start your day.
    Thanks for sharing the link, Bill. And thanks for the reminder of how very wonderful (and VAST) this world is.

  7. psychscribe says:

    Hi Bill, what a lovely post – i will certainly viist that site…your words remind me of a fact it took me a long time to learn: that just because you can’t feel God at an given moment, doesn’t mean He isn’t standing there right beside you.

  8. Henri says:

    Have you ever watched a tree grow?
    Have you ever watched a flower open?

    Such processes take place slowly and subtly. Only through watching a film, speeded up, do we get to see how they really occur.

    This is why, sometimes, we can feel as if there really is no movement in our life. Nothing is changing or moving on, then suddenly, one day, we realise that things are very different and they will never be the same again.

    Have a great sunday

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