Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Dealing with life #2

Yesterday was a good day. Really nothing special happened. It was just a day in which I felt really good, content with life and at peace with the world. What more can anyone really ask for in a day. What more could there be that would qualify it as a good day.

Writing my post yesterday helped set my mood for the day. In it I hope I was able to explain my belief’s in God’s love for us all. Just, knowing that love is there can’t help but lift the spirits. This is I suppose a continuation of that same thought process.

I started to write of how I am able to apply or use the knowledge in my daily life. God’s love, our love for others, all love is an intangible thing, it can’t be seen as can a physical object. Because I can’t physically see it, it makes it easy for me to at times even forget it is there. When I say I can’t physically see it, I mean I can’t see it as I can say a chair or a house, something that has a physical presence. Reality is that God’s love can be physically seen but I will get into that later.

I know for me, it is almost to easy to forget the presence of that great love. When times are good, I carry blissfully on with my life, content with my physical presence on this earth. When times are not so good, it is so easy to feel abandoned or devoid of that love and it is so easy to wonder, why would or how could this be happening to me. It is times such as this I know I must retreat to my meditation chair. I need to adjust my thinking, to stop and remember, to realize the love is still there. It is just that I am so wrapped up in what ever the moment brings that I don’t feel it. Even after this, mostly I still can’t say I can feel the love, I am just more comforted knowing it is there. I remind myself, “God will never put more on my plate that He knows I can handle”. Often it seems God has more faith in me and my ability to handle things than I do myself.

I can look back over my life and remember times when all truly seemed hopeless, like all was lost. I seemingly had no way out of what ever the situation happened to be. Almost surprisingly things did in fact somehow work themselves out and I survived for another day. I look back now and can see how much time I spent worrying or fretting, making myself miserable. Possibly even worsening the situation with my reactions. At times it almost seemed inspite of myself that I managed to get through what ever it was. I am a slow learner as I did that time and time again and for what purpose. All I was doing was compounding the problem or issue or learning opportunity by making myself miserable over it, wasting so much negative energy. I often worked myself up into such a state I would often not even see what was happening around me, thus missing I am sure many learning or growth opportunities.

I may be a slow learner but I am getting there. I have started more and more applying this to my daily life. I have realized what was the point of all that negative energy. Absolutely no point at all other than to get me worked up. I have started to more and more apply what I think is a “Bill” theory or philosophy of life.

There are two ways you can look at everything. I know I have written about this in the past. This thought process doesn’t apply to every situation, but if I really look at it, I can see it does apply in almost every case, very few exceptions if I am honest about it.

So how does my two ways of looking at everything philosophy work. Let’s illustrate it with something straight forward that I think most can relate to. You are in a minor traffic accident with another vehicle. Also lets just suppose while it was an accident, the other driver was at fault. No one is hurt but there is damage to your vehicle. There are two ways in which you can react or deal with the situation.

Way #1. Anger immediately surfaces. Through no fault of your own you car is now damaged. You are angered by the carelessness of the other driver and vent that anger on them and any one and everyone. Your anger affect everyone around you. Your day, maybe even your week is spoiled. The anger resurfaces every time you think of that (%@#!) other driver and how much their carelessness is costing you. Your anger, frustration what ever spews forth and affects not only your day but that of all around you. Eventually, the car is repaired and life returns to normal. The anger may arise again repeatedly but with gradually lessening degrees over time, but each and every time it does your mood is affected at least to some degree.

Way #2. You are quickly relieved to find no one is hurt, which is the most important thing. You think to yourself, man oh man, I really didn’t need this to happen, a hassle or complication I really don’t need in my life. Oh well, it was an accident and what is done is done, no sense in getting upset over it. You take it all in stride and in a few days the car is repaired and live returns to normal.

There are the two ways. In either case the car was damaged and needed to be repaired, nothing changed that. The only difference was in the reaction to it. One allowed a lot of negativity to flow through their being which accomplished absolutely nothing but bring them down. They deprived themselves of precious moments of happiness or enjoyment really pointlessly as it accomplish nothing good. So what is the point.

A second comparable comes to mind that I think I may have used before, not sure. Many I know fear or dread a visit to the dentist. Let’s just suppose you need work done or what ever, but you have a dentist appointment schedule for 2 weeks in advance. How do you send that 2 weeks waiting for the appointment. Do you live the 2 weeks in fear and dread or do you carry on enjoying live. Either way the appointment will come and you will go to it. The only difference being the quality of time you allowed yourself in that 2 week period.

I read somewhere, every moment spent with negative thoughts is a moment of happiness lost forever.


7 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Dealing with life #2

  1. mel says:

    Ya know, my very first lesson in doing life differently came from a cranky, old fart in bib overalls (THE most unlikely source for me….) was “there’s more than one way to look at things, Mel”.
    It’s been a repetitious lesson–one that gets affirmed for me over and over and over again.
    One that I obviously need reminded of over and over again cuz I can entertain that crappy attitude/negative thinking and cheat me/other people out of glorious moments in this deal called ‘life’.

    I don’t wanna give up a moment of happiness, today. I’m selfish like that–which might not be a bad thing if other people benefit from it as well, eh? 😉

    It’s a wonderful life.
    *happy sigh*

  2. venus00 says:

    Bill you are so wise. Thank you.

  3. Ron says:

    Afternoon Bill!

    I SOOO needed to hear this!

    Most of the time, I react like Way #1 (I’m Italian). And yet, it’s exactly as you said…there is nothing I can do to change that…and things get resolved and life goes back to normal.

    I believe for me…I react this way because I feel out of control, which causes me to be afraid…and then causes me to become angry.

    I do however, react like Way #2 sometimes (and probably exactly 2 times!) -tee-hee!

    I think the important thing for me to remember, is to realize that no matter which way I react….such as you said….I AM ALWAYS LOVED!

    I have SOOO enjoyed these last two posts, Bill. I’ve received much enlightenment…thank you, sir!

    Be well

    P.S. I’ll save how I feel about going to the dentist for another time!!!!

  4. Every moment wasted is gone forever….I like that Bill. Thank you.

  5. ceeque says:

    Well, Thank Heavens for that, have just been down the totally negative route with my printer in the last five minutes!! Duh!! The thing just will not work simple as that, and I threw a real “paddy” I can tell you!!!! Its now no longer a printer, thats how bad it was….but I knew before I started the job that this was going to be the likely outcome…but it still happened..almost as though I wanted it to happen. And that, to me, is very very bad though I admit to feeling relieved about it all right now…
    So, lesson taken! 🙂

  6. Jo Hart says:

    Ah Bill, how I have missed your insights these past couple of weeks. Any way I am back, have all your reading to catch up on, and will be back daily to bug you………

  7. babychaos says:

    I’m not sure I acquitted myself too well when somebody ran into my car, I wasn’t angry I just burst into tears and the poor bloke didn’t know what to do..! I hear what you’re saying though and I agree 100%!



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