Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Dealing with life

I am feeling much better today. I have a clear grasp of my world in my mind and am quite content with it.

I received an email a short while ago in which I was asked a couple of very interesting questions. It was brought to mind yesterday by my good friend Mel, “God, never puts more on our plate than He knows we can handle”.

OK, the email:

“It is obvious through your writings you have a very strong belief system, which must be such a comfort to you. Is there some way you are able to put that faith to use in you daily life as you deal with your issues? If so can you tell me how? Even with examples if you can, I desperately need to learn how to apply my faith to my daily life. Also, you speak of a clearer view of life, does this include giving you a better understanding of the meaning of life?”

Some excellent questions posed here, very deep and thought provoking. I like that, it really gives me reason to stop and think. The meaning of life, now that is something that has been debated and pondered on forever. For what it is worth, I will throw in my two cents on the subject. But first about applying my faith and how I use it, more worded more properly how it helps me in day to day life.

I believe in a very loving God. He loves every single one of us as His children, with a love far greater and more wonderful than anything we can possibly understand. He wants nothing but the best for us as any loving parent does for their children. Maybe, I am being overly simplistic in my thoughts but the raising of our own children is the best comparable I can come up with. As we raise our children we know there are lessons they must learn to grow to be the very best adults, the very best people they can be. As loving parents we protect our children as best we can, even with our best efforts they will still encounter challenges and issues in their development and growth. It is through challenges that we learn and grow as people. Even something such as attending school is in fact a challenge for our children. They enter school with little or no knowledge and are challenged to learn so much. If somehow we could visualize the huge mountain of knowledge our children are faced with learning, I am sure we would see it as just that a huge mountain if in physical form. If seen that way, we may very well even be fearful of our children setting out to climb such a huge mountain. But we let them go knowing that it is necessary and the best thing for them. School is the place to gain knowledge of the physical world, life is the school for internal growth and development. I’m not sure, it just came to me as I am sitting here, maybe that is the meaning of life, to learn and to teach. Still have to think on that.

I am really off on a ramble today. I see God as my loving Heavenly Father who wants me to grow and learn the lessons of life. We are still in school but now the subjects being taught are of love, empathy, compassion……..

To learn these lessons we must be faced with situations that will allow us to do so. As much as I know I would like it, but if life just flowed along day in and day out with no issues, nothing ever really happening, where would be my opportunity to learn and to grow as a person.

As any loving parent will do, God, will place us in situations or present us with issues from which we can learn and develop. If you are someone like me and seemingly a slow learner, the same issues or at least very similar ones will continue to arise time and time again. That is until, I finally get it and understand what it is I am to learn. The lessons are never ending, we continue to grow and develop though our entire lives.

All of this is something it has taken me all these years to come to realize. Now, I wish I could say that anything and everything that comes my way, I instantly see it as a challenge or opportunity to grow. Sadly, for me that is not the case, so often I still feel I “know” what is best for me and am still shaken when something doesn’t go according to my plan of life.

What I am very happy about is that now, I can retreat to my meditation chair. I think things over and am able to adjust my thinking to the realization there is a lesson for me or even possible someone else in this all. This is in fact part of God’s plan for me. It has been suggested in a few comments and emails, that wouldn’t life be so much easier if He could just send me an occasional email. Telling me what the plan is.

I have more to say on my thoughts of philosophies of life. Hey its like the “world according to Bill”. I have rambled as usual more than I thought and will take another go at it tomorrow.


3 Responses to Dying Man’s Daily Journal – Dealing with life

  1. Ron says:

    Afternoon Bil!

    Hey…what you’ve just shared here, is far from a “ramble.”

    You’ve shared so incredibly beautiful, your intimate connection with God.

    (and I happen to totally agree with your words)

    “School is the place to gain knowledge for the physical world….life is the school for internal growth and developement”

    You hit the nail on the head, Bill.

    Thank you for such an awesome post!

    And I’m so glad to hear your feeling better today….

    Be well, buddy


  2. Thank you Bill for such a touching and honest post. I agree with Ron. You aren’t rambling.

  3. mel says:

    Holy buckets–I’m glad it’s YOU answering the questions and not me. LOL
    Shoe size, I can handle. 😉

    But you, my friend, are doing an excellent job of saying what’s true for you.
    And you call that a ramble….pshaw!

    (((((( Bill )))))))

    Happy and Joyous Saturday to you!
    (I gotta get me one of those meditation chairs….)

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